Apps and Social Media Strategy


Written By: Robert Warren

In Social Media, apps can be a push in the social media strategy. Big name companies invest in the app marketplace as a way to get more engagement with the company. Companies may offer discounts, coupons or have an engaging app to have the connections strengthened but is it an effective marketing strategy?

A big part of creating an effective app however deals with UX, user experience, how does a user feel when they engage in your app? Is it a high speed performance app or is it laggy? Are the controls easy to use or is it complex? Is the flow nice?

Then you have to think about balance, how much of the app is used towards marketing your content and how much of the app is filled with just things the customer will enjoy? How can you make your marketing something the customer will enjoy?

With both the iTunes and Android marketplace, apps can have a lot of power. The convenience of having an app can draw more customers and increase engagement with your company but only if you do it right. The fluidity, the way the customer can engage and the ease of access to your company are all valuable things to look into.

The next important aspect is your persona. How are you portraying your brand through the marketing strategy that you have employed in your mobile app? The way a brand is played is vital. This is going to get the customer to decide whether they fit with your brands persona or not. You can play the brand more serious and such or you can go off the edge a bit. You can be a bit more humorous or not as this is all up to you. This will determine the demographic that is reading and interacting with your content.


Social Analytics & You

Just how can social analytics understand you? Have you fallen under the corporate trap?


Photo Credit: Koozai Anna of Flickr

Article by: Robert Warren

Social analytics is the analyzation of various behaviors across social platforms.  Tracking your behavior in the different networks allows for an analysis that can be used to target advertisements or reach out some business your way. The way you interact with sites shows how interested you are in the material which can go from being something you read to something you physically now own because someone had tracked that you kept revisiting a page on a certain clothing per say.

Social analytics is getting more advanced as time goes on and new technologies develop. Social analytics can deal with targeting advertisements to suit your personality. Social analytics is all around you. Social analytics is used to detect bots too. By detecting the amount and frequency of befriending and such analytics can be used to detect bots. On a completely different but separate note, “Facebook has created an analytics tool that is designed to show marketers and bot managers how people are reacting to their bots.”

Social analytics is something that can be used to understand customers, understand their interests and target your marketing to them. By tracking clicks and what emails potential customers open and such social analytics is a way that businesses can understand you. Take for instance you sign up for an email list, each email you open by seeing the subject line is something that could help a business understand your interests. There is also a question too, can basic social analytics get in the way of marketing? 

Analytics are very useful as social platforms such as Facebook can track how stories spread. The basic idea of complete privacy is pretty far-fetched with the analytics in the current generation. More and more people are becoming capable of doing social analytics too. In fact, even the Adobe Creative Cloud has added social media analytics to its package with Adobe Premiere Pro.

Having social media analytics all around you it would be a good idea to start looking into potentially utilizing some of the resources available. From the Adobe offering to Google Analytics there are several ways you can get analytical.

Social Footprints



By: Robert Warren

Social footprints can create the paths to enter the job market.


Stepping into the job market, you walk in with a trace, a trace of footprints. These footprints follow you everywhere you go—you once had an online Facebook political debate, and argued for a specific side, a real heated discussion, and next thing you know, you want to be a journalist. You decide to apply somewhere and then there is your employer—looking at your bias social media debate, and seeing the side you argued for in it.

You want to be a neutral journalist but now appear to have a bias. Will you get hired? Maybe you will get hired but you were the one to have that bias visible online. These prints are the things we have to keep in mind when every day we are leaving our social footprints.

The prints are seen everywhere from the employers to the employed. Classic examples of negative prints can be visible just Hillary and Donald. Let’s look at the issues.


Does anybody even use email anymore? Well…apparently Hillary does. Many people still do actually. Actually according a 2014 Gallup survey, “Younger Americans are also well above average in their use of cellphones, email and social media on a daily basis.”

Releasing classified information through the emails was a problem that followed her into the election and with the end of the election right around the corner; the problem has still not gone away. The FBI is reviewing the emails. This email mistake is an example of a print, the social footprint, which clearly can follow you into the job market.


Donald Trump, businessperson, and candidate for the President of the United States has had a twitter and has made some interesting choices with it. He has called people out on twitter and doing things like that could leave an employer, if he were anyone but Trump at this point, wondering, would he call people out like this in the workplace if he does it on social media?

