Thanksgiving Twitter

Thanksgiving is here and it’s a day of expressing appreciation for your friends and family. It is also a time for stores and brands to promote their Black Friday deals. When I opened up my Twitter app on my phone of course I see the hashtag Happy Thanksgiving trending with over 2.63 million tweets.  Here are how some brands are inserting themselves in the conversation about Thanksgiving.

It is great to see the creative content brands post and how they promote themselves via social media. As a brand, you have to make yourself relevant to the conversation and you have to produce content that is shareable. I enjoyed the post from the Museum of Modern Art because it reflects the brand but it also relates to Thanksgiving.

There’s this idea that organic reach is dying due to the increasing number of brands paying for promoted post. Whether it is promoted or paid the content needs to be perceived as valuable. The CNN tweet was great because it was about debunking holiday myths. The tweet wasn’t explicitly about Thanksgiving but it related to Thanksgiving.

The KFC tweet used humor and it used its spokesperson Colonel Sanders as the voice for the tweet. Since the famous Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade is going on and KFC will be participating in the float it used that as an advantage to help create a witty tweet.  The Bud Light Lime Rita tweet was colorful and the brand used the design of the cans to create a setting to match the Thanksgiving scheme.

Twitter is a great medium for companies that are B2C because it allows them to engage and provide content to their targeted audience. Not all brands need to have a presence on Twitter. I learned in the social media class that you have to find out where your audience hangs out and go there. If your targeted audience is not on Twitter than there is no need to have an account.

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