The Zen of Social Media Marketing


By Erin Kennard


The Zen of Social Media Marketing is a excellent book the elements of social media marketing. My last blog I want to references this book on the excellences of social media marketing. Shama Hyder, Founder and CEO of The Marketing Zen Group created a marvelous book on social media marketing. This book concedes with our class (JOUR 4270) very well. Shama Hyder has many great examples in this book that helps me understand social media marketing much more. The book contains an ACT methodology to attract more clients. A stand for attract, C stands for convert, and T stands for transform. The attract part is to get attention and stand out, the convert part is for conversion when you turn a stranger into a consumer and the transform part is when you turn past and present success into magnetic forces of attractions.



The best aspect of this book is the author and her experience in social media marketing. Shama Hyder is the owner of The Marketing Zen Group, an online marketing firm. The book has multiple examples of good social media marketing and things you shouldn’t do. The book focuses on turning customers to clients and gives great detail on what social media rarely does. Social media doesn’t lead to instant clients.

Social Media doesn’t lead to instant clients, again. Websites are important, not just social media template like Instagram and Twitter. Social media is great at turning strangers into consumers. In social media marketing, you have to use your success to attract more success.

This book should be read by everyone who is currently in JOUR 4270. Professor Bufkins stated her interest in the book and told me she might use it as a textbook for the class. Public Relation professionals, marketers, journalists, business, law firms, anyone who want to persuade someone through social media should buy this book.

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