Donald Trump, Really?

In recent news Donald Trump as usual has something insignificant to say. Donald Trump decided to attack media at a Pennsylvania rally. He had told his supporters in Pennsylvania that he was  keeping “one promise after another” and had stated that any media criticism was “fake news” or in other words illegitimate by “out of touch” journalists. We surely can’t be surprised by anything Donald Trump says or does. Trump was also the first president to skip the correspondents dinner since Ronald Reagan in 1981. No one can be surprised by this since the president is who he is. Also, his ranking among one of the lowest since hitting his 100-day mark as president which is located around 40%.


At the Rally Trump had stated that he has made some improvements. We are not too sure if his “alternative facts” that he has given is even true or not. He’s supposedly ending “job theft” meaning that he is bringing back jobs from over seas, supposedly. Also has halted energy exploration regarding the “war on coal. Hmmm, very interesting. He stated in similar words that the correspondents ball is boring and is filled with celebrities and media spewing information. Also at this rally per usual stated “We’ll build the wall, folks, don’t worry about it,” I’m personally still confused as to who is paying for this supposed wall and who’s building.

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