Hey you just searched that so,


By Sasha Calamaco / @sashacee_

Let’s throw a ton of that same product on your social media AKA Instagram and Twitter telling you to buy it!

For example, I just started looking around for a new watch, and I often visit the Apple store a ton. So why wouldn’t this pop up on my every scroll through Twitter? It is pretty crazy that our phones – these apps pick up our searches, locations, mapping of our lives basically. As much as a lot of us may not want to believe those creepy facts, it’s true!

So I decided to search why and how it benefits Amazon in this case. Here is what I found, How Amazon Uses Twitter to Drive Website Traffic

“Amazon use a very unique approach to customer acquisition on Twitter which:

  • Keeps their followers engaged.

  • Uses a wide variety of content.

  • Creates customer-acquiring contests.

  • Uses multiple accounts.

  • Participates in trends.”

    – Kiss Metrics Blog

Which sounds like a huge strategy on their part, they’re keying into each and every consumer they service to. Which to me is insane, but so freakin amazing as a company to pay attention to. Could you imagine thousands plus people being targeted and gagged towards every single day through each and every Ad they see from Amazon. Especially how they choose to word it…

“Their conversational tone and informal content presentation style have made sure that their followers know that they’re part of a conversation. Amazon’s followers don’t feel like they’re being advertised to”

That is totally true, any time I see an Advertisement from Amazon my thoughts are “Man they really get me.” or “ YAS I DIDN’T KNOW I NEEDED THAT IN MY LIFE!” And i’m more than sure we have all had those same thoughts.

So what our phones are picking up our every move of what we’re ordering online, I think in a way it is and will continue to make our lives easier in the sense of having what we want or may be looking for so accessible.

Professional Certifications To Get Ahead

In your career, you should always be looking to get ahead of the game. Sometime that requires getting certain certifications to benefit and enhance your professional skills. As new technology arrives in your field, you must adapt and play catch up so that you can keep up with the competitive job field.

As I am finishing up my graduate studies the next few weeks it got me thinking what I will do next to keep my resume strong and in the running with others in my field. After researching and talking to different marketer; professional skill certifications came into play. Online certifications can be done from home on my own time and can be completed within weeks or even a few short months. So, the search began…


During my tweet chats for class I stumbled upon Hootsuite’s website a few times and their article, “Brand Certifications to make you a better Social Media Marketer” caught my attention just the other day. One- I highly recommend looking at their website for tips and two- their chats are informative and great to create new connections.  This article talks about the six different marketing certifications that will benefit your social media skills. Three out of the six I had never heard before. That is little scary! Each platform mentions the courses provided and projects that are included. It goes over Digital Marketing with Udacity, Social Media Marketing with Facebook Blueprint, SEO with Goggle Adwords, Real-time marketing with Twitter Flight School, Pinterest Propel, and Hootsuite Academy. I would say Hootsuite Academy and Real-time marketing with Twitter are my top two that I will personally be considering. Every certification counts and can make a different in each job. Another certification that I came across and am currently in the process of finishing is called Project Management Professional (PMP) which shows how to manage others, strategize multifaceted variables, and implement a project from beginning to end.

Surprisingly, the more you keep yourself engaged and updated the greater the advantage you will have in your workplace.

What are you waiting for? Get to it!!





By, Sasha Calamaco

Social media can gather a lot of hits in both, great ways and terrible ways too. It seems that once it’s streamed, posted, Tweeted, and shared that content or 140 character count is out in the interwebs forever. SCREEN SHOTS LIVE ON. Most times what ever medium we’re looking at we most times than most assume and trust it’s the truth. Isn’t that crazy? We are at a time in the world where we can reply on solid sources. I think when used in the correct and trustworthy “fat checked,” it’s great.

We can tune into accounts like, Dallas Morning News , The Associated Press, list go on and on. And then there are accounts for reliable travel info, airline updates. Social media has changed the game on having resources at our fingertips. It is a truly wonderful tool when used valid and factual. No one want’s to be misconstrued in leisure information, and especially the news. Though we are all aware that one happens more times than it should.

Regardless of what you enjoy doing, hobbies, passions, or just for the hell of it – it’s all pretty much discoverable on the internet. All it takes is a simple search and a few to less of your favorite social media apps.  We are guaranteed to find something that interest us, or that we already find interesting. Social media makes that totally possible for everyone to have access to.

