Adele Has a Secret Twitter Account

March 21, 2017 Jennifer Atanasoff

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Yes, Adele fans, you read this correctly. But, if you’re really an Adele fan you (probably) already knew this.

Famous singer of Hello, Rolling in the Deep, and Someone Like You, has revealed that she has a secret Twitter account that her management doesn’t even know about. She enjoys drunk tweeting and privately lurking other accounts without her management team knowing.

If you are not caught up to speed with this, let me rewind a little bit.

Adele’s management team handles her Twitter account because she used to drunk tweet. This became public knowledge in 2015 when Adele said, “I’m not allowed to access my own Twitter, because I’m quite mouthy and I say the wrong thing a lot of the time. So they took that privilege away from me.”

Honestly, fans can tell that Adele doesn’t have access to her own account because she’s not her funny, sarcastic image on Twitter. It’s more of a business account rather than personal.

At a recent concert in Brisbane, Australia, Adele told the crowd, “I was looking on Twitter last night… They don’t know I have a secret account. Well, obviously they do know, because I said that. By they, I mean my management.”

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Many news outlets, blogs, and Twitter users are talking about Adele’s secret Twitter account. Everyone and their mother is trying to find her account to read her iconic, hilarious sense of humor.

Even Perez Hilton, a famous American blogger, columnist and television personality, who is best known for covering gossip columns about celebrities via his blog,, is eager to find Adele’s hidden account.

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Many other, regular people like me, are curious as to what Adele’s secret Twitter handle could be so we can see what hilarious things she’s saying on it.

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This text message:At 4:42 a.m., one of Toni’s close friends, Roxy Townsend, received that text, “Omg I just got pulled over again.” according to the article on NBC news was the last message sent out by Toni Anderson, before she would disappear. A vehicle was found that was belonging to Toni with a female body inside but not sure if it was Toni’s body. I read this article in the beginning of this week. Today I will se if any new articles have come up to confirm if the body of Toni was in that car.


The body was found and I just looked up to see if any news had been updated from the body found in the car and it was just one of the same articles I read earlier this week. This is the part that starts to make you think. “At 4:42 a.m., one of Toni’s close friends received a text from Toni reading, “Omg I just got pulled over again.” It’s unclear if that text was sent in reference to the North Kansas City officer’s stop or if Toni had been pulled over again after that. Officials have no record of any other officer pulling Toni over that night“. Did the cop have anything to do with this missing person. and would they leave this comment, as if to back up the law or cover something, we will have to wait and see, “There have been many reports of cars in Kansas City impersonating police with lights or sirens so now I’m not sure about what “again” means,” Roxy told Dateline.

The YouTube Phenomenon



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By Ghadah Alhazzaa @__ghadah___

YouTube stars are becoming real life super stars nowadays. They are famous, popular, and most of the young generation looks up to them. From make up artists to comedians and musicians, YouTube has created stars that are competing with real life stars. They are taking YouTube seriously that it became their main source of income. A great example is Justin Bieber. He started on YouTube, People really liked him that a famous TV. Host noticed him and invited him to her show. He then got sponsored by major music label. This is exactly what’s happening nowadays to a lot of the popular YouTube stars. If you’re into sports and have good following and likes, a sports wear brand could reach out and sponsor you to promote their brand. YouTube pays per view as well, according to Matthew Yeoman, “ While YouTube does not publish its CPM rates, online marketing firm Penna Powers estimates their current CPM to range from as low as 50 cents to as high as $10. If we assume that all 1 million viewers of the particular video also watch the ads coming before it, and we conservatively assume that your CPM is at the average range of $2 (as estimated by internet marketer Hank Green), then you could expect to earn on average: Views x CPM 1 million views x ($2/1000 views) =$2000”. Unknown

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So how do you become famous instantly? Simon Dumenco from explains that these YouTubers are hard workers. There are also requirements like being likable, talented, and appealing. The YouTube phenomenon is not going away anytime soon. People are obsessed with vlogging and following their favorite YouTubers life. We all love watching them because they’re relatable and real.


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With One Tweet of a Number Plate

by Nicholas Solomon

Picture tweeted by Autoblog Argentina

H982 FKL

This was the license/ number plate for a Porche 928GT that Jeremy Clarkson drove for Top Gear’s Patagonia Christmas Special.  Before getting too deep into the reactions of this unfortunate license plate, a significant detail should be addressed.  The license plate number (H982 FKL), was the previous owner’s license plate number.  Clarkson had not change the number to incite a joke or anger.

