The End is Near: Strategic Social Media Recap


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The last half of 2016 has been a long and crazy ordeal! Donald Trump was elected President of the United States, the world pretended to be mannequins, cyberbullying has managed to take the lives of several more young people and the Dakota Access Pipeline war started and ended. Needless to say, this has been a thriving time for social media outlets.

Actually in times like the ones the world has experienced lately, I am absolutely thankful for social media. Without the various social media platforms that we have, we would all be completely lost as to what is going on in the world around us. With 24 hours access and immediate up to date information thrown at us, we had no choice but to face the terrors going on around us.

More than anything, social media outlets have allowed us to share our opinions and ideologies with one another. It has been a center where people can be heard and listened to. It has allowed like minded people to link up with one another and try to find ways to make a difference.

Social media has also allowed for controversy and the truth to emerge. See there is nothing wrong with controversy. Everyone is entitled  to their own opinions and is allowed to share those opinions. The funny thing about controversy is that it gets people thinking in ways that they may not have done before and more than that it gets people talking about the issues that truly matter. The horrible truths that are the foundation of our government and country have also been exposed through social media stories, fights and comments. Social media platforms have allowed people to see others true colors once and for all.

Yea, social media can be filled with absolute garbage sometimes. And yea social media can be used to destroy innocent people’s lives. I do not condone all the bad that social media platforms can produce. But what I do condone is the progressive changes it has made. If we can focus and promote more of the positive outcomes that social media has to offer rather than harping on all of the negatives, then maybe we can finally change the face of social media platforms for good!

The Mannequin Challenge: Why is This Even A Thing???

 The legendary, Paul McCartney, sharing his version of the mannequin challenge. Posted by The Fresh Toast.


Anyone who is anyone has seen, heard or even participated in the now globally famous Mannequin Challenge. Everyone from athletes, students, to musicians have contributed their talents to the challenge. Now how this challenge even originated or even became as popular as it is is beyond me. But everyone has some how become obsessed with acting like inanimate objects  for the satisfaction of others.

The anthem for the challenge was provided by the hip hop duo, Rae Sremmurd. The anthem, Black Beatles, is a tribute to the revolutionary rock band from England, The Beatles. The song sets the tone of the video as people create various stories from their non-moving actions.

Some individuals have gotten very creative with the challenge. Many of created full length short films and others have found ways to incorporate whole organizations to get involved in the video. So I guess the challenge isn’t all that bad.

The thing that I have a problem with is the fact that our society can find ways to get so fixated on pointless material that does nothing to further the progression of our country or our world! While we are over here pretending to be mannequins for a damn Facebook like, there are people  in places like Syria trying to stay alive every time they take a step outside of their front door.

Positives From the Challenge

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As I said earlier, there are some decent things that have come out of this challenge. I have seen several people use this platform to call for social and racial changes in our society. There have been a couple of videos done by former Vine actors that depict the injustices and controversies surrounding the killings of various black men by police officers over the last couple of months.

I can appreciate when individuals find a way to make something so trivial and meaningless into a powerful message!


President Trump: Where We Go From Here

As many of us are aware, Donald J Trump was elected to be the 45th president of these United States. Since the results, there has been country wide terror, anger and sadness expressed by millions of citizens. Friendships have been broken, hate is at an all-time high and people of color feel completely terrified about what is to come next for them and their families.

Several Trump supporters haven’t been afraid to express their opinions and satisfaction across various social media platforms over the past few days. Democrats and Republicans have been doing nothing but battling each other through post, comment sections and pictures/videos. Since the election results, several American people of color have received major backlash from people that have supported Trump’s campaign. They have decided to post their experiences on social media for all to witness and frankly their experiences have been downright degrading and disgusting.

I was on the BART going home after a long day and this lady right here heard me talk Assyrian on the phone. You can see what happened next…by Ivet Lolham



Citizens haven’t been afraid to execute their first amendment right to free speech either! The past few days have been filled with state wide protest in various places throughout the United States. One of those protest was located  on the Library Mall on the University of North Texas campus.

Students of all races, religions, genders and sexual orientations banded together to support one another and let each other know that their voices and lives are both valued and loved.


Anti-Trump rally held on UNT campus November 9, 2016


Where Do We Go From Here

Honestly, where we decide to go from here is completely up to the citizens of this nation. Trump being elected as a president does not give any one man the power to tell an individual that they do not deserve the same freedoms and rights as they do in America.

