Important Changes in the World of Digital Marketing: 4 Key Areas Essential Right Now


By Jacqui Simses

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The digital world is evolving faster than most businesses can adapt. Here we’ll go over 4 key strategies that are, at this point in time, essential of the most digitally mature companies and the best practices tied to these 4 areas. Reading about these changes will help one better understand where a company stands in terms of digital marketing trends as of now and where the marketing is heading.

Data-driven Marketing

Using data to gain insights into your customers and turn this knowledge into understanding. One of the best ways to do this is to invest in predictive analysis. Also, data should be centralized for ease of accessibility and to accelerate insights. Customer data should be used as well to understand and personalize each individual’s journey. Lastly, this area could be practiced by integrating external and offline data in order to enhance audience segments.


Businesses should be preparing, if not already, for a mobile-only world. Best ways to do this include the creation of specifically dedicated mobile sites and apps by making sure responsive web design is always a priority. Making mobile a priority by investing in mobile applications and channels is another best practice as well. Use data in order to determine the value that a mobile channel delivers as well as understanding the most valuable mobile content and services.

Cross-channel Marketing

An organization’s message should be consistently delivered across all channels. Messages for each channel should be adapted while ensuring a cohesive story is told across all channels. A good practice for this would be to integrate all systems and channels to share data as well as content and assets. Investing in tools to understand a customer’s journey is another smart practice as well along with investing in technologies and processes for connecting at every point in the customer’s journey.

Customer Experience

The customer’s experience has always been vital to understand and study to ensure successful sales and satisfied customers, who hopefully, will evolve into loyal brand customers. Today, creating more meaningful experiences is key. It will move organizations forward toward digital maturity. To begin, every touchpoint should be thought of as a brand connection. Content should always be developed with the customer’s needs and preferences in mind. The goal is to work in order to develop and maintain a rich customer profile. Lastly, automating the delivery of personalized content is important for the customer’s experience that has changed and become more important for a lot of people due to the constant change this digital revolution goes through.



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The Story of Soulection and How it became what it is today.

It’s 2011. I’m in the 10th grade. I have no friends. I have no life. It’s Friday night and as soon I hit home I’m on Soundcloud looking for some jams. I’m scrolling when I find Soulection. If you’ve ever heard of Sango, Mr. Carmack, Atu, Esta then you’ve heard of Soulection.

Soulection is an LA-based platform that was founded in January 2011 by Joe Kay in order to promote this new sound of tomorrow. Starting on Soundcloud, Soulection has now grew and moved to Beats 1 radio, which broadcasts to millions of people in over 100 countries worldwide.

392e9b_99aa70e7babc4e49863b1029cee9f944~mv2Soulection logo

Although people may view them as an overnight success, this was no easy journey as Joe Kay took a bold stance in a negative situation creating on of the most amazing digital music and technology startups in the millennial generation. Although, Founder Joe Kay, says “there’s really no format,” not following one has brought them pretty far. Soulection has over 300K followers on Soundcloud, 149K on Instagram, 77K on Twitter, and so forth.

download 5Soulection Co-Founder Joe Kay

But… Soulection wouldn’t be where it is without these few mantras


Joe Kay, the founder of Soulection, has always been an advocate of doing what you love and loving what you do, which has led to his company’s massive growth in recent years. Joe Kay doing what he loves has led to him being able to travel to over 7 countries spreading the gospel of Soulection through digital and traditional media.


This saying is what allowed Joe Kay to press forward as he stated in his Cal Poly interview that if you have an idea to put it out into the world. For anyone who has a brand or idea, if you don’t broadcast it to the world how will people know. Only way you can grow a substantial following is to produce content.


Soulection wouldn’t be here without social media. As stated previously, Soulection was started as a digital music start up on Soundcloud and focuses all of its branding through the world wide web.



Simply put, study your analytics and learn how to reach your audience. According to Soulection’s Jacqueline Schneider, “The stats feature [are always] helpful as [Soulection] start to focus on touring. “


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Is social media really important?

By TingHsuan(Rose) Kuo

As the semester is coming to an end, the question arise “is social media really as important as we think?” We have learned so much tips on social media and digital marketing, but we constantly go back to the question doubting if social media is right for businesses.


Photo Credit: B2C

Throughout the classes this semester, an important aspect we were taught to always consider is the audience of your business. Social media is an amazing tool to use for marketing but it may not be perfect for every business. Some may argue social media is cheaper than traditional marketing, and forgot about the fact that social media is high on human capital. In fact, big retail corporation are spending tremendous amount on bringing talent that could create an online buzz to attract target customers, and not to mention the money they put in to digital marketing like display advertisement, retargeting, and search engine marketing.


Photo Credit: The Guardian

Depend on the industry you are in, different platforms of social media may come in handy to you and assist you different ways. For entertainment, and fashion industry, any types of media is a form of their portfolio. It is essential for them to utilize it and allow their fans to follow up with them. Other industry like retail and restaurants are also jumping into the social media game. It is important for them to stay in touch with the market and know what the customer’s want and need, and it is seen as part of the customer service now. Other industry like travel agency and real estate are experiencing hard time to modernize their marketing strategy, since their target marketing have shift to a new generation. In the nutshell, social media is an amazing tool to get in to but never forget who your target audience is and what you want your brand to represent.


