How Does Your Business Appear on Google Search?

By: Taylar Gomezmap listing

Photo Credit: Search Engine Land

The way that your business appears on the Google search page could be the deciding factor for someone to click your listing. Searches are made locally and people want answers fast when they are searches for a specific type of business. Your listing should include the main answers to questions that are most often asked. Not only should you listing be accurate and complete, but managing the reviews is an important factor as well.

The first thing that a business owner should do is making sure they are signed up with local directories. These local directories include platforms like Yelp, Yellow Pages, White Pages, and Facebook to name a few. To make sure that that this part of your listing is managed, you can set up a relationship with a program that will keep everything up to date with a monthly fee. In an article from Social Media Today, it is recommended to use a program like SweetIQ to help keep your listing relevant. It is important to manage and make sure your listing is up to date for many reasons. One of the main reasons being that Google puts emphasis on websites that contain accurate and complete information. This will help your listing be seen by more customers creating a higher click through rate for your website.

Reviews can be a challenging thing when it comes to a business listing. It is very important not to ignore reviews that may are made towards a listing. Individuals searching the web before deciding which business to choose, often rely on the reviews of that business. A tip to make sure that your review section doesn’t go unnoticed would be to ask your most loyal customers to write you a review first. This way when a potential customer sees your listing they will immediately look at the positive feedback that others have shared about your business. The question of what to do when you receive an angry review is always on a business owners mind. In a video created by Cave Social, they suggest a couple ways to respond to a negative review. The first way is to address the concern of the customer and provide customer service. The second way is to try and get the person in a one-on-one chat scenario to further discuss solutions.

Potential customers are going to see your business information and reviews first when they search on Google. Making sure everything in your listing is a significant part to making your search appear at the top of the search engine results page.



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To Blog or Not to Blog… that is the question

By Krysta Overton


The thing about interests is, everybody has one.

(Yes, compare that to the joke about opinions and everyone having the same disposal region and this is officially the best intro of all time.)

I think that one of the best and most interesting things about humanity is that everyone is unique. So much so that according to, in 2013 there were approximately 152 million blogs on the internet. 152 million various opinions about food, art, travel, sports, hair, socks, DIY’s, design, phobias, writing, reading, lint, paper mache crafts, bobble heads, music,  golden showers (no judgement), collecting stamps, furniture making, makeup, coffee, you, get, the, point. Every single one having a plethora of personal experiences and new outlooks to contribute to the awaiting reading.


The Huffington Post produced an article about why people blog, and gave a list of reasons for this growing population of writers. Aside from sharing passions and knowledge that cover a vast amount of topics, bloggers can also make money through their endeavors. Blogging spans both the personal and professional, and can be as simple as a grandmother sharing her life and relationship with her grandchildren to a multi-billion dollar company CEO expanding on best business practices. Regardless of the reasons individuals’ blog, the big picture is that blogging is a medium to share information with world.


So how does one start blogging? GOOD QUESTION! I did a little research on the easiest ways to join the Blogosphere via and, and came up with some quick tips on getting you on your way.

The first is the most obvious—Pick a topic to write about. I empathize that every facet of life may be interesting and type worthy but for the sake of not shell shocking future readers…let’s hone in on one topic or genre.

The second thing is to take the steps necessary in setting it up. Both of these sites go in depth on how to find a platform and host for a future blog space. At this point, it’s important to pick a name that’s catchy, interesting, and maybe even a little obvious to let the reader know what exactly they are getting themselves into.

The last thing is designing the page to fit a theme. Depending on which platform is used, design options may be slightly limited. Remember however, the look of the page is almost as important as the content. People definitely judge a book by its cover, so make sure the cover is TOO LEGIT for them to QUIT coming back. (Get the song reference?)

Good luck!

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Oscar my Tweets

By Abisola Adeyemi

This evening Oscars hosted their 89th award ceremony and i experienced it from the red carpet to the actual event from the comfort of my twitter feed. The hashtag #Oscars was pretty lit if i do say so myself.

Screen Shot 2017-02-27 at 12.12.23 AM.png

I experienced most from the official twitter account @TheAcademy account which was poppin’.

The page is following 1156 accounts which are majority of celebrities and other media organizations, and they are followed by 22.8k followers. The feed was updated every time there was something not to miss on the red carpet, a quote or when there was an Oscar winner.

I thought the award presentations via twitter were cool. This was a brilliant way for followers to experience the ceremony as if they were watching it or there themselves.

Screen Shot 2017-02-26 at 11.17.14 PM.png

This was the many of the twitpics shared to their twitter feed to honor award recipients.

The fact that it is a red envelope like the one presented at the ceremony was pretty cool.

They also featured quotes like this one from Emma stone, which captures in words the way she felt when she received her award for Actress in Leading Role.Screen Shot 2017-02-26 at 11.30.15 PM.png

Engagement during the show with the followers was high which ranged from 200-4.0 k likes or retweets.

I would say this was a remarkable evening for social media, a chance for the public to take part in the excitement of their favorite stars and directors received recognition of hard work.

I couldn’t help but to think of the team behind this account that made this happen. From the looks of how every moment from the show was updated The Academy’s social media team was on top of their “a game” i would say.

To show how much of an engagement twitter had on the ceremony.  Stars were chosen to read mean tweets about them. I thought this was awkwardly funny, particularly because the tweeters probably had no idea that their tweets would even make it to national television, but to see the reactions from the stars they talked about was priceless. They didn’t seem to be too bothered about it, it was all banter i would say.

Felt like we were all present and winning.





