Got viral?

I don’t ever think in my 21 years of life have I ever witnesses this overnight sensation of going viral happened so fast! It is so ridiculous the amount of attention, good or bad, you can get just by posting the right kind of video! Like there is literally two forms of famous celebrities, internet famous and just famous. Let me explain the difference.

See the internet Image result for money out of social adcelebrities are not as famous as regular celebs, but they are getting pretty close to being more famous than them. They become famous through social media, and that is where we get some of the phrases like Insta-famous. Our newer generations are looking to social outlets to find these iconic idols. ”  Instead of turning to the pages of magazines, catwalks or films, Generations Y and Z now look to Instagram, Facebook and Twitter in search of their idols.” (Saul)

This is now where we companies now have to start re-thinking their publicity! They can’t just throw ads now on a magazine! or be like snapchat and rudely interrupt my friend who was about to make a dunk with an ad! (thank god I can skip those) This is where internet famous celebs start posting ads. One came make almost “75,000” for just one ad!(Novak)

So its the start of a new age, where ads on magazine and newspapers will become obsolete! And social medias will start charging per celebrity post! better take advantage of your (almost) ad free content now!

Thank you, Carol Paiz

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