The School for Marketing Your Brand on Social Media by Frank A. Brauer

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How is the time to market yourself through Social Media, especially if you are a stay at home, work for yourself, free lancing agent. Not doing so will just basically make you unheard of and in your own league and out of touch with the masses.

Three of the best links came to me by way of Hoot Suite, read this, this and this. It covers creating a media market plan, downloading their Social Media Education Toolkit and “white” papers.

I found multiple web sites that offer their tips on how to build and strengthen your presence on the World Wide Web. One web site, advised to mine your twitter to grow your audience, analyze your past posts to improve your techniques, optimize visual content with links, maximize Twitter with images,deliver content consistently and more to total up twenty ways to build your presence on social media.

For beginners and newbies, check out this link to learn 41 Resources for Beginners, yes 41! Among the topics, check out the following, the Social Media Explorer, Scott Monty and the Social Media Examiner. Ebooks available for free reading, An Introduction to LinkedIn for Business, A Visual Guide to Creating the Perfect LinkedIn Company page, How to Attract Customers on Twitter and Vine, The definitive Guide to Getting Started on Social Media and more. Videos to watch, Podcasts to listen, slideshows to watch and books to read. The article ends with “10 Things I’ve learned About Social Media”.

The next link, is titled “Ten Amazing Social Media Marketing Strategies to Get Maximum Exposure for your Business”. Topics covered are “Increase Online Presence in More Social Media Networks”, “Tell Stories instead of Selling Stuff”, “Create and Share More Pics, Graphics and Video Content”, “Post More Educational Content”, “Respond to ALL Comments, Suggestions, Inquiries and Complaints” and “Practice Social Listening”.

This link, covers “16 Effective Facebook Marketing Strategies for Businesses”. Some of the better topics are, Leverage the Existing Traffic to Your Site. Send Out an E-mail Blast. Learn the best time to post, use Facebook ads, create a Facebook Contest, Integrate Social Media Sharing, engage with your Facebook community and other Facebook Pages, use images and videos for your content updates and create or join Facebook groups.

This last link covers Instagram marketing techniques. Start a campaign, analyze your effectiveness and engage your followers among other bits of advice.

It’s all up to you to utilizing the cornucopia of tools and apps out there to become successful.

Too Much of a Good Thing? by Frank A. Brauer

We have all been there, had a fad or a hobby that was insatiable. It may have been collecting Pokémon cards or following the Power Rangers for you, but for me, it was all about cars and motorcycles. I have known even some people who just have money to burn and they just seem to clutter up their life with plain junk. Regardless, whatever it is or was, we wanted to collect, dream and read all about them. However, it is really about having balance. We can have it all with moderation and then, all is well. So, what about too much Social Media?

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In this article, Psychologist Dr. Paula Durlofsky explains about too much involvement on Social Media. She lists off first by asking yourself why are you using these sites? Secondly, limit how much time you spend on them. If you feel lonely or disconnected, privately message them or send a text message instead. Lastly, be sure you spend time with your family and friends.

This article and its author, , explains firsthand what he has experienced firsthand what one can go through when you lose control of spending way too much time on Facebook. He covered isolation because you’re not really dealing with people the same way as if they were right in front of you in the flesh. Then there is the “comparison game” wishing and saying to yourself, “why not me?” when you hear of others great lives not just once, but repeatedly. You then have the “Fantasy / Reality” situation. You have envy over another but you really don’t know the full story of that individual when they’re bragging about some great event that has happened in their life. We just don’t know what else is going on in their life and many just advertise the bright moments. No one wants to hear about the despair or strife going on. While it is certainly not pleasant, I would definitely want my friends to know I’m there to listen, hold their hands or give them a great big hug while giving assurances that we together will conquer the world. Lorne mentions how arbitrary that he might have 600+ friends but on his birthday, knowing that everyone got a reminder on his birthday yet only 36 sent well wishes. Last, there is the fear of not being able to follow and catch up on all the posts in your Facebook Feed.

He obviously feels so strongly about all this that he posted the number (1-800-273-8255) and link to the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline.

We All Want To Get Rich Fast by Frank A. Brauer

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With everybody finding a way to sell things, even on social media, I thought what about the “get rich” schemers? Well sure enough, they exist. This site, heads up a way to prosper by utilizing the social media just like we’ve been learning in JOUR 4270 but puts that “Get Rich” spin on it. This site, asks the question of what are the odds you can make yourself rich on social media and the bottom line was, you have a better chance getting hit by lightning (1 in 3,000). While the two aforementioned links are not really misleading in their offerings, it’s still plain hard work that it takes to achieve these goals. This link, invites you into the Tsu fold and offers a multilevel marketing type scheme to gain income. I’ve done my share by selling different products because I believed in the products but I’m no salesman. This is all about getting followers and having plenty of them. Here’s an interview with TSU Founder Sebastian Sobczak. Another interview with Sebastian here. This video explains the overview of how Tsu works.

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So, getting rich through Social Media possible? Sure, so is getting bit by a shark or hit by lightning, in fact these type of things seems to becoming more prevalent lately. But for making a living with Social Media sounds very possible with the right angle and that means appealing to the masses repeatedly for the long term.