Ways you can Promote your Business on Social Media

By Abisola Adeyemi



This semester, I’ve learned a little something about the magic that occurs when you promote your brand or business using social media. While preforming various SWOT analysis, throughout the semester; I find a common weakness between some businesses.

This common weakness is their social media. Depending on your product and audience the internet can serve as a SUPER POWER tool, for you.

Imagine Rocky, a gym owner, trying to drive in traffic to her business. She has an amazing gym facility, but it’s still slow. Let’s name the gym “Jungle Fit.” Jungle Fits target audiences are millennials and families, this gym promotes wellness for all.

I take a look at their social media pages and to my surprise, they have a decent amount of followers, but they don’t update their page as often as they could. The only thing is the owner doesn’t understand how to use her businesses social media page to bring awareness to her business.

Since Jungle Fit is targeting Millennials and families, they will need to:

  • Post about why they should come to your gym, and how it will benefit your target audience.
  • Make sure you are updating your Instagram, Twitter and Facebook pages regularly with promotions, because people love discounts.
  • Add more visual content. Jungle Fit has a fabulous gym, so why not add pictures of the awesome equipment and promo videos for the youth and families to watch.
  • Introduce some kind of incentive for your followers, to let them know that you appreciate the ones that come in and if they’re not current member’s introduce free passes, so they can just come try it out.
  • Share testimonials of people that have worked out at the gym and achieved amazing results, people love a good story.

These rules are basic guidelines to achieving success for any business. Use your social Media to enhance what you already have by engaging with your online audience. By the time you get retweets, and shares from all of your awesome content online, you’d attract new faces.






How to Leverage Social Media to Gain a Blog Audience

By: Courtney Smith

Recently, maybe over the last two weeks, I started an interior design and decor blog. I’ve already spent countless hours poring over website creation, SEO optimization, blog content, and more. I seriously had no idea how much work actually went into running your own blog site!

When I came up with a name and made my first post I was just playing around, seeing what it was like to make an account and post to it. I was using the free WordPress.com platform and had no intention of changing it.

Then, on a total whim, I decided I wanted to make an actual blog. Like, the real deal. So I signed up with a host, bought a domain name a theme, and had a logo designed. I excitedly wrote my first post to the new site. And suddenly I remembered that no one even knew about this, my little corner of the internet.

(And, since I have you here, please check out my new blog at cozyinteriorsblog.com. Let me know what you think!)

Enter social media.

I have pinned so many posts about blogging advice and how to leverage social media to gain an audience. So far, these are some of the most useful tips I’ve found:


1 .First and foremost, define your audience then research and locate them on social media. (Via Social Media Examiner)

Key points:

  • Facebook Ads Manager  is a great tool to help estimate your audience size
  • Research your target market’s online behavior. How much time do they spend online? Are they primarily desktop or phone/tablet users? What other types of sites do they engage with?


2. Pinterest is huge for bloggers. (Via Zoe Linda)

Key points:

  • Set up your account as a business account in order to receive analytics on your pins
  • Pinterest is often used as a search engine so do proper keyword research before you pin. Use Google Adword Keyword Planner to help you get started! (Note: You must have an account with Adwords.)
  • Create pins for your blog post. You should be posting on every social media your blog has, but this one is huge. Canva can help create pinable blog post graphics.
  • Set up and utilize a BoardBooster

Processed with VSCOcam with t1 preset

3. For many of the same reasons that Pinterest is huge for bloggers, Instagram is huge for bloggers: we live in a visually driven society. (Via Forever Moments)

Key points:

  • Target your audience with niche specific hashtags. This is another place where keyword research comes in handy.
  • Connect and engage with popular accounts in your same market. They could potentially turn into boosters, collaborators, or even offer advice.
  • This one seems obvious, but I see it happen sometimes. Don’t post any low-quality photos to Instagram. They should not be blurred out, too big, or pixelated.

All of these points and more are helping me in creating my own strategy for my blog. Anyone have any other helpful social media advice for new blogs?

Social Media Usage at Work

With our generation being so dependent on their technology (laptops, iPad, iPhone, etc.) and social media networks for constant updates and coverage, the question stands if the distraction is it starting to take a toll on employers?

