Dear White People : Let The Anger Runneth Over

Two months ago Netflix announced a series they would be releasing on April 28. When first announced there was major backlash for the show announced titled “Dear White People”.

170208095938-dear-white-people-image-exlarge-169.jpgMultiple post of upset subscribers to Netflix could be found on Twitter of the subscribers canceling their accounts. Some stating after seeing the trailer that the show would just be ” white hate propaganda ” and ” greatly offensive “. The original trailer for the Netflix series was not considered the best depiction of what the series itself was to represent by fans of the series. YouTuber Philip De Franco came to his fans stating that he was also unsure of whether the show would be any good excepting it to be just what he believed the movie was about until further investigation found him excited to see the TV show after having taken the time out to see the Movie.

dearwhitepeople2.jpgBased off the movie created in 2014 “Dear White People” was to be a deeper look inside of the black community while also tackling subjects such as race relations and being an African American college student in the current time frame. The movie itself did not do so well but, it would seem Netflix saw potential in the ideas behind the movie. Just before the release Netflix released another trailer with slight commentary on previously upset customers as seen here. The show was recently released and critics to much surprise enjoy it. The story seems to have been taken better than the movie. The Washington Post even came full force stating that the Netflix series was, ” better than the movie “. Currently it seems that Netflix was right to continue forth with the show as good reviews and entertained fans continue to show up.

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