Blog 5: What the Heck is Pinterest?


By: Damian Jones

Not gonna lie, when I heard how great Pinterest is I couldn’t help but go and learn more on this topic. Any time beforehand when I heard the word Pinterest I would often shrug and ask what is that? Isn’t it for women? Isn’t it boring and time-consuming? Well upon further research it’s possibly the single greatest documentation platform I’ve seen! Reading over an article in Business Pinterest I found that the platform allows you to Pin anything! Items for sale, how-to posts, websites, literally ANYthing!. It’s also very creative and inspiring with hoards of information and things that demand a call to action. It’s the best platform to advertise anything for sale with it having the highest percentage of people click through and actually buy products. The most interesting thing to me about it is how exponential it can get. Finding pins of interest to you and creating a board to organize your specific places visited so that one day far in the future if you just so happen to remember some website or post you visited or pinned you can go through and find that source material and continue to either buy a product or read an article. Along with the extensive documentation it provides, it also has the BEST SEO analytics out of all social media platforms due to its ability to create inbound and outbound links as well as drive traffic. These reasons are why it’s such a great tool for business and the longevity of Pinterest far exceeds other platforms as well thus leaving a lasting impression on its users. Overall I think I may need to play around with the platform and utilize the tools from lectures in class in order to fully appreciate it. It really seems like a great platform for optimization and personal use.

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