Then there is Donald Trump Jr. with the skittles tweet, which got a lot of attention. The tweet compared Skittles to Syrian Refugees, got a lot of backlash, and was made into a skit by Comedy Central’s Trevor Noah.


Your social footprints follow you where you go. Keep in mind that your online presence is not just a thing that only you see. By being on social media, you are creating a personal brand, so brand yourself in a way that would spin you in career circles that you would want. Get LinkedIn. By this LinkedIn, I mean literally, many employers now hire through the LinkedIn marketplace of jobs, and even Snapchat could one day land you a job.

Social Media & Business


By: Robert Warren

The Relationship
I heart you & you heart my business.
…A relationship always has a beginning…
To start any relationship on social media you have to beginning and that starts with creation. You are a creator but in order to create you need to have a solid plan. What does that mean? Have a persona, know who you want to target your business towards (demographic) and how you are going to go about it. (set goals) Develop a content plan.
Developing a business-consumer relationship is not always an easy. There is good news for you though. Developing a social media presence is a way to strengthen and grow your relationships. It is not all in person work anymore, now it is time, the time to get social.
The Persona
Dude, this is business…
Developing a persona is not always easy so how do you go about that? Look into the demographic target audience and try to develop what you want to say about your business geared towards that audience. You want your social presence to really define who YOU are as a company and choosing an appropriate persona is very important.
The Social Platform
There are so many! How do I choose which to use? Ask your research.
So you did a bunch of research on your target demographic and now it is time to choose the platform. How do you go about it? Start like this, you want to think about which platform will engage the greatest amount of users and how it will pull them into your business specifically. How can you do that? Look into the popular sites people go on and see which of those popular sites will be most engaging to your target demographic—age is an important factor to this decision.
Say “Hi”
In order to get people to seek you out on social media you need to seek them. Engage in liking on Facebook, and Instagram, and engage in favoriting on Twitter. In order for people to start getting the realization that you are there you need to give them the realization that you are there.
The Skills
Many entrepreneurs have available content to help them develop skills they may not already have. If you are in need of some more skills, or tips, search #entrepreneur on twitter, and you will find several articles that can strengthen you as a working professional. There is much content available but it is up to you to seek it.
The Importance
Look at me! I am over here! No, look. I am over here!
Social media is a good way to organize content to develop your business; it is a great for connecting with potential customers, but if you do not use social media then your potentialities are being lessened. You have resources to help you with this now seek, learn and act!
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Debates Underway


Written by Robert Warren

On September 26th Trump and Hillary had their first big presidential debate moderated by NBCs Lester Holt. Appearing from both Dateline and NBCs Nightly News Holt`s questions were covered into several segments ranging from jobs to Securing America. The debate consisted of numerous accounts of Trump interrupting, Hillary bashing, and Holt watching as it played itself out. Some say Trump won this others say Hillary. Overall, Hillary came across as more prepared and Trump came across as more in control.

Media was a big player in ways to watch the debate as ABC partnered with Facebook to do a Facebook live stream of the debate, Twitter live streamed Bloomberg Televisions broadcasting of the debate and there were many additional ways to watch the debate as well. Live streaming has been big with this debate and Twitter being bided on the live streaming does help catch the eye of a few in the bid. The question with Twitter though is how to attract more users on the interface? Perhaps more live streaming?

During the debate the candidates were fact checked. The next debate for the presidential candidates is October 9th and for vice presidents October 4th. There are several things making this election season an interesting one including the podium height differences calling for a custom podium for Hillary and Trump having microphone issues. So far having only one debate it will be interesting to see how the rest of them go. The next set of moderators for the second presidential debate will be ABC`s Martha Raddatz and CNN`s Anderson Cooper. Once again there will be several different ways in which you will have the opportunity to watch it.

The debates always continue off the stage too, with several humor-geared television shows mocking or picking in at specific parts of the debate including many late night shows. It is really a social world with everything from memes, to parody’s, to humor and we have many various ways to learn about things in social areas like Twitter, Facebook and the news outlets themselves. We always have to discern for ourselves what is true by fact checking but at least we know the news is out there. We will have a president. The question is who?