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How To Successfully Use Instagram for Marketing

By: Kayla Henson | @kayla_hensonn

Yes, you read that right.

Instagram, with over 500 million active monthly users, is one of the fastest growing social networks of this generation. What was once a site with servers consistently crashing has blossomed over the years into a vital website for any personal or professional brand to have.




It’s simple. Instagram sets itself apart from other social networks by demanding highly visually pleasing images/videos to draw a large audience to the content.

While it is more challenging to grow an audience for your brand on Instagram as compared to sites like Twitter, it can most definitely still be accomplished.

Here are some good rules of thumb for {organically} growing your brand on Instagram. (For more great tips, read the full article from

  • Post high-quality pictures
    • You want to draw attention to your brand? The first step is to make your feed as aesthetically pleasing as possible. The good news? You don’t have to be a professional photographer to make this happen! Just make sure you’re shooting captivating shots with good lighting, and to shoot square photos.
  • Take advantage of tagging
    • Want to improve your business-to-business relationships? Instagram can be a perfect tool for that. Be generous in tagging each other, and be creative with it! An example of this would be a restaurant giving a quick S/O to their local brewery. This increases traffic for the local business, and increases recognition for the restaurant. Win-win!
    • Don’t be afraid to use this tactic for business-to-consumer relationships as well! Give your audience an incentive to tag your brand, like giving them a S/O by reposting and tagging them back. Let them know you appreciate the love! does an amazing job at letting their Instagram audience feel the love.
  • Instagram influencers = your inside link to the consumers
    • Want endorsements for your brand but don’t have the cash to snag celebrities? No worries, that’s what influencers are here for. Influencers are people with a large, interactive follower base whose opinions are trusted by their audience. Let me make this as clear as possible; You absolutely need these people to grow your brand. How to get them? Reach out and even offer them compensation by sending samples of your products for them to try. You want these influencers to post about your product because it increases your brand’s growth. People want to hear about your brand from people they trust, and influencers are the bridge you need to reach that audience.

There are so many new tools (like the new Instagram stories and live video options) that are sending Instagram through the roof of potential in the marketing world. Your brand could easily benefit from this social network by investing in really communicating with your audience and putting out fun, thoughtful, and visually pleasing content.

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Professional Certifications To Get Ahead

In your career, you should always be looking to get ahead of the game. Sometime that requires getting certain certifications to benefit and enhance your professional skills. As new technology arrives in your field, you must adapt and play catch up so that you can keep up with the competitive job field.

As I am finishing up my graduate studies the next few weeks it got me thinking what I will do next to keep my resume strong and in the running with others in my field. After researching and talking to different marketer; professional skill certifications came into play. Online certifications can be done from home on my own time and can be completed within weeks or even a few short months. So, the search began…


During my tweet chats for class I stumbled upon Hootsuite’s website a few times and their article, “Brand Certifications to make you a better Social Media Marketer” caught my attention just the other day. One- I highly recommend looking at their website for tips and two- their chats are informative and great to create new connections.  This article talks about the six different marketing certifications that will benefit your social media skills. Three out of the six I had never heard before. That is little scary! Each platform mentions the courses provided and projects that are included. It goes over Digital Marketing with Udacity, Social Media Marketing with Facebook Blueprint, SEO with Goggle Adwords, Real-time marketing with Twitter Flight School, Pinterest Propel, and Hootsuite Academy. I would say Hootsuite Academy and Real-time marketing with Twitter are my top two that I will personally be considering. Every certification counts and can make a different in each job. Another certification that I came across and am currently in the process of finishing is called Project Management Professional (PMP) which shows how to manage others, strategize multifaceted variables, and implement a project from beginning to end.

Surprisingly, the more you keep yourself engaged and updated the greater the advantage you will have in your workplace.

What are you waiting for? Get to it!!


Fiverr Mobile App


By: Ashley Jefferson

Photo Credit

I was recently introduced to a mobile app called Fiverr by one of my aunt’s who uses it for an online boutique she runs. She suggested this app to me for advertisement purposes in relation to my fashion blog. After downloading Fiverr on my iPhone and becoming more familiar with the app I realized that the purpose of this mobile app can be quite useful for my personal blog. Fiverr is a platform for professional individuals to find freelance work, post freelance ads, request design services and other services. Video editing, animation, programming, SEO and digital marketing are other assets of using Fiverr also.

You may sign up for the Fiverr app or website free of charge however, you have the chance of making money by gaining a “gig” and being paid for completing a requested service for someone. Of course if you are needing someone to complete a task for you rather than you looking for work yourself, you will probably want to offer pay. The starting cost on Fiverr for paying “gigs” is $5.00. When creating your advertisement for the work needed it is optional to list the price right away. If you are browsing the app for specific services you will notice that you can choose to “order” the type of task you are needing completed on each user’s profile.

I will be putting the digital services to use on Fiverr as I search for a logo designer for my blog’s new logo. I have been looking through advertisements posted by various online graphic designers and the turnaround time even seems to be really fast. A lot of “featured gigs” advertise a great turnaround time of 48 hours after confirming your placed order. I’m sure that other tasks will come about that I can find help with via Fiverr in the future as well. This tutorial is a video which demonstrates how to effectively post an ad on Fiverr. Wish me luck with my search and check it out for yourself. Your next big freelance gig could be waiting for you.