Arts & Jazz Fest Buzz

By: Madeleine Worrall

Every year thousands of Dentonites make their way to the Arts and Jazz Festival. For now, 37 years the community has gathered at the Denton Civil Center and Quakertown Park for live music, fine arts, crafts and food. The free event is held at the end of April during the last weekend. The festivals proceeds from the food concessions and booth rentals go toward the cities thriving art facilities, service orgs. and preservation projects around Denton.

But how has this traditional Denton attraction stayed so successful for 37 years? How do they inform the community of the event?

The Denton Arts and Jazz Festival has a twitter account, Facebook account and also an online website. On these social media platforms they showcase their performers, announce times and stages where Denton’s most popular bands will be, helpful tips and information and even alerts the public of weather conditions for the outdoor event.

Twitter:Screen Shot 2017-04-30 at 9.21.46 PM

On twitter, @dentonjazzfest is very up to date on what is going on in the Denton area. They are posting things throughout the year involving anything with the city. The account is very engaged with its 2,201 followers by retweeting, replying and liking posts that are made.


More information is found on the Facebook site. In fact, some people may argue that the Facebook post is more helpful than the website itself.


A combination of the two social media platforms under a simple URL name.


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