Get the Word Out with Facebook Events

By: Courtney Smith

            It’s finally time for my last school blog post! I’m so excited! And no, I’m not just excited about the blog posts finally wrapping up, but I’m a billion times more excited about that fact that in just a mere two weeks I get to be walking that stage for graduation! I can’t believe the time has finally arrived. Honestly, sometimes I felt like this moment would never come.     


No, this is not me. 


Yet, here we are. My final semester is winding down, and all of my final projects are being submitted. Along with all of this last-minute assignment submissions, I have also been receiving tons of mail informing me about ordering graduation invitations and such.

            Now, I’m not one to shell out all of this money just for a few pieces of paper telling people about my graduation ceremony. So, thanks to the modern internet and social media, what did I do? I created a Facebook Event.


            Surely, you’ve heard of, seen, or even made a Facebook Event yourself but if you haven’t here’s a little rundown: it’s a calendar-based tool any Facebook profile can use to tell your friends about an upcoming occasion. When creating an event, you can enter a title, time, location, and other information needed to relay to your guests. You could also make the event public or send to a select few.

            I imagine that brands could use the public Facebook event as a great marketing tool since you can include a ticket link, input keywords, and even admin a co-host, but that’s not what we’re here to talk about. No, no. This is all about my graduation

When making my graduation announcement/invitation on Facebook, the first thing I did was upload a cover photo for the event page. According to Facebook, the photo should be 1920 x 1080 pixels, but I’m not sure how to measure that properly. My picture worked anyways. I also learned that you can go live right from your event to those invited and/or participating in the event. That’s a pretty useful feature, especially for some members of my family who can’t make it in person to the ceremony.


Facebook Events, in my opinion, are so much better than paper, snail mail invitations. The word gets out immediately, people can be quickly notified of any change in information, it’s much less tedious than individually addressing all of the invitees, and it helps reduce paper waste. Also, those who were invited can RSVP in a timely manner which makes getting a headcount much more efficient.


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