Arron Free After Death

Aaron Hernandez lawyer wants murder conviction erased.odin lloyd dl2 Aaron Hernandezs Lawyer Wants Murder Conviction Erased It may be that in certain states you may be let go of a crime if you were not fully convicted and you died. Joe Baez, Aaron’s lawyer is well known for his work. “It was vintage Jose Baez: flashy, theatrical and willing to do anything for his clients. With Hernandez’s acquittal, Baez burnished his status as one of the most recognized defense attorneys in the U.S., six years after his high-profile gig successfully defending Casey Anthony, the Florida mother accused of killing her toddler because she didn’t want the responsibility of raising a child.” This is a picture of Odin. 

Baez reputation is well known for him making holes where no holes can be made for his clients.He believes in redemption and compassion for his clients, he sounds like a great lawyer to me.

For a man with a slow start he has come a long way and i hope he can help Aaron Hernandez. This story is so sad and my heart goes out to the families of all. I wonder if he will be forgiven?

Nike’s Agility with Social

Written by: Channing Nuttall

Credit: Nike Twitter

Nike is leaving its competitors in the dust when it comes to social following and engagement. With 6.9 million followers on Twitter, almost 28 million likes on Facebook, and 71.3 million followers on Instagram, Nike has a massive reach. Of course, they are a large athletic clothing retailer, so they are bound to have large amounts of followers, but how do they keep them engaged?

On Facebook, Nike almost always posts video clips about products, famous spokespeople, and fitness inspiration. This is valuable to the consumer because they are getting a visual display of the product as well as how it moves and performs. The videos can aid in making the consumer feel empowered. For example, their athletic hijab recently released and they added a video to empower Muslim women.

Credit: Nike Facebook

On Twitter, Nike has shorter clips and more images because they know that many users will not sit and watch videos on such a fast-moving platform. Nike also did an excellent job on Olympic coverage via social media for the last Olympic season. This engages its users because they are interested in athletics and the Olympics is the largest sporting event.

Credit: Nike Instagram

On Instagram, Nike can grab the attention of its followers by creating powerfully visual short clips and photography. They captivate their audience by placing their products strategically in scenarios and not making the scenes entirely about the product, rather the person that is using it and the performance situation they are in. While the company does well with what they do post on Instagram, they are not focusing their energy on the platform and sometimes go a couple weeks without posting content. This is a huge missed opportunity for the brand as they have an audience of 71.3 million they could be talking to multiple times per day. Overall, Nike’s online presence is strong because it is primarily high quality video content that is created by the company.

How To Increase Social Media Engagement

By Abisola Adeyemi


We have learned by now that engagement is a huge factor in success. We want to know that our audience not only see’s our content but they connect to it as well. Reach is very important, you can have millions of followers but if you don’t connect with your audience then thats a fail.

Here are some secret ways to increase Social Media Engagement:

  • Understand why your audience follows you. Say for instance, you are a retail store, post more content about what you have in store! Post about new arrivals and upcoming style advice for the season, to keep your audience excited and curious for what is to come next.
  • Entertain your audience. Make funny content, we all need a laugh. You have the ability to make someones day if you can make them smile.
  • Be relatable. Find ways to produce content that’ll connect you to your audience. People like when they can relate.
  • Share facts. People love to learn something new, you’ll want your audience to come to you because they know you have the good stuff.
  • Live stream videos, this is a fun way to engage with your audience. When you can speak live and have your audience ask questions and receive answers live.
  • Make more visual content. We are visual creatures, we enjoy nice pictures and art in any form that’ll spark emotion.
  • Ask and welcome feedback. Be open to criticism to see what you can do better and receive feedback about what they would like to see you do.
  • Put your Audience first, its always about them. Let them know you care about what they feel about your content,
  • Be consistent with messages. Without consistency, you can lose your audience. Its important to produce as much content as you can.
  • Do Giveaways. People love free stuff. Reward your audience for taking time to pay attention to your content.


Snapchat Me That Filter


(Via Eliah Davila)

BY: ELIAH DAVILA |@essenceofeliah

I am a young woman that loves snapping selfies, but I also love keeping up with snap streaks on none other than Snapchat! Young and old most of the population knows what Snapchat is. What is more popular than the app itself you may ask? The famous Snapchat filters of course. Every user has their favorite filter the dog, vomiting rainbows, or maybe the infamous flower crown. To give a little background about what I am talking about the app uses face recognition technology to attach and transform your face to many different themes. Some marketers have used this feature to promote businesses for a certain amount of time. Gatorade has used it to digitally pour Gatorade on your head and Taco Bell has used the feature to turn your face into a hard taco. I never paid much attention to the feature until recently. Last week I was sitting in my car waiting for class to start then I began to play with the new Snapchat filters. This day Snapchat had filters that only effected the change of your facial features and added aesthetic changes like longer lashes and clearer skin. I also decided not to wear makeup this day so when I used the filter then looked at the picture of myself I was taken back by the drastic changes. This filter was far beyond making me a Starbucks unicorn, this filter photo shopped my face and imperfections with one click of a button. I was not upset by the difference of the photos because what else do you expect from an app. Although, as I took on the internet to see if anyone else was amazed by the filter’s results to my surprise many people have an opinion on how Snapchat alters user’s facial features. There is much talk over social media saying that Snapchat is using filters to uphold the unrealistic beauty standard that is pushed to consumers. I believe Snapchat from a business prospective is not trying to uphold an ideal beauty. I believe the company is making an effort to stay afloat in the app industry by providing all things in one app. Snapchat using such drastic filter settings is what helps keep the app ranked above picture editing apps like Facetune and other photo shopping apps. Snapchat is ranked above all social media apps and for reasons like offering so much like a photo enhancement in just one touch is a genius marketing plan.