Per the article “Should social media be allowed at work” by Peter Crush, an average person in the United Kingdom (UK) checks their mobile device a staggering 253 times a day – roughly every four minutes of their waking day. From the 253 times a day, 73 of these occasions occurring at work. Just from those statistics it looks like employees are not being productive during the day. Another article says 90 percent of employees use social media as a ‘digital distraction’ during their work day. ComPsych mentioned, “when scrolling through social media feeds becomes so frequent that it starts interfering with work, the activity may have reached the point of digital distraction.”


Now do we agree that social media is a distraction, yes. We all know it absolutely is and probably more than half of us would not be able to go a full day without our phones. But seriously because if my phone is not broken I literally have my phone by my side always. Even at work, I am constantly on it and so is the rest of the office. Since I work in sports marketing I have a pretty good reason to be checking my updates. However, someone working in accounting probably should be more focused on the numbers they are calculating rather than what their friend posted on Instagram.

Each business has different rules regarding internet and phone usage. Some allow employees to do as they wish if all their work is taken care off. Others you have no option, but during your break. Do I believe social media has become a ‘digital distraction’ as mentioned earlier or that it interferes with work, yes I do. However, I do believe if used properly it can be beneficial. It would require more research and studies to if affects someone’s job.



The Story of Drunk Dante and How Brayon Potillo and Jack Vance are building a brand through Social Media

by Brayon Potillo

Hello Everyone. Your all time favorite UNT student writer is back with another great blog post. While last week’s blog post came from a Creamery in West Hollywood on Spring Break, this one is coming from my hotel room in Tampa Florida. You may wonder why I’m telling you this, but it has to do with today’s blog post. More importantly, my social brand and how I am using social media to market the story of Drunk Dante.

Processed with VSCO with b1 preset

photo of Brayon Potillo & Jack Vance

A lot of you may wonder, “what is Drunk Dante” and “how does it relate to social media,” but buckle your seatbelts it’s about to get ambitious! 3 years ago, while sitting in my college apartment, I was starving both literally and mentally. I was famished due to lack of money and no one cared to hear my story. Coincidentally, the same day I hit my lowest became the greatest day of my life. This day was the day I came up with the idea of Vertical Sounds, but I had no idea of what it would be. Fast forward, I am now using this platform to market the story of Jack Vance and I; The beginning of Vertical Sounds and of Drunk Dante.

Processed with VSCO with b1 preset

photo by Brayon Potillo of Jack Vance

Drunk Dante is a song that tells the story of how Jack Vance transitioned from Denton, TX to Los Angeles, CA. It is also about how we rekindled our friendship in order to deliver great music and a great story to the world through social media. Vertical Sounds is a creative platform created by myself to market artists and teach them how to create an image through PR and market it through social media. Here are three steps of how I did it.

  1. Instagram Content and Graphics

First, I built momentum through the posting of Instagram content and graphics. While, Jack isn’t very social media savvy, I built a weekly posting regimen of what we would post and how we would post. We sat down and came up with concepts and a theme to attract individuals to our page and story. We wanted it to be displayed as something extravagant so we marketed the song as a motion picture and mimicked Quentin Tarantino ads. With Photoshop, I created the ads you can see below:

graphics by Brayon Potillo

2. Website and Campaign 

Next, I built up my website and made it aesthetically pleasing to the eye. If you visit verticalsounds.com, on the first page you will see the campaign we are currently hosting called the #ImHere Campaign where we want people to tell their story in order to build a community in our music. Moreover, if they participate they automatically receive a free sticker pack and are entered into a raffle to receive a mystery pack. After, I ask for a quality photo and create a graphic you can see below:


Graphic by Brayon Potillo

3. Patience, Sacrifice, and Work

Lastly, these three things are the keys to everything that I’ve done over the course of this journey. You will need patience when something isn’t going as planned and you want to reach a certain height of success that may take a couple of months to a year to build. Sometimes you may forget to turn in an assignment, because you are at a meeting in Houston building for your future and that is okay. Just know, that if you make those sacrifices you will have to put in that work to be successful.

Photo Citations:

All photos and graphics were taken on my Canon Rebel T5 and edited by myself in Photoshop