Tweet your way to a festival

By: Azzy Herrera

Music festivals are one of those experiences I recommend everyone should have at least once in their life. The environment, plus amazing memories with your close friends (and the strangers you meet there who turn into friends), is simply something words could not ever explain. Of course, along with these memories, comes a price…literally. Often, the festivals we all long to go to cost way more than many people can afford.

Luckily, many promoters, and even the festivals themselves offer lucky fans the opportunity to receive a free ticket. All the fan must do is follow the certain account on their Twitter page, retweet the tweet involving the free ticket giveaway, and simply wait until they announce the winner. Although, not everyone can win, it’s pretty amazing that all you have you to d

Source credit: Twitter/usaedmfamily

o is retweet a single tweet that takes about two seconds tops for a chance to go and see all your favorite artists compiled into a whole weekend.

People understand not everyone can make the expense to go to festivals so I think the fact they offer you the opportunity to receive a free chance to go shows how beautiful the music community is. I often only see this done within the EDM community, which is known to be a community that often strives to show others the experiences that they all have experienced as well.

For example, I’ve won multiple free tickets to these shows in Dallas and my close friend just won a free 2-Day pass for Something Wonderful at the Texas Motor Speedway. The ticket pricing online for that 2-Day pass was roughly one-hundred and sixty dollars so I’d say that was a steal. Instead of trying to rob people for their money, they want to provide others with the experience money couldn’t ever buy.









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