Let’s be honest, we have been living in a white washed society since the beginning of time and that is never going to change. People of color have made major strides in recent decades to let the white population know that they are not to be messed with anymore. But when you are born into the world of white privilege you never escape it not have to fear it(and why would you want to).

Please understand that Trump being elected is NOT the beginning of a screwed up corrupted judicial system. The government has been in shambles for years and Trump is now just another chess piece in the match.

You cannot blame him for the ignorance, misogyny and racism of individual people. Because more than likely those people always had those traits. They just finally had a proper outlet to show their true colors. People have the basic human functions to think and act for themselves; Trump doesn’t do that for them. I actually would like to thank Donald Trump for illuminating certain individuals true colors and ideologies to me. For that, I am forever grateful.

Look I am not saying that you have to like the man or agree with anything he stands for or says. But what I am saying is that in order for this country to keep moving forward and to keep progressing, we have to stop the hate among one another. Trying to drive out the dark with no light will never work. We have to learn how to love ourselves and then we can learn to start understanding and loving one another again. Hear each other out, give people a chance and let people live their own lives!

For the sake of us all let’s hope that Trump chills out or at least has a slight change of heart. But we have no choice now but to give the man a chance. Because wanting to see him fail is like like wanting to see the whole country fail with him. Maybe, just maybe, he might surprise us!


Social Media:Clinton and Trump’s Ultimate Stomping Ground

With the political race drawing to a close, it is always nice to take a step back and evaluate just how bad this whole campaign season has truly been. The internet is a great tool to help us do just that.

Social media platforms have been the catalyst for feuds, ignorance and the ending of friendships throughout the last year. People that you though you knew like the back of your hand quickly became the vain of your existence and people that you suspected were outright ignorant and stupid showed their true colors.

The internet has thrived off of often funny yet sometimes vicious memes throughout this campaign. Comment sections on Facebook have turned into downright blood baths. And candidate support/parody  pages have run ablaze.



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Their Families Feel the Wrath Too 

Not only has this been an internet frenzy for the candidates, but their families have been put into the action as well. Bill Clinton’s notorious affair with former White House intern, Monica Lewinsky, has been the topic for several Hilary Clinton haters comments/memes. Donald Trump’s unique, and frankly disturbing, relationship with his family, especially his daughter, has been harped on as well.

But we cannot forget the infamous speech that Melania Trump gave that resembled, almost word for word, a speech given by the current first lady of the United States, Michelle Obama. The internet had a field day with that one!


People were bashing and dragging Mrs. Trump throughout social media platforms for days for that stunt.


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How Social Media Shaped This Election

All jokes aside, with the use of social media during this election process people would not have been able to gain the proper knowledge and social views that surrounded the candidates campaigns. People were able to learn new things and garner different ideas about the candidates through interacting and talking with one another on social media sites.

Now granted all of the information and comments that were shared may not have been unbiased or even true, but at the end of the day it got people talking about real issues and real life that we are all facing.

So regardless of you you support and who you plan to vote for, we can all agree that social media has been the best part of this entire election year. And that my friends is truly sad!

Social Media: A Woman’s Greatest Hater

Social media outlets can be used as a way to promote good will  and motivation to one another. It can be a great tool to help share sympathy, passion and love for people you may not even know. But for some reason, social media has become the target platform to humiliate, insult and torture one another all while hiding behind a computer screen or username.

We are living in the generation of cyberbullying. This phenomena has quickly spread over the last couple of years. It doesn’t seem to matter what age, race, ethnicity or gender; no one is safe from the monster that is online bullying. But I want to take the time to focus on how women’s bodies specifically are targeted, beat down and torn apart daily on social media.

It’s already hard enough being a woman of any color in today’s society but the internet just makes things 10 times worse! You can’t jump on Twitter or Facebook without seeing a woman being overly sexualized, criticized or harped on about her body. It seems that no woman can be the perfect size and if she is the perfect size she is usually a model/actress. You have to be skinny but can’t be too skinny then you’re considered anorexic or sick. You can be thick but not too thick because then you’re considered borderline fat or overweight. God forbid you are a plus size woman in today’s society because then you are constantly being told to lose weight or given a diagnosis by people you’ve never even met.

