Important Changes in the World of Digital Marketing: 4 Key Areas Essential Right Now


By Jacqui Simses

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The digital world is evolving faster than most businesses can adapt. Here we’ll go over 4 key strategies that are, at this point in time, essential of the most digitally mature companies and the best practices tied to these 4 areas. Reading about these changes will help one better understand where a company stands in terms of digital marketing trends as of now and where the marketing is heading.

Data-driven Marketing

Using data to gain insights into your customers and turn this knowledge into understanding. One of the best ways to do this is to invest in predictive analysis. Also, data should be centralized for ease of accessibility and to accelerate insights. Customer data should be used as well to understand and personalize each individual’s journey. Lastly, this area could be practiced by integrating external and offline data in order to enhance audience segments.


Businesses should be preparing, if not already, for a mobile-only world. Best ways to do this include the creation of specifically dedicated mobile sites and apps by making sure responsive web design is always a priority. Making mobile a priority by investing in mobile applications and channels is another best practice as well. Use data in order to determine the value that a mobile channel delivers as well as understanding the most valuable mobile content and services.

Cross-channel Marketing

An organization’s message should be consistently delivered across all channels. Messages for each channel should be adapted while ensuring a cohesive story is told across all channels. A good practice for this would be to integrate all systems and channels to share data as well as content and assets. Investing in tools to understand a customer’s journey is another smart practice as well along with investing in technologies and processes for connecting at every point in the customer’s journey.

Customer Experience

The customer’s experience has always been vital to understand and study to ensure successful sales and satisfied customers, who hopefully, will evolve into loyal brand customers. Today, creating more meaningful experiences is key. It will move organizations forward toward digital maturity. To begin, every touchpoint should be thought of as a brand connection. Content should always be developed with the customer’s needs and preferences in mind. The goal is to work in order to develop and maintain a rich customer profile. Lastly, automating the delivery of personalized content is important for the customer’s experience that has changed and become more important for a lot of people due to the constant change this digital revolution goes through.



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