Your Pet Has Gone Up And Over The Rainbow by Frank A. Brauer

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I rushed home after class today having learned from a text from my wife while in class, that one of our cats has passed on. I had to be the one to take care of this deceased cat when I got home. My wife was just so grief stricken. I was the one who bought her and brought her home when she was just a kitten. There’s more to this story, but what is important and relevant to all of us, is that we love our pets. When that day comes, sometimes it’s planned as we winced, watching them struggle from day to day in their illnesses or just being frail in their senior years. This was certainly an unexpected surprise, so it hurts all the more.Cat Prayer                                                                   (

So, I’m looking to see on the internet if anyone can offer me some words of comfort and found this chat page, but I found the chat group a bit much for my tastes. I tried this site, but found out by checking out the visitor’s log that its been over 32 hours since the last person logged in. I did find this page, but they have particular hours rather than just leaving it opened up 24/7. Doesn’t make sense but maybe they chose to have moderators in place. But time heals all. Shelby is in a better place now. She was certainly a cool cat. I feel better right now. I’ve cried and I’m sure not for the last time. I don’t care what other people think, but I’d like to think I’ll see all my pets one day again in heaven. What’s heaven without animals?

Shelby yoga pose                                                                               (Photo of Shelby taken by me)

Shopping on Social Media, the Treasure Hunt Way by Frank A. Brauer

Let’s face it, when it comes to buying certain items, I’m cheap. I love that I can be resourceful in locating what I need by utilizing alternative methods. That being said, I don’t get to pick the brand or color I want but that’s a trade off I can handle. Half the fun is about the hunt and the other half is that I scored it for way less than buying new. With myself living in a dense metropolitan area and having a car, I have driven to another state to acquire and even resell for a profit after expenses subtracted. I once picked up a “project” motorcycle for $400 and then decided to flip it for $800 to buy another motorcycle in better shape. In fact when my buyer was loading his new purchase, I was on my way to pick up my next bike. 2015-05-15 15.39.05

(my recent purchase, 2002 KTM 640 SXC Adventurer)

It’s street legal, not a bad bike for a cool grand, huh?

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I’ve had good luck just browsing different Facebook pages, some local and some not. The savings for a bit of time and patience pays off big time. I buy occasionally on eBay but if I can find on a local site that has less traffic, what I’m usually looking for, has less interested people if any. That means people who will sell at a cheaper price when I make a counter offer. I love new sites because it’s easy pickings because those places have not built up a following yet. Shopping doesn’t have to be in a mall, shopping center or even through mail order. Many of the local police stations have set up locations in their own parking lots that have 24 hour surveillance in efforts to curb from oneself being robbed or worse. Next time you need to make a purchase, ask yourself, “How fast do I need it” and if not quickly, try using other alternatives to acquire your next purchase and save some bucks to spend towards a dinner date. That’s an awesome feeling.

Getting Excited About Sharing Your Passion In Social Media Today by Frank A. Brauer

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Yes, that little kid is inside every one of us and when we think of our hobbies, passions and interests we’re just busting at the seams to share with others. So who better to share with than those who also have those same likes. I myself will share by example what I like, simply because it’s my article so, ha!

I like motorcycles but that’s a wide field so I narrow down to the type of bikes I ride. The type of riding I like to do is called “Adventure Riding”. For Adventure Bike Riding, I like this site because these guys do what I like to do as well, hopefully more so in the near future. I love this forum, as well, because it has pages within pages for every kind of thing related to the style of biking I do. This site contains locations to visit. It can also be a wealth of information on how to work on your particular brand and model of bike you own. It even has a page for stuff for sale. If you’re on this page, there is a sense of brotherhood and camaraderie that can get you a great deal. I have seen stuff given away for free, just pay for the shipping costs.

I can appreciate Exotic Cars, even though I may never get to own one, I do have aspirations that I may get to test drive a few in my lifetime while writing for car publications.

Who can ignore your favorite music group? Mine are The Beatles, and yes, they’ve been around and 41 million likes certainly says I’m in good company.

Last, I enjoy my car being an oddball Subaru Baja, so I enjoy visiting with other fellow owners, sharing photos, modifications and advice when something is just not right. Who better to ask than someone else who has the same car and has already been through your predicament?

So, while we might not have these friends in the same city, state or even country, it’s still extra cool to communicate with others that share our interests.

Just How Many Social Media Portals Are Exactly Out There? by Frank A. Brauer

So, I’m hammering on my keyboard and I find an interesting article that I want to share with a friend. I search the page for a share drop down box and I’m inundated with all these choices. Don’t believe me? Just hop over to, click a link to a topic story and then find the share button on the side of the screen and click on the orange “plus” symbol. This is that link to social media portals.  I stopped counting after 275 choices. I could imagine myself with multiple screens across the whole wall of my office so I could track them real time. I already have two screens in my home office. I could see adding two more. We all know Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest and a another half a dozen or so, right? What about Vine, a looping video service? Or how about WhatsApp, a great free texting service with no data charges. It’s 700 million fans strong. Be sure to check out Medium, I think I need to. I found Flipboard to be an interesting site for reading interesting articles pertaining to your own interests. I also enjoying perusing through digg, another site with a great collection of stories. I checked out SocialAdr, this site has some fees to pay if you’re wanting to upgrade from their bottom “free” level. It had 28 links to sync your social sites to this site. It was offering their site as a place to merged all your other sites into one location. I’ve signed up for so many sites since starting this class a week ago. Some of the links I clicked on to further investigate their Social Media site, I found to my disappointment had since folded and recently too by the farewell note they left behind. I found this BuddyMarks, a way to save your bookmarks on line and that’s a great idea and app for me. I can spend hours setting up a new computer’s internet browser with all my regularly revisited sites. It’s called a social bookmarks manager while it could be much more. So little time and so much information out there!

Overload, Overload!