It has gotten to a point where reading the comments section on any social media outlet is like trying to avoid the black plague. There are just men, and women galore sharing their unneeded and bias opinions on women that they’ve never even met. It kills me that some people in the world feel the need to tear a complete stranger down for no reason.As if your 10 paragraph thesis statement underneath a Facebook picture that was liked by 1,000 people is really going to change anything for the victim. And what baffles me even more is that females tend to tear each other apart even worse than men do these days. I don’t know if its out of spite or jealousy but it’s sickening. Social media has become the breeding ground for women to get mentally and emotionally destroyed comment by comment.

Now I am definitely not a sexiest. Believe me, I know that men feel and experience the harsh realities of body shaming as well. But women are set to such higher standards and regulations, body image wise, when compared to that of a man.    .

And being a woman of color is just that much worse. Because now not only do you have to be just the perfect size, but you have to have the right hair texture, skin tone, booty, proportions, bone structure…etc. I mean I could go on for days with the body regime that a woman of color must master.

Ashley Graham 

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Ashley Graham is one of the most successful and popular plus size models in the industry right now. Her biggest goal is making sure that woman of all sizes feel empowered and strong enough to love their bodies despite the opposition from the standards of society. Recently, she was involved in a controversy about her weight.

Image result for ashley graham controversy


Graham posted the above picture to her Instagram account a few weeks ago. And she received a world of backlash from body shamers everywhere. The picture looks like Graham had lost a significant amount of weight over the past couple of months. Fans shamed her for trying to conform to the norms of society and fit into the regulations of the modeling industry by losing weight.

Yet, throughout her rise to success, she has been constantly slammed about her weight and how she is giving women the wrong idea about body image and health. She has been criticized for promoting an unhealthy lifestyle and unhealthy body image for young girls to look up to.

The model commented shortly after the picture controversy explaining to all that she has not lost any weight. In fact, she claims she is heavier now than she has been in about the last three years. She explained that with her 18+ years in the industry, she knows how to work her camera angles. The picture is merely an angle illusion…that’s all.

The woman just can’t win! When she does try and just be herself and love the skin she’s in, she gets torn apart for being a little bigger than what society would like her to be. But then when she looks like she’s lost weight and is being healthy, she’s a sellout.

I think at the end of the day, body shaming should be banned from any and all social media platforms. It comes down to a basic rule we were taught as children,” If you don’t have anything nice to say just don’t say anything at all!”


Stupid is as Stupid Does: Why Stupid Videos and Challenges Go Viral…”DAMN DANIEL” viral video

Today, the internet is a vast realm where information is shared, news is broken and people all around the world can connect with one another. But the internet has also become a breeding ground for obnoxious and quite frankly stupid ,videos and challenges. It seems that every week there is some new pointless video being produced by some random kid that is trying to get rich quick.

Don’t get me wrong! I am not just a kill joy trying to ruin everyone’s fun. But some of the material that goes viral is an example of how simple minded our generation, and the future generations, are becoming. Most of the material wouldn’t be remotely funny if you saw it in person. So why do we encourage this stupid behavior?

Honestly, I believe that these forms of videos and challenges are a form of escape for some people. It promotes a  false sense of reality. The internet is already a place where someone can escape their real world problems by entering into the depths of a virtual reality. These videos just become another way to delve deeper and deeper into this fantasy world. People see the simplicity of the videos and then start to believe that they can make all of their problems disappear by hoping to become another overnight success story. But what people fail to realize most times is that that form of success is not real and can be gone just as quick as it began. We live in a fast paste world where people are always looking for the next best thing and their attention spans are very hard to capture for long period’s of time. Viral success is NOT real success.

Viral Videos

Whether you were intentionally trying to watch it or it just happened to show up in your social media feed, at some point, you have come across a pretty stupid video that has probably garnered millions of views. The video probably had no point to it or real substance but  it had been liked by half the country. That my friends is called a viral video.

One of the more recent, and probably just pointless videos to go viral, was the “Damn Daniel” videos. If you haven’t seen the video, it stars a California high school kid, Daniel, who often wears white Vans to school. Eventually his friend, Josh, decides  to film him sporting his clean white Vans to school each day. Josh accompanies his friend’s swag with the words, “Damn Daniel!” THAT’S THE PREMISE OF THE ENTIRE VIDEO!  The boys weren’t out trying to save the world or finding a cure for cancer. They got famous because one of them gave the other a simple complement over and over again. And for that reason right there I must use the “classic Jim face” from The Office.    



Actually, it was so bad that I had to use two “classic Jim” faces! Now I’m not saying that these boys were intentionally try to gain fame off of this. It very well could have been a situation where the internet granted them a favor. To be fair, Daniel and Josh actually ended up donating many of the proceeds and promotional gear that they received from the video to sick kids at children’s hospitals in California. So I applaud them for using their success to help other people in this world.  But still, nothing justifies that video going viral!

