Arron Free After Death

Aaron Hernandez lawyer wants murder conviction erased.odin lloyd dl2 Aaron Hernandezs Lawyer Wants Murder Conviction Erased It may be that in certain states you may be let go of a crime if you were not fully convicted and you died. Joe Baez, Aaron’s lawyer is well known for his work. “It was vintage Jose Baez: flashy, theatrical and willing to do anything for his clients. With Hernandez’s acquittal, Baez burnished his status as one of the most recognized defense attorneys in the U.S., six years after his high-profile gig successfully defending Casey Anthony, the Florida mother accused of killing her toddler because she didn’t want the responsibility of raising a child.” This is a picture of Odin. 

Baez reputation is well known for him making holes where no holes can be made for his clients.He believes in redemption and compassion for his clients, he sounds like a great lawyer to me.

For a man with a slow start he has come a long way and i hope he can help Aaron Hernandez. This story is so sad and my heart goes out to the families of all. I wonder if he will be forgiven?

The aftermath of United Airlines’ overbooking blunder

By Cesar Valdes Blog 2/2

On April 9, one of the worst non-plane emergencies took place aboard a United Airlines flight. With the click of a randomized computer test, Dr. David Dao was the unfortunate, paying-customer to be asked to leave a flight that United Airlines themselves overbooked.

However, when Dao refused to give up his seat, what resulted was a major public relations crisis for United Airlines.

As everyone has probably seen multiple times, Dao was forcefully dragged off his flight.

From the moment the video recording of the incident was released, it was clear that United Airlines was in a dire situation and Dao may be in line to receive some big bucks.

Indeed, Dao and United Airlines agreed on an undisclosed settlement, but the effects this incident had not only on airline policies across the country and their perception have become clear.

On April 27th, United Airlines raised its limit on payments to customers who would voluntarily give up their seats in case of another overbooking. United will now offer up to $10,000 to a passenger for their seat.

It’s a smart move for United to do. It shows their customers and the public that they are actively revising their policies to prevent another similar incident from occurring, but it will take more than that to move on from this blunder.

Speaking of prevention, Southwest Airlines – the favorite airline in the United States according to – decided to stop the practice of overbooking flights, which was how United’s incident occurred. Now that’s a PR/marketing team working to avoid future problems.

Although United did drop in the stock market, as of today, the airline company does not rank as the least favorite airline in the U.S. according to In fact, United ranks ahead of Virgin America, Frontier, and Spirit. But then again, that doesn’t really say a whole lot of good about them either.


United Raising Limit On Payments To Bumped Flyers To $10,000

Southwest Airlines To Stop Overbooking Flights

The Era of Police Brutality Videos


By Summa Aholo

Through Social media we have seen the prevalence of police brutality on the black and minority communities. Before the mass amount of video of the slayings of unarmed minorities, many people would disregard the staggering numbers of police brutality as myth or exaggeration. However, it is just as prevalent now as it was a decade ago, the difference being that we now catch everything with our mobile phones.

Philando Castile, Alton Sterling, Walter Scott. These black men were shot by police, all were unarmed and all were caught on tape and went viral on social media.

The growing movement of violent social media video has shed light on a very dark, often overlooked and underreported subject: The lack of response to police brutality against minorities.

The new era of the violent social media video is taking the world by storm. Philando Castile, Freddie Gray, Sandra Bland and many others were high profile cases because they were captured on video, and distributed through social media.  With these graphic videos has come some positive changes, the police now are required to wear body cameras, trying to be more transparent in a world where there is a growing distrust of police. However, the way the media portrays the content is sowing more discord between the police and the public. According to pew research 81 percent of police thing that the media treats them unfairly. When media outlets portray these violent images they often do not tell the whole story which can sway the masses in the wrong way.

With the good comes the bad, Facebook live just became active April 6th 2016 and there has been many horrible graphic videos of people murdering their children, raping of girls, and people committing suicide all while streaming live for the world to see. This phenomenon is so disturbing and makes one wonder if we should be policing internet content more closely.

