Obsessed or Addicted?


By: Macey Thompson

There are two types of behaviors of being addicted to social media.

One: The increasing need to be on social media.

Two: Getting a bad feeling towards yourself for not being able to browse on social media as much as you usually do.

I know you can get addicted to alcohol, drugs or having a fetish; but realizing that being addicted to social media is a health issue in our society today is mind blowing. At least two hours are spent on social media daily with teenagers. Honestly, I am surprised that the hourly time spent on social media is not greater than two hours. In our society today we are presented with thousands of ways to be addicted to social media.

I remember in middle school, all I had was Myspace….

Now, teenagers are addicted to, Twitter, Facebook, SnapChat, Instagram and Pinterest. The daily routine of teens today are, wake up, roll over and check their phone. Some teens believe that if they spend at least 30 minutes on social media in the morning it “wakes them up”. Which I believe is the most ridiculous thing I have ever heard of before. Most of the health issues associated with mental issues are, depression, anxiety and attempted suicide.

It could be that teens are addicted to social media, so they meet the help they need if they  already have mental health issues. Maybe they seek the way out of their depression is to be focused on their phone and seek out help from social media. Which makes sense.

I believe we cant handle the situation of being addicted to social media, I believe that we can simply help our society who have mental health issues, is to be positive on social media and influence others to find help if needed.





Uber CEO Leaves Trump’s Business Advisory Council after #DeleteUber

Photo: Reuters

(Written by Jesse Priest.)

Uber CEO, Travis Kalanick, left President Trump’s economic advisory council Thursday citing the backlash and “misinterpretation” that began on social media about his participation with the President.

The hashtag #deleteuber began trending in response to accusations that they tried to profit from protests in New York City of Donald Trump’s executive order that banned entry to the U.S. to immigrants and refugees from seven countries that the Trump administration deemed dangerous.

Another reason mentioned was that Kalanick, by being on Trump’s advisory council, endorsed Trump’s Administration or EO and that if he disagrees with the EO then he should resign.

In the letter that Kalanick released Thursday, he said, “Joining the group was not meant to be an endorsement of the President or his agenda but unfortunately it has been misinterpreted to be exactly that.” But Uber customers thought differently, and many began to delete their Uber apps. The New York Times reported that over 200,000 users had deleted their accounts.

Then, Tesla and SpaceX CEO Elon Musk came out and explained his reason for staying in Trump’s advisory council saying, “Advisory councils simply provide advice and attending does not mean that I agree with the actions by the Administration.”

Musk was then subjected to criticism by one of the starters of the #deleteuber hashtag.

Musk expressed that he would do everything he could to advise the president on amendments that could be made to the controversial executive order and asked his Twitter audience to provide amendment suggestions to the order.

He believes that engaging with Trump and having a foot in the door and opportunity to persuade Trump of his ideas is the most practical solution to the problem. Uber CEO, Travis Kalanick, by removing himself of the council, also removes his voice and his influence.

Nawkr: Your New Social Media Obsession?


By: Thalia Molina

Can’t get enough of Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter? Well, there’s a new social media networking app that you might need in your life and I can’t wait to tell you all about it. I actually came across this app last spring when my cousin moved back to Texas from Colorado. She was having a hard time adjusting to Dallas and pretty much had zero friends in the area. She was desperate to get out and meet people and suggested that there should be a Tinder for friends. Well, turns out there was…

Nawkr known as the “Tinder for everything else” is a social media app that launched earlier this year in January of 2016. This social media platform lets you connect with people that share some of your same interests. The app uses geo-location services to let you set up a radius of 50ft to 500 miles in which you can connect with people by giving them a “nawk,” aka a knock. This sends a notification to the person on the receiving end and gives them the opportunity to open a door to a new friendship, or shut it… Whatever they decide.

How is it different than Tinder or any other dating app you ask? Well, Nawkr has a feature that allows you to search for individuals with your same interests. Business, academic, fun, and miscellaneous are some of the categories of which you can sort your network by. Say goodbye to all the awkwardness that freshman year brought about because Nawkr is making it so much easier to find your people.

It is no secret that although this app has been around for almost a year now it has not received the recognition it deserves. Dallas local Angel Armendariz created Nawkr. Angel has done everything in his power to get people talking about the app since its initial release, including a block party for its launch. So I encourage you guys to trial the app for yourself. You never know, it could be your next biggest social media obsession.

Kid Friendly Social Media, an Alternative Many Parents are Using

As the world of social media continues to grow, even the skeptics now have to accept that these online platforms aren’t going anywhere. For parents, this means that social media is something they will have to incorporate in their children’s development.

There are plenty of reasons for parents to worry about their children’s online activity, but the question has become ‘how early is too early?’

Federal regulations prohibit children under the age of 13 to join most social media websites. But there have been countless cases of children faking their age in order to create an account on Facebook, Twitter, and other big players in the social media world.

Unrestricted Internet use for children has often lead to exposure to cyber bullying (aka getting trolled), inappropriate language, and worse things. In order to prevent this, parents have found success in preparing children for the cyber world the same way they would the real world; by starting with lots of control and restrictions, then making baby steps to freedom as they demonstrate responsibility.

