Blog 7: Social Media for Youtube


By: Damian Jones

As a content creator on Youtube, I’ve found that some of the most successful things I did were use my Instagram as a promotion platform as well as kept my content fresh and up to date with what my target audience wanted to see. What I wanted to do with this blog post is learn more creative ways to promote a successful vlog on youtube that I will start the day of my graduation. Some suggestions on this topic from Vlognation state that I as the content creator need to give my viewers a good reason to follow me on social media, links to my newest videos or a playlist in my bio, Make use of hashtags to increase my reach, and lastly encourage ways to have my viewers share my content. Most of which I’ve done but if there’s one think I feel like I should have used it’s Facebook. In this class I’ve experienced a whole new outlook on platforms such as twitter and Facebook that have helped me realize that they actually are very useful in the art of promotion. Reading a HootSuite article on promoting a youtube channel also has given me insight on just how beneficial the analytics on youtube are with video SEO and also hosting contests. Overall I think that with this new channel I’m creating that I could utilize tools such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and the analytics youtube provides as well as HootSuite to create a schedule to promote specific posts at certain target times of the day in order to receive the most from my platforms. I’m excited to start on this during graduation and vlog things that happen in my life that is fun and inspiring.  This will be a challenge for myself as well as fun long term project just to do something different and interact with so many people!

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