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Speak into the Megaphone

By Samuel Boyd

Twitter is just one of the ways stars have to stay relevant. – Photo Courtesy of The Wrap

Social media has become a film megaphone. I’ll explain that in a bit.

I’ve discussed the relationship between movies and social media throughout the blogs this semester. So with my final blog, I have decided to keep with the trend and vaguely discuss why it is that modern cinema pretty much depends on social media.

Of course you’ve seen by now that film companies have begun posting full trailers and teasers on their social media accounts. Even simple links tweeted by popular actors and directors can lead to a lot of traffic and traffic creates a buzz. This article shows how a Disney distribution director uses social media to create buzz for movies because the best way to help a movie succeed, paraphrasing his quote, is to bring the trailers to the audience and let them engage from there.

That brings forth another trend in modern moviemaking. Actors and actresses are asked to have a large social media following before they can be cast. Actress Gemma Arterton revealed this “terrible trend” in an interview in 2016. She goes on to say that this trend pushes away up and coming actors/actresses that are talented but have not garnered a following yet. In short, it keeps super stars super so long as they can maintain a captive social media audience.

Just a few “notable” actors. – Photo Courtesy of The Wrap

This just makes it even harder to reach stardom without social media shout-outs or a low budget film that lifts someone’s career off the ground. So, in a way, social media helps out the production companies but can really constrict the actual performers. It’s a curious dance between parasitic and beneficial in nature.

Whatever the reason, social media is here to stay in the presence of movies. It’s like a megaphone for production companies: Loud enough to gather more attention, so long as it isn’t too overbearing and annoying.




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‘World War 3’

Today many people are in a huge fear of how to overcome the what could be the end of the human race once again. Is there no way to escape the way to this upcoming disaster. Actually, the bible had already shown what we need in this time and age.  When we look at the article of what people are searching it lets us see what they are worried about. In this article you will see a few charts of what people are searching on google with great speed-World War 3.

The article, Google Searches For ‘World War 3’ And ‘Trump War’ Hit All Time High, states that just a few days after President Trump was elected for president many people began to start google search about war. Well it’s no secret now since America is doing what it does best, fix problems but also create many other things, just like a big brother. So why are we blogging about this today, because some are in desperate need of protection.

Russia dropped its “No First Use” nuclear policy in 1993. Therefore, both the U.S and Russia reserve the right to use nuclear weapons first; without an adversary launching the initial strike. In this article it gives more detail about destruction but no way to escape it. Which brings me to my next point, how to escape disaster.

In the bible we can see the way to escape disaster and I will present a couple of videos you can see to help you better understand the Passover of the New Covenant and where we must flee too in order to receive this amazing truth.  Thanks.

Former Design Ethicist at Google Speaks about how Tech Companies use Persuasion to get our Attention


Photo via TV Brackets.


(Written by Jesse Priest.)

Former Design Ethicist at Google, Tristan Harris, spoke with author and neuroscientist Sam Harris about the ethics of how technology companies use persuasion to get our attention and time and about solutions how to better spend your time with technology.

Tristan was a guest on Waking Up, a podcast by Sam Harris, author of two New York Times best-selling books including The End of Faith and The Moral Landscape.

Check out the podcast here.

Tristan is the head of Time Well Spent, a company that focuses on inventing ways that help people spend their time well with the devices and technology they use the most. He has been on 60 Minutes and also has a TED talk on the subject.

From the website Time Well Spent:

The truth is: we decide who gets your attention.

Apps, news, politicians, even your friends…
All of them go through screens we designed, before they reach you.

The problem is, our goals aren’t the same as your goals.

Because our profits rely on your attention. So we’re not really on your team…

We win the more we keep you scrolling.
We win the more we hook your kids.
We win the more things interrupt you.
We win when outrage and misinformation keeps you hooked to news.

We don’t want it to be like this.
We don’t want to pollute your mind and our democracy.

But we’re trapped… unless we can change the industry.

In his podcast with Sam Harris, Tristan gets into the fact that even though products and apps can bring you lots of benefits and pleasures, you can also, at the same time, be manipulated and led down a path that is not beneficial in the long run.

“People’s minds can’t hold on to both truths that we do derive lots of value from Facebook and there are many manipulative design techniques across all of these products that are not really on your team to help you live your life. That distinction is very interesting when you start getting into what ethical persuasion is,” Tristan said.