Updates On: Twitter, Facebook & Snapchat

By: Jasmine Meredith

In 2017 social media platforms have been making some adjustments and updates to their apps. In my last post, I talked about the Twitter Updates: expressing more in 140 characters. Today’s post is about Twitter again, Facebook and Snapchat.

An emoji.

You can now search emojis on Twitter! This can be useful for brands or even for personal use. Twitter already has emoji features like the sponsored Twitter hashtag experience, where if you use a certain hashtag an emoji appears, but being able to search emojis is a totally new concept! If a brand chooses to add an emoji to their tweet, with this new search function they’re now able to search that emoji before hand to make sure that particular emoji is appropriate. Sort of like newsjacking, you want to be sure that before you use the hashtag it’s appropriate and harmless. You’re also able to search a combination of emojis. It may possibly help you find a potential audience who may be interested in your brand and you’ve just found a new way to market to them.


recording (87).gif
Visual representation of reacting to a comment on Facebook.


Facebook’s latest update has to do with the reactions. Last month ago, Facebook introduced reactions to Facebook Messenger, and now they’re bringing it to comments. You’re now able to react to individual comments

Snapchat user showing latest update which features a memory without the white border.

Lastly, Snapchat has made a change that I’m sure many users are happy about! Before Snapchat’s latest update: removing the obnoxious white border around later posted photos. Now you’re allowed to add memories saved on your Snapchat camera roll without the ugly white border, now they only make note of it under your name (as shown in the picture above). However, if you upload a photo from your camera roll, the white border will still appear. Maybe this also an incentive to keep people using their Snapchat camera and to continue using Snapchat period. The benefits of now having the white border just may be worth it!

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