The Good, Bad, and the Ugly Behind Social Media and Customer Service

By: Morgan McAnally

Twitter: @morgan_mcanally

We have all experienced the horrors, the helpfulness, and the ugliness of customer service on social media. Whether it’s a helpful comment from a business or a live feed of a situation that is happening with a business (i.e. United Airlines), if you haven’t experienced it personally then you sure have seen it on the news. Social media plays a huge part in how companies react nowadays regarding their customer service experience and here are some examples of how it has affected them in a positive, negative and all out ugly way.

The Good

There is no doubt that social media has made it easier for us to communicate with our favorite brands and tell them what is working for us and what we would like them to change. There has been a lot of positive reinforcement that comes with company’s customer service and here are a few examples:

  • The Ritz-Carlton and “Joshie” the Giraffe

When a young boy left his stuffed animal “Joshie” the giraffe on accident during check-out at the Ritz-Carlton, they ensured the him that he had a splendid extended stay. When the hotel staff found the stuffed giraffe they then took a series of pictures of him enjoying a relaxing massage in the spa, laying out at the pool, as well as making other stuffed animal friends at the hotel. The father took to social media to tell his story on the incident which was then shared thousands of times on Facebook.

(Image Source)

While going home one evening a JetBlue passenger tweeted the company’s customer service how she was sad to be coming back home from her trip and jokingly asked if they would throw a welcome home parade in her honor. Well her wish was her command because once she landed back home at her destination she walked into a welcome-home parade with JetBlue’s workers!


(Image Source)

The Bad

It’s been known that more people go to social media to complain or publicize something that negatively happened to them vs when something positive happens to them. When this happens it is very important as a brand/company to respond quickly and appropriately. However, for some companies that haven’t been the case. Here are a few examples:

  • British Airways Long Response Time

While highly annoyed for not finding his father’s suitcase Hassan Syed paid for a Promoted Tweet that states, “Don’t fly @BritishAirways. Their customer service is horrendous.” When it took 8 hours for the Airline to respond, Syed’s response was not the most positive…


(Image Source)

  • American Airlines Positive Response

Many of you are thinking after reading the headline “what is so wrong with a positive response?”, well in American Airlines case, positivity is always a solution even when it makes ZERO sense. As many companies have automated messages sent out, sometimes it’s best to closely monitor them to ensure that they are at least making sense….


(Image Source)

The Ugly

Now, this is where companies should be worried. IF your brand falls under the Ugly, it could be too late or very hard to come back from. It has been harder these days for companies to control their negative publicity with how powerful social media has become. These instances have shown how ugly customer service can get and how the situation became so bad that there may be no turning back.

  • The United Airlines Fiasco 

Many of you are aware of the many problems that have been happening with United Airlines. From the verbal abuse of not letting 2 girls on the plane for wearing leggings to the physical abuse of removing David Dao from his seat. United Airlines has been in the top news this starting new year and it isn’t looking up for them from here.

Screen Shot 2017-04-23 at 11.16.55 PM.png

(Image Source)

  • FedEx Un-delicate Package Delivery

Over the holiday’s people are extremely impatient when it comes to receiving their packages. In this ugly incident, a worker from FedEx was shown on tape throwing a customer’s package over the gate, breaking the computer monitor inside. The YouTube video was seen over 9 million times and the company was forced to respond and apologize for their lack of care and promised to reimburse the customer.

Screen Shot 2017-04-23 at 11.29.49 PM.png

(Image Source)


How To Increase Social Media Engagement

By Abisola Adeyemi


We have learned by now that engagement is a huge factor in success. We want to know that our audience not only see’s our content but they connect to it as well. Reach is very important, you can have millions of followers but if you don’t connect with your audience then thats a fail.