Picture from James Proctor’s (the previous owner) Twitter.  Gathered from


Great Britain and Argentina have suffered a tense relationship after the Falklands War in 1982.  In 1982, Argentina invaded the Falkland Islands that were under British control.  Britain responded quickly and efficiently.  The war was over in a few months as the British reclaimed the Falklands.  The final city that Top Gear was visiting is home to a large population of Falklands war veterans.

Clarkson is not new to controversy.  He has enraged multiple foreign political leaders.  While presenting alongside James May and Richard Hammond, Jeremy Clarkson has said many inappropriate things for the sake of laughs.  He has become a controversial figure in England.  As reported in Express, Clarkson said there was a “slope” in the bridge that they had constructed in Mayumar, and there was an Asian man walking on the bridge.  “Slope” is a racial slur that refers to Asians.

The Chaos

The BBC’s Top Gear presenters showed up in Argentina was no buzz circulating about the number plate.  After the Autoblog Argentina tweet, the story picked up.  An Argentine reddit user  w0rtrod posted their perspective.  You can read the entire post here.  In the post, w0rtrod describes the Argentine twitter traffic about the number plates as inaccurate.  This flurry of fake facts and exaggerated detail caused a protest at Tierra Del Fuego.  The stars and the crew fled the country from riots and road blocks.  On YouTube, Argentine users post videos of themselves or others throwing rocks and insults at the crew’s cars as they drove by.  The stars of the show, including Clarkson, were smuggled the city and to the airport.  No one was seriously harmed.  Twitter is still proving to be a dangerous place.


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What’s Trending in Social Media?

Catalina Uriarte

Social media has taken over as the world’s largest network. What started growth as social_media_servicesMyspace has moved into Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn. Even Snapchat has made its way among the social media platforms. According to Search Engine Journal, Snapchat now has over 100 million users, almost twice the population of Australia and Canada combined! Because social media has become such an important part of our society it is important to keep up with what is trending in social media. So what is trending? Let’s start with Snapchat.

Tired of only looking at the world through your Snapchat lens? With our new “picture or it didn’t happen” society it can be hard to capture the moment both on your phone and through your own eyes. Luckily, Digital Trends shares, Snapchats 2016 invention has been made available worldwide and not just to the general public. Now for $130 you can purchase Snapchat spectacles, sunglasses that allow you to take pictures for Snapchat. It’s crazy to think you can take a picture without ever pulling out a device. Snapchat however, is not the only company coming out with something new.

Facebook has become part of our entertainment allowing us to share photos, articles, videos, and live videos through Facebook Live. Facebook is going to take it one step further however as they have begun to grow their plan to offer live streaming of sports to their users. This growth includes a deal they have made with Major League Soccer to stream all their games live this year.

The last trend taking place is on Instagram. Instagram has recently updated their app to allow you to show up to 10 videos or photos on a singles Instagram post. This is knowns as a “carousel post”. In addition to this change Instagram has also furthered its access for businesses to have ads. Now businesses can run ads in your story on Instagram. This is not limited to privileged businesses, anyone can run these ads!

That’s the latest on what’s trending on Social Media. It is important to stay informed on changes that influence such a large network of individuals.

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South by Social Media

By: Connor Gray

I’ve never really considered Spring Break to be a time to actually go somewhere. Usually I just head back home for the week because I don’t deserve a nice trip somewhere. This year that completely changed thanks to my job with the Denton Convention and Visitors Bureau. My grand-boss’s decision this year was to bring me along with some of my co-workers to South by Southwest for the Interactive portion of the festival. For those that don’t know South by Southwest (usually SXSW) is a conference/festival consisting of three different tracks of interactive, film, and music. While each section provides different opportunities per pass, my interactive pass allowed me to go to career building workshosp with extreme professionals in my field alongside information on areas that I knew nothing about.