Viral Challenges

I think that viral challenges are worse than viral videos. Not only are most of the challenges just plain stupid but they can be very dangerous as well.

There is a challenge in circulation right now called the “Huh” challenge. The point of the challenge is basically to insult your peers as best as you can and then say “huh” at the end of the insult. I really wish that I was making this up but I’m not.

What this generation is failing to comprehend is that even though this may seem like a joke or funny to the internet, it could be causing a lot of pain to the person you’re insulting. Mental illness and bullying are very real things, and crap like this only makes things worse for some people.

Again, I am not here to kill people’s fun by stopping the promotion of all viral videos/challenges. There are some videos that go viral of people actually doing really great things for the world. Those are the videos that need to be promoted.

But I am saying that the non-sense and hurtful videos have to stop! Otherwise the future generations are in for a viral amount of trouble.

Social Media: The World’s Greatest Hypeman

colin-takes-a-knee                                 Credit: TheBlaze


Over the past few years, social media has become the foundation for news, entertainment and gossip. Networks such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram have become major hotspots to receive all of your information. But somewhere along the way, these sites have become the battleground for some of the most controversial and legendary fights, bashing’s and feuds that the world has ever seen. Instead of being a place where people can stay in touch with friends and family and keep up with what is going on in the world around them, social networking has become the greatest hype man that the world has ever seen!

Now some of you may be wondering what in the world a hype man is. The term spurs from the hip sop culture. In the world of rap, a hype man, or hype woman, is essentially a backup performer that supports the main performer by attempting to keep the audience and talent  excited and engaged throughout the show. The best way to think about it is like your best friend continually encouraging you to be the very best person that you can be regardless of how much you suck.

So how are social networks similar to being a hype man? Well let’s break down how social media works in regards to non-news related events. When a major celerity gets into a public feud with another major celebrity, the first place that everyone jumps to is twitter. No one’s first thought is to ever go to CNN or MSNBC to see why Kim Kardashian is fighting with Taylor Swift. Why do people gravitate towards social media outlets rather than actual news outlets when these types of events occur? Because people feed off of the extra drama and pettiness that social meadia has to offer. People know that they are going to get way more pleasure out of following the feud on twitter because other individuals, that have no real knowledge or say of the situation, are going to hype certain attributes of the feud for likes and retweets. Certain individuals are going to create memes and pictures galore to try and escalate the situation even further. There are actually some accounts on twitter that get paid just to add fuel to the fire when they come across feuds or gossip! People love to see a good fight, whether verbal or physical. So social media capitalizes on this ideology and boost situations that really mean absolutely nothing in the grand scheme of things.

A perfect example that has occurred recently is the Colin Kaepernick National Anthem controversy. A few weeks ago, the former starting quarterback refused to stand for the National Anthem before a preseason game, as a stance against the racial injustice that occurred over the summer regarding police officers. Now, he does have the right by law not to stand for the anthem if he does not want to. But many people have taken his personal protest as an insult and it is evident on social networks. Throughout facebook and twitter, you can find videos of people burning or disgracing Kaepernick’s jersey. His protest has spread among the NFL and even throughout other major sports. This issue has become a country wide controversy with people taking various sides. But of course, you can leave it to the internet to make the situation even worse than it already is. Instead of letting the situation play itself out naturally, social media promotes new videos, information and pictures on the topic almost everyday. You honestly cannot get onto any social media site without seeing something related to the topic.


                          Credit: ….Fan burns Kaepernick jersey in light of National                                      Anthem controversy.

So is it a good thing that social media has become the greatest hype man to ever exist? The situation has its positives and negatives. The bad things are that people can get hurt. Social media will not allow situations to just fizzle out quietly or quickly. A lot of damage can be done to a person’s career or life when social media starts hyping things up.   The good things are that social networks keep their status and ratings high with so many people flooding to their sites. In a weird sense, it does seem to form some type of community within social networks and most importantly it keeps relevant stories interesting and alive. Controversies such as Kaepernick’s are ones that need to be shared and told regardless of how certain people feel. That is the beauty of social networks. Vast amounts of information are spewed to people on a daily and you have the chose to choose what you want to engage in and what you want to ignore.

Ultimately, social media is that hype man you love at the beginning of the concert but by the end of the night you’re ready to knock him out!