Your Finsta May Not Be as Private as You Think

By: Morgan McAnally

Twitter: @morgan_mcanally

Finsta” has been the new buzzword when it comes to social media platforms. If you are not familiar with what a Finsta is, it is a shorter term for a “fake Instagram” account where people post pictures and videos that they wouldn’t dare to post on their main account. These accounts are filled with pictures and videos of people partying or posting “ugly” or inappropriate content that only their close friends can see and usually set on private.

What many people don’t know that do have these fake accounts is how it could potentially ruin any future job opportunities and or activities where you are in a leadership position. The old etiquette on any social platform is that “you wouldn’t post anything that you wouldn’t want your grandma or Jesus to see”, however, many people with Finsta’s have this account to strictly post crude pictures or content that they wouldn’t want people to see but claim that it’s okay due to the privacy setting on it. But, how private are these accounts really? Today we all know that nothing private is really ever private plus there is so much software out there today to hack people’s accounts or ways that people can see what you are doing if you aren’t careful enough.


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Sure, these accounts seem fine given that you are only letting your “close” friend group see them but the danger of exposing your Finsta is real. There are multiple ways you can expose your Finsta if you aren’t careful, for example, if you set up your Finsta account with the same email as your main account. When you do this Instagram will notify your followers from your main account that you made a new account that will state your Finsta handle. Another common mistake to exposure is, say you have a friend group Finsta (where multiple people share the handle and you each have the password to get into the account and post) and that Finsta is following your main account. IF you like any post from that Finsta account from your main account your followers will be able to see the post that you liked even though it’s private. Not only can you expose your Finsta from likes and using the same email, but you never really know if your followers from your Finsta could screenshot and expose you as well.

The moral of this Finsta story is that although you have a fake account that is private and follow all the rules to not exposing yourself, you never know who could easily stumble upon it or screenshot what you are posting. You can never be 100% positive that someone will never be able to see something with the amount of advanced technology that is out there today. Always be careful about what you post because you never really know who you can trust with content that you wouldn’t want the whole world to see.


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