Confidence in Social Media By: Joslyn Mitchell

Most people have heard of cyberbullying, but there are also ways that a person can bully themselves. The term “Instagram famous” or with Vine and Facebook are very popular words that could also lead to fame, money, and respect. If you have anywhere from 1,000 to 1 million followers, you would be considered well liked, popular, pretty, or handsome. If you do not have such, you are considered boring, useless and meaningless, I don’t know about you but those words could actually make someone be angry at themselves and even the world. There are even Instagram pages that are specifically designed to make you follow them with cool pictures and tell you, “If you follow us you will get 4,000 new followers in five minutes!” the first question to that answer is, where are the followers coming from?

The main problem with social media is that everyone is stuck on followers so much that we all tend to lose sight on what it was really meant for, to socialize with many different people from different aspects of life or catch up with old friends and see what they have been doing this entire time. People start to feel less about themselves based on the number of followers they have or try to act above one another because their followers are in the thousands. There is also this trend with having more followers than you following people since when did following someone on social media become a lame thing?

It is important that we not forget what social media was really invented for and that just because you may not have as many followers or likes as you would choose to does not mean that you are any less valuable than some who does. If we all encourage ourselves and try to uplift ourselves, then you would not care if you had 10 thousand followers or 10!

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