Here are some of the highlights of some of SXSW sessions that I’ve been to so far as far as social media is concerned:

Levi Strauss and the Internet of Things:

On an advertising level, this was an amazing opportunity. The session consisted of Ivan Poupyrev, a technical program lead at Google, and Paul Dillinger, a vice president of Levi Straus & Company. They primarily focused on a new line of clothing that they partnered together to work on that not only paired with your phone but to the Internet automatically. A person could actually swipe a pad on their pants or a press a button on their jacket to send a tweet. It was amazing and while the technology may not be immediately taken advantage of, it’s definitely a new component to the fashion market. What’s more is that I thought it was crazy that of all companies, Levi’s and Google partnered up.

Atlas Obscura Author:

Ella Morton, author of the hit blog and travel book, spoke on how people have utilized their website with social media to promote hidden places on the map. I’m an avid fan of her book and it was cool to see how different platforms lended to the submission to the actual travel spots.

New York Times Editor (with Vox Reporter):

The executive editor of the New York times sat with Jim Rutenberg to address the current state of the news paper medium. He discuses how Donald Trump and social media reactions made “news great again” While a lot of the discussion focused on politics, I pulled a lot of information on how to create content that is actually memorable on a website and how to share that to specific platforms.


Snapchat for Business:

Interestingly enough this was one of the only sessions that involved Snapchat at all, but it was still extremely valuable. Companies are having an increasingly difficult time trying to utilize Snapchat like their other platforms. People are not necessarily more hesitant to use it, but the businesses don’t necessarily know how to use them efficiently. Not unlike other platforms, the panelists emphasize the need for constant content growing out to build an organic relationship with their viewers.

Brand Booths:

Nearly every company of prominence has sent out a major brand ambassador to run an event here, and social has played a major component to that in general. Esurance has been giving mass giveaways but the only way to find them is through their Snapchat story. Budlight and Canvas both generated personalized gifs of yourself to tweet out with their logos slathered all over them. Nat Geo let you Twitter DM a selfie that would then be drawn by a robot on a chalkboard that utilized Einstein formulas on the actual selfie. The list could go on forever because most of these brands’ driving motivation was to get you to follow them on their platforms and interact with them.

The Biden Cancer Foundation:

This was definitely at the top of my list. I waited hours in the morning and afternoon to not only get a wristband to go, but to actually get a good seat. This man is a personal hero of mine and brought up some essential points about cancer research that even included social media in its own way. One major point he looked at was how badly the access to information there was for both patients and researchers alike. Researchers had a very difficult time pulling secondary research in this field. With Biden’s foundation, they’ve been working digital cloud servers like Amazon and Silicone valley innovators to generate website and social networks to change the culture of the cancer treatment system in America. This speech was intense, powerful and managed to matter to just about any field of study, including social media.

Overall, the conference was an amazing opportunity that has affected my life in more ways than one. Social media proves to be a vital contributing to the festival. Whether it was the hashtags and Snapcodes plastering every inch of venues or a panel based on generating communities on Twitter.


Oh also, I shook Biden’s hand.




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Trump Advisor had contacts with known DNC hacker.

roger stone

One of Trump’s former advisors admitted to being in contact with a hacker during Trump’s campaign, who was responsible for leaking the infamous “Hillary emails” and other DNC files, that trump talked about in just about every speech during his campaign. This alias known as Guccifer 2.0 was apparently contacted by Mr. Roger Stone through their dm’s on Twitter and when Mr. Stone was asked about this he felt the exchange was completely “innocuous”.

This sets a dangerous precedent, and will definitely bring a slew of problems, questions, and lack of answers with it in the future as many might be asking themselves “What if the conversations weren’t innocuous, but were planned to help bring scandal to the DNC. Another question arises “what other trump advisors might have been in contact with DNC hackers through social media and other outlets. With other’s currently questioning Trump’s ties to Russia, this could be disastrous for the administration with other staffers having previously resigned over “Russian” connections. It also makes you think what other politicians have engaged in communications with hackers that have caused major leaks through something as public as twitter without any idea of the ramifications it would have on the government if it was uncovered. Hopefully this doesn’t become a worrying trend in politics to contact a hacker and dig up some dirt on your opponent.

These messages were uncovered by U.S. intelligence after a thorough investigation into the DNC hacks that happened during campaign season, apparently these messages were sent after there was an article written and the leaks had already been posted on WikiLeaks and other sites. Intelligence agencies believe that Guccifer 2.0 is just a front being used by Russian hackers to deliver the hacked files publically on twitter and wasn’t directly involved in the hacking.

By Brandon Carithers