The Good and The Bad, But Mostly the Bad

The Good and The Bad, But Mostly the Bad

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Though a large part of the conversation surrounding social media centers on its boundless benefits and uses, it is just as important to talk about the negative side of social media. Everything on this planet obviously has a bad side when overused or balance is not kept and social media is not exempt from this.

The negative effects of social media range from political, social, physical, and mental. Like the expanse of reach social media has created over our lives, so it has on almost every aspect of the ways in which we exist. Overdramatic? No, actually. The overuse of social media can impact self-esteem, communication between people, circadian rhythms, and even diet.

Furthermore, as we’ve seen in the aftermath of our most recent presidential election, social media holds a lot of weight in the minds and opinions of people. But we’ve also seen how social media’s proliferation of fake news has a very real and negative effect on political results and politic elections. People with bad intentions can easily manipulate the opinions of people by crafting certain types of social media content, that reach plenty, and in turn, influence large scale critical political action.

Increasingly, it’s becoming more and more important to limit the ways in which we let social media, and even other forms of technology, factor into our ways of being. This does not mean that we must eliminate social media or demonize it, but that we must also reckon with and manage the ways in which it can cause harm.


By Maritza Ramos

Published by

UNT Eagle Strategies

Class members of the social media class in the Mayborn School of Journalism