How Social Media Impacts Globalization

By Catalina Uriarte

Humans have always had a need to communicate information with one another.

Global social media network

What begun as smoke signals and carrier pigeons moved to the printing press and typewriters. From telephones and newspapers, to the cell phone and social media. With each more developed way of communicating grew the distance and number of people able to be reached. Today, social media connects the world with over 2.8 billion active users and with more than half the world’s population now using the internet that number will only continue to grow.

Last year social media users grew by 21%. Because the internet is becoming more readily available across the nation’s social media allows for the integration of cultures and globalization. It is now easier than ever to access someone from across the world, it is done so almost instantaneously. The world, in a sense, is becoming smaller. So is this social media culture mesh good or bad?

“The more social media we have, the more we think we’re connecting, yet we are really disconnecting from each other.” — JR

While our world is becoming “smaller” through social media some would argue in terms of personal relationships social media is making the world “bigger”. With billions online it is easy to hide behind a screen. How many of the people who follow you do you actually know? In addition to this highlight reel we create for ourselves we cultivate an environment where we behave bolder than we otherwise would. This is apparent through cyber bullying and aggressive comments and post. People are so quick to hate on others behind a screen when the real life repercussions seem out of the loop.

On the other hand the globalization of social media serves as a good thing. Though connection and outreach it is now easier than ever to organize people groups with common interest. Social media allows for a rise in activism. It also allows people to unite with one voice. Want to know how the public truly feels? Just look on social media. From activism to online public outcry social media allows everyone to have a voice. It also unites us with those closest. Thanks to individual pages it’s easy to stay in touch with those close. As families and friends move further away social media allows people to feel active in the lives of those closest.

While social media may allow for a personal disconnect it also allows for a global connect. Similar to anything you say or do whether the globalization of social media serves as a good or bad thing is up to each individual behind the screen.


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