Promoting Live Content with Social Media

by Parker Cantu

Live streaming your content has never been easier. Streaming websites like Twitch have become popular with even YouTube joining the party with YouTube Live, and with just three taps on your smartphone you can go live with Facebook Live.

If you’re going to start going live on a regular basis to try and gain a following, just going live isn’t going to help you. Facebook Live is a little different since it notifies all of your Facebook friends that you went live, but if you want attention on any other platform, you’re going to have to get the word out. Twitch alone had 2.2 million unique streamers in 2016, and the majority of its users are focused solely on video game content. Sure, a large amount of these streamers are one time occurrences, but that’s a huge number to go up against.

Think about the last time you got a notification from Facebook saying that a friend has gone live. What did you do in response?

Well the last time I got that notification, I dismissed it without another thought.

The same idea can be applied to streaming services such as Twitch and YouTube. A spontaneous, inconsistent stream isn’t likely to get many viewers at a time or keep people coming back. Keeping a consistent schedule makes it easy for anybody interested in your stream to make an attempt to catch you while you’re live while also making it more likely that people will return to your stream after that first time visiting.

Using your social media accounts to inform people about what is going on is a great way to keep them engaged in your growing community. It’s also an important tool in letting people know what’s going on when things don’t go quite the way you planned.

If you’ve recently started streaming and are wondering how you can get more viewers, try tweeting about your stream a few hours or even a day before it starts. Stick to a schedule and see if that helps your viewer count improve. Finally, just keep at it. Everyone starts somewhere.

Oh, and don’t worry about talking to yourself. Someone’s gotta come check out the stream eventually.


Photo source

TheHaleyBaby’s Twitter account

Tweeters Gonna Tweet


by: Sasha Calamaco / @sashacee_

Either it be The Grammys, Emmys, MTV Choice awards, or some other event being aired. Giving out praise and awards to the ones that deserve it the most. Any big name social media presence is on Twitter QUICK and READY with the memes, gifs and pulled still photos from live tv with some witty caption. Seriously, how are they so fast?! (spot on majority of the time too)

For instance, Buzzfeed, Mashable, Refinery, they kill me. Social media engagement spikes with huge mainstream aired culture event happening, even with season premieres of shows dropping left and right. Someone, somewhere is pushing out something relatable from it, with the hopes of it being shared and viral. Even those ready to catch us up on the latest that we’ve missed. Incorporating the audiences both live and the people watching or streaming at home, from wherever around the world.
Hashtags, tweeting, showing live tweets on these shows amps views and brings it all back to higher engagement. Social media platforms hold a huge leverage over viewers, interest, popularity over audiences. Internet influencers play a big part in this, in a way is it a voice of a generation in the digital age. Let’s hold on for a second, could we try to imagine any type of culture event being aired and their not being someone live Tweeting it? Saying what we all may be possibly thinking. Or 20 seconds after we see someone presenting or is in the audience being caught off guard and immediately it’s turned into a very relatable or hilarious gif or meme under 140 characters? That answer my friend, is No. .
An image or a few words we all could have thought of, or seen, but didn’t share. These influencers did, and they do it well, almost every time.



Marketing and Social Media

By Amairani De La Sancha



The key to marketing any business in 2017 is learning how to use social media networks to your advantage. It is very important to understand the kind of audience you are attracting and what they want to get out of your business. Forming a marketing plan for your business will help build a good foundation for the future of your company. Here are some key elements to pave the way for your company to get the social media attention it truly deserves.


  1. Growing web traffic-By increasing your presence on the web you are reaching out to other audiences other than the ones who already know about your company. Web traffic also involves creating really great content for your company in order to generate more sales. Using SEO to learn the ranking of your company’s web traffic will help captivate audiences on all of the company’s social media platforms.
  1. Listen to your audience-The company has an obligation to listen to what their audience has to say. People need to know that the company is not just doing things in order to gain more money, but they want to know that their opinions matter. By understanding the type of quality your audience expects you will create a higher rate of online viewership and sales. Also, don’t forget to respond to any and all questions they may have. Responding to your audience helps to build a strong, trustworthy and loyal foundation with them leading to happier customers and great results.
  1. Creating good content-When your company begins to build in a correct manner then more people will hear about it and spread the word to everyone else. This is how web traffic works too. Don’t forget the even though you are promoting good content you must also interact with your audience. This is how they will value your company more. Remember to also share

Patience is a virtue that not many people have. It is important to learn that success happens overtime and it may take a while for your company to rise up to the occasion, but it will be worth it in the end.


Journey to the Center of Memes

Joshua Lawson | @JoshKLawson

The definition of a meme is an idea, behavior, style, or usage that spreads from person to person within a culture. It originated in the field of psychology, and the internet has adopted it and changed the meaning while also embracing the previous definition.

We now live in the digital age. A wealth of knowledge is at our fingertips and fits in the palm of our hand. But, instead of using that tool to learn more about the world around us we use it to spread ideas of what we perceive as funny. Some people create their own memes to share with the world, and others just look at them and laugh. picture2

The definition of memes has expanded beyond intangible thoughts, to ideas that people can see and share. They allow people to experiment with different social cues, expand problem-solving skills, and adopt different social identities as a form of improvisation in relationships. Creating memes has become a new learning activity as

Creating memes has become a new learning activity. Users have to comb through different news outlets, trending RSS feeds, and other relevant content to create a meme that other people find funny and conveys the emotions they wanted. But that doesn’t all memes are good.picture3

Some memes have malicious intent. Some memes use images they don’t have permission to use. Before you make someone into a meme, just, think if you’d be ok if it happened to you. Think if it would affect the image, or personal brand, of the person in the meme. Overall, think before you post. You may think you did all your research, but always double check.