Many companies have catered to this approach and created social media apps and websites designed for children under the age of 13. One of the most well-known safe social media alternatives is Disney’s Club Penguin. Club Penguin is a child-friendly game where users create a penguin avatar and can interact with other users as they earn virtual money to upgrade their outfits, accessories and igloos.

Other websites include Yoursphere, which prides itself on it’s “no sexual predators” promise, and requires parents to provide a background check before starting. Then there is Kidzworld, a platform similar to Facebook but has real-time monitoring of chat rooms to keep things PG.

I never used any of these sites, but they have been successful for many parents in easing their child into the world of social media. I just hope that when I have to face this issue, my child will be content with Neopets like I was.

To read more on this approach, and about these social media alternatives click here.




Iverson, A. (2016, October 30). How to safely introduce children to the social media world. Retrieved October 30, 2016, from http://www.gbtribune.com/section/212/article/100645/

Trump Hotels: Scion Trumps Trump

As this year’s presidential election morphs into a glorious dumpster fire in its final weeks, one of its hardest-hit casualties has been the thing that spurred it on from the beginning: the Trump name, and, by extension, the Trump brand.

Since Donald J. Trump made his way to the forefront of the GOP, several news sources have reported his brand’s decline in business. The popular mobile app FourSquare found that although foot traffic by Trump brand hotels had been fairly consistent for years, it has been in decline in many of its locations across the nation since 2015. The double-digit drop in traffic, according to the FourSquare report, has been most prevalent among the app’s female users.

From FourSquare, as well as a Fortune article  which centers on the Trump brand’s decline in popularity among its more affluent consumers, it comes as no surprise that the company would move in a new direction for their new line of hotels.

Earlier this week, the Trump Hotels issued a press release in which they announced a rebranding of its new hotel chain, which will be known as “Scion.” The name is meant to be a “multi-faceted lifestyle brand developed in response to the boom in social clubs and the “we” economy,” the press release stated.

Image from Hotel Business

In my opinion, this shows that the head honchos over at the Trump Corporation are looking ahead past the election, and that the best decision they can make is to distance themselves from the political melee that has ensued over the past year and a half. Even though they stand by Donald Trump, it makes sense that they would be gearing up to turn a new leaf come November 9.

What all of this shows is the impact that social media can have on issues much larger than any individual’s cat post or Facebook rant. Who would have thought twenty years ago that an app like FourSquare, which exists for the purpose of allowing people to see where their friends are, would contribute to the national commentary of one of the most – if not the – most controversial American presidential election of all time?

The main takeaway is that we are entering into uncharted territory as a nation. The internet is ubiquitously influencing everything we do, and it’s up to us to determine which influences to allow. In the case of Scion, how long will it be before people who once denounced Trump’s misogynistic rhetoric book a room? When will the moral lines in the sand that people draw now going to move as we move past this election cycle? What effects will this election have on businesses, politics, and the way their publics interact with them? Only time (and social media) will tell.

Nikki Minaj’s boyfriend cheats on her with the personified snapchat ghost in T-Mobile spot.


By Ashley Limas


This spot personifies the iconic “Snap Chat Ghost” and shows it with Nikki Minaj’s boyfriend. In the ad Nikki says “you’ve been streaming my videos all morning, now you’re with this thing?” and the boyfriend goes on to talk about how he is out of data because he uses Verizon. This spot uses social media as a person to represent a theme rather than showing the boyfriend physically on Snapchat. It is interesting to see a social media site used in this way. This ad is made to show that on Verizon you cannot use multiple data using apps at the same time because they put a cap on your data, whereas on T-Mobile’s new one plan they do not.

In this spot the boyfriend says “it’s not you its Verizon, they limit my data”, playing off of the commonly used phrase “it’s not you it’s me”. this ad directly targets T-Mobiles competitor, Verizon, and says they are not as good as T-Mobile because they limit data.



Snap Chat is a picture sending platform where you can send a picture to a contact and that picture can only be seen once for a few seconds. People tend to use this function to send unfavorable pictures to their contacts. This ad is not being portrayed in that sense, but rather saying that the boyfriend could not stream her videos and use Snap Chat at the same time because of his data.


Cellphone carriers have gotten a lot craftier and a lot more competitive with their advertising. They now strive to beat their competitor as if they were racing to the top of a cell tower.  instead of just trying to be the best they aim their ads in a way that puts down their competitor.


Source: T-Mobile Ad

DREAMers Roadmap: Helping Undocumented Students Find Scholarships


By: Elizabeth Guevara (@elliegguevara)

Sarahi Espinoza Salamanca, has launched a new app called the Dreamer’s Roadmap that will help undocumented students find scholarships to fund their academic endeavors.


Photo Credit: Remezcla

A recent graduate of Cañada College, Sarahi recounts the time when she had to drop out of school in order to provide for her family. Her struggle to support her family while trying to fund school,  led to the creation of an app that will become an essential tool for Dreamers everywhere.  Salmanaca is keeping the app free because she doesn’t want to  charge DREAMers for the app and risk depriving them of finding money to fund their studies.

DREAMer’s Roadmap is a scholarship network currently boasting over 500 scholarships for students to apply to. The app is available for both Iphone and Android users, so there’s no reason why you shouldn’t be applying for money that will fund your academic pursuits. You don’t even have to create an account- you can search through the scholarship database without giving any personal information.

This app will definitely be changing the game for undocumented  students across the nation, all thanks to one bright Latina DREAMer.