How one bad photo cost Kim K 100k followers

By Rebecca Taylor

Women’s bodies are misrepresented in media. That’s a given that we’ve all gotten used to, although there has been a recent shift in seeing “real” women and their “real” bodies being represented. However, there are still the Instagram models making the big $$$, whose bodies are perfect and who look exactly how we’re supposed to (allegedly). One example of a perfect Instagram woman is Kim Kardashian.

kim k


Kim K is not afraid to show her private life, and to show herself off. That’s her job, and if that’s what makes her money then good for her. It’s her job description to look perfect 100% of the time, and a bad photo of her showing up in the press is her and her team failing at their job. I disagree with the entire culture of objectification, and the recent Kim K drama doesn’t help.

crying kim

Images of Kim Kardashian on vacation in Mexico shot onto the web, touting images that showed a non-airbrushed side of her that people were shocked to see. The Kardashian’s as a whole carefully put out content, curating an image of themselves that is undeniably subhuman. These photos showed that Kim K is totally human, and the illusion was shattered. Immediately, she lost 100,000 followers on Instagram, with many of her old fans commenting how fake she now appeared to be. Photos of her body were compared, and it quickly became obvious to her followers that she had been using photoshop pretty liberally. The photos that came out were not a big deal. They showed a natural woman, with natural cellulite, but in the age of absolute perfection and especially in the case of a body icon like Kim, it was deemed unacceptable.



Social media displays totally unrealistic lifestyles and totally unrealistic ideals. It presents edited images that don’t show the entire truth, and people eat. It. UP. It used to be that people would have to go to a store to see an airbrushed celebrity on a magazine. Nowadays, we wake up and open Instagram, and it’s right in our faces. This is a dangerous switch in media that delivers feelings of inadequacy to our front door.


You shouldn’t have to lose fans because you have natural “flaws” on your body. That you can lose the interest of 100,000 people because of it is the real flaw in mindset., Jessica Walford for. “Kim Kardashian loses 100,000 followers after ‘unflattering’ snaps of famous bum.” Metro. N.p., 28 Apr. 2017. Web. 30 Apr. 2017.


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