How social media can help you find a job


By: Karissa Valadez


Companies are you checking your profiles online, so why not use social media to help enhance your qualifications. Social media is the perfect way to not only network, but search for and interact with potential employers.

Nearly 50 percent of employers use social networking sites to research job candidates and a majority of those employers have found content that made them more likely to hire a candidate.

“Social media has completely changed the way companies hire,” said Mike Santoro, president of Walker Sands, a Chicago-based full-service marketing agency for technology companies in the region. “Walker Sands isn’t alone in that it relies a lot on referrals for hires – and one of the best ways to meet and connect with new people is social media.”

One of the most popular sites for networking is LinkedIn, which is growing rapidly worldwide, said Holly Simpson, assistant director of the Career…

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Social media taken over by Jordan crying meme


By: Karissa Valadez

crying jordan

It’s pretty sad that most kids today won’t know Michael Jordan as one the greatest athletes but instead as the guy from the crying face meme.

The infamous Jordan crying face meme is one of the most popular memes on social media. The meme of the basketball legend’s tear-stained countenance is the sports world’s go-to symbol of sadness in defeat, losing players, losing fans, losing mascots, losing coaches, or anyone or anything else who is at all associated with a loss. In 2009, when Jordan was inducted into basketball’s hall of fame, he delivered a very emotional speech. An image of his teary eye flushed face was turned into a meme some years later. Social media, especially Twitter users, latched on tight, employing it to comment on any number of sports failures.

In the mist of any major loss in the sports world you are bound to see the…

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Social media may boost social intelligence


By Karissa Valadez

Research has shown teenagers who spent time online didn’t have a problem making friends in person. Social media use may increase teenager’s ability to make friendships in person rather than harm their social skills in the “real world”, research suggests, but a lack of social mixing leads to anxiousness when it comes to meeting new people.

A report on social intelligence – the ability to ‘get on’ with people – among teenagers has discovered that a higher use of social media did not correspond to lack of social skills.

Instead it found that teenagers who spent a higher amount of time online were better at making friends in person, leading to more internet use could actually support the development of social skills.

However the report also suggested a lack of social interaction with people from different backgrounds was damaging to teenager’s social skills.

According to the study, insufficient…

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Facebook adds reaction emojis, but no Dislike button


By: Karissa Valadez


Last year, Mark Zuckerburg hinted the idea of adding a dislike button to the social media site and tested out different options. Facebook added five new emoticons this past week as a way to react to post. The emoticons include love, haha, wow, sad, and angry. Though the emojis have been added there is still no dislike button. The dislike button has been a highly requested feature by users for quite some time now, but Facebook did not include it in the new reactions.

The reason Facebook expanded the like button with the new emoji reactions and not a dislike button is mainly because of the large amount of content shared on Facebook every day. The actions of Liking and Disliking are both too simple.

For example, users sometimes don’t know how to interact with post about a death of a loved one or a national tragedy…

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How Social Media Affects Today’s Relationships


By: Karissa Valadez


Our generation often gets criticized for our inability to have engaging, face-to-face conversations because of ur reliance on technology. We tend to communicate via text, email, etc. Most people rarely even talk on the phone nowadays, they would rather send a quick text to avoid actually having to speak to others.

We often hear our parents/grandparents say things like, “I remember the days when we would have to go to someones house if we wanted to talk to them, we didn’t have cellphones or computers.” It is hard to imagine making plans with someone without using our phones to notify one another. What if we’re running late? What if the other person decides to cancel? We rely on our phones for basic communication.

Texting, Facebook, Snapchat, all play major roles in how we form and maintain friendships and relationships. Social media makes relationships with others exist both…

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How our world is changing with social media


by: Karissa Valadez


Social media is addicting.

For most people we can’t go a couple of hours without checking various apps and updating our newsfeed. It has even become a problem for pedestrians walking on the street to be so caught up on their phones that they don’t even notice oncoming traffic. The same can be said for drivers. Some people can’t even sit through a redlight without grabbing their phones for a quick look.

Why are we so obsessed with being on social media?

If you really break it down, it’s all about human connection on a large scale. Social media networks millions of people that you know and don’t know. When we post something we want feedback. Do they like it? Are they going to comment? Will they share it? People want to know if their thoughts/photos/videos have any significance to others. Social media portrays a version of…

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