Here are some secret ways to increase Social Media Engagement:

  • Understand why your audience follows you. Say for instance, you are a retail store, post more content about what you have in store! Post about new arrivals and upcoming style advice for the season, to keep your audience excited and curious for what is to come next.
  • Entertain your audience. Make funny content, we all need a laugh. You have the ability to make someones day if you can make them smile.
  • Be relatable. Find ways to produce content that’ll connect you to your audience. People like when they can relate.
  • Share facts. People love to learn something new, you’ll want your audience to come to you because they know you have the good stuff.
  • Live stream videos, this is a fun way to engage with your audience. When you can speak live and have your audience ask questions and receive answers live.
  • Make more visual content. We are visual creatures, we enjoy nice pictures and art in any form that’ll spark emotion.
  • Ask and welcome feedback. Be open to criticism to see what you can do better and receive feedback about what they would like to see you do.
  • Put your Audience first, its always about them. Let them know you care about what they feel about your content,
  • Be consistent with messages. Without consistency, you can lose your audience. Its important to produce as much content as you can.
  • Do Giveaways. People love free stuff. Reward your audience for taking time to pay attention to your content.


Welcome ton the World of Chatbots.

By: KeAndra Hill

chatbots_yourstory Image

We are always moving on to the new and latest thing. So what’s hot now? Chatbots. Chatbots are a new innovative way in communicating with some of your favorite retailers. Originating from Facebook, Chatbots allow for communication with artificial intelligence through messenger apps and tabs. They allow for communication with a company, finding a product/service with a company, and purchasing from a company. The processes are much faster, with less procedure steps, and made much easier.

So why Chatbots? Well messenger apps have now surpassed the popularity of even social media apps. Messenger apps are where the people are at. They prefer the micro-media of messenger apps rather than the more public atmosphere of other social media platforms. Companies need to stay where their consumers are.

3058584-poster-p-4-anyone-can-make-a-chatbot-on-kik-the-messaging-service-that-teens-love.jpg Image

Chatbots allow for a much more personal exchange between company and consumer. Consider Nordstrom’s Chatbot, they can give style tips to users based off data cookies collected about the users. Same thing considering Sephora and beauty tips and previous purchases and finds. Disney even went so far as to create Chatbots to interact with and have playful banters with their consumers. The Chatbots allow for a different type of experience for consumers that is unique to each company and their own brand personality. Actual conversation with companies seem to be much more effective than the simple video ads or other traditional media. Engagement and interaction is key in driving consumers today.

Chatbots tell a story for companies. There is strong growth for Chatbots in the future and I predict that with time, they will only get better. Its time for companies to adapt with their consumers and listen to what they want and need. The one-on-one atmosphere of the artificial intelligence creates great buying opportunities. Successful chat bots can tell a businesses brand story, re-engage audiences, facilitate commerce, and grow their business.








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Snapchat Me That Filter


(Via Eliah Davila)

BY: ELIAH DAVILA |@essenceofeliah

I am a young woman that loves snapping selfies, but I also love keeping up with snap streaks on none other than Snapchat! Young and old most of the population knows what Snapchat is. What is more popular than the app itself you may ask? The famous Snapchat filters of course. Every user has their favorite filter the dog, vomiting rainbows, or maybe the infamous flower crown. To give a little background about what I am talking about the app uses face recognition technology to attach and transform your face to many different themes. Some marketers have used this feature to promote businesses for a certain amount of time. Gatorade has used it to digitally pour Gatorade on your head and Taco Bell has used the feature to turn your face into a hard taco. I never paid much attention to the feature until recently. Last week I was sitting in my car waiting for class to start then I began to play with the new Snapchat filters. This day Snapchat had filters that only effected the change of your facial features and added aesthetic changes like longer lashes and clearer skin. I also decided not to wear makeup this day so when I used the filter then looked at the picture of myself I was taken back by the drastic changes. This filter was far beyond making me a Starbucks unicorn, this filter photo shopped my face and imperfections with one click of a button. I was not upset by the difference of the photos because what else do you expect from an app. Although, as I took on the internet to see if anyone else was amazed by the filter’s results to my surprise many people have an opinion on how Snapchat alters user’s facial features. There is much talk over social media saying that Snapchat is using filters to uphold the unrealistic beauty standard that is pushed to consumers. I believe Snapchat from a business prospective is not trying to uphold an ideal beauty. I believe the company is making an effort to stay afloat in the app industry by providing all things in one app. Snapchat using such drastic filter settings is what helps keep the app ranked above picture editing apps like Facetune and other photo shopping apps. Snapchat is ranked above all social media apps and for reasons like offering so much like a photo enhancement in just one touch is a genius marketing plan.



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