Fake Donald

By: Connor Gray

Between fake news and political blowhards, managing the truth on social media is getting extremely difficult. This week I wanted to write a thank you to one of my favorite Twitter accounts on social media platforms: @realdonaldcontxt


A division of Washington Post, “Real Donald Context” takes apart each of our 45th president’s excessive and intense tweets and analyzes them for the truth. It’s really just to assume that this man is lying because you don’t like him for his opinions. The well-established news source, Washington Post has taken it upon themselves to fact-check each of his tweets and explain the meaning behind each ambiguity.


Recently, they launched an actual plug-in for your browser that will analyze Trump’s tweets in real time on his actual account to let you know what’s going on. Lately, it seems like we are getting bombarded with so many opposing facts that I depend on reputable news/media outlets to unravel and untangle the truth from the lies.


They’re event quick to let you know about who’s actually posting the tweet, Trump or a staffer. A programmer with an organization called Stack Overflow, David Robinson, analyzed 1000s of tweets and found of the best ways to confirm who is tweeting. It’s been established that the POTUS account has tweeted from both an iPhone and an Android phone. Based on the content from each phone’s tweets, it’s been determined that Trump uses the Android (he would use an Android…). From there, the Post has been able to hone on specific spurts of nonsense and establish some coherence.


The best plight to ignorance is information. I think it’s genius. What better way to combast Twitter misinformation than with Twitter information?


My handsdown favorite of the corrections happens to be:



Bump, P. (2016, December 19). Now you can fact-check Trump’s tweets — in the tweets themselves. Washington Post. Retrieved from https://www.washingtonpost.com/news/the-fix/wp/2016/12/16/now-you-can-fact-check-trumps-tweets-in-the-tweets-themselves/?utm_term=.8b01ab2381ec

Real Donald Context Twitter: https://twitter.com/realDonaldCntxt


 Chrome Plug-In: https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/realdonaldcontext/ddbkmnomngnlcdglabflidgmhmcafogn

Why Students Should Subscribe to The Washington Post

(Written by Jesse Priest.)

One thing that I’ve learned while studying journalism is that nobody these days wants to pay for their news. Nobody wants to subscribe to a newspaper. Nobody wants to spend about $15 a month for something they can get for free from almost anywhere else. Students my age just want to read news quick and free and take Buzzfeed quizzes about which Beyoncé album you should listen to if your zodiac sign is a Taurus.

We are too accustomed to having information for free and readily available. And we always hate having a pop-up blocking us from accessing that much-needed news of the day. But ever since the election of Donald Trump, and “fake news”, factual information has indeed been more valuable than ever.

We need to know what is actually going on in the world. We can’t just trust what Trump says because we should all know by now, that a lot of what comes out of Trump and his administrations’ mouth isn’t always trustworthy. So, students like me now have the most perfect way to get the news that they need without having to pay for a subscription.

The Washington Post now offers students free digital access subscription. All you have to do is create an account with your student email address and follow the instructions under the “My subscriptions” tab to begin reading news from one of the most respected news organizations on the planet.


With this free subscription, you can access The Washington Post’s website and mobile app for free, with unlimited access. I’m really glad that the WaPo started this initiative. College students need to know what’s going on in the world and everybody knows that as a student, funds are hard to come by; except, of course, funds for video games and weekend parties that involve lots of alcohol and drugs.

But money is still scarce even with that in mind. And college students are undoubtedly the ones who are carrying the torch into the future.

Why not give them the public good and service of high-quality information and reporting that The Washington Post offers?


Garafano, Lauren. “Community Post: Which Beyoncé Album Should You Listen To Based On Your Zodiac Sign?” BuzzFeed Community. Buzzfeed, 4 Mar. 2017. Web. 06 Mar. 2017.

Cillizza, Chris. “Donald Trump’s Streak of Falsehoods Now Stands at 33 Days.” The Washington Post. WP Company, 21 Feb. 2017. Web. 06 Mar. 2017.

Thoughts on Immigration

Hey JOUR 4270!

** DISCLAIMER: I am not a professional on the subject of immigration and its current laws in the US, I would simply like to reflect on my own thoughts over the subject and how I feel. I do not mean to offend anyone.

Since the last election, it feels like the nation is divided in two. While there are many reasons for this division, the main one always seems to focus on race and nationality and where you are from. The color of your skin, and what you look like. The texture of your hair and the languages you speak. In a country founded on diversity and equality, it seems the more diverse you are, the worse it may get.

In more recent events, President Trump has issued a travel ban targeting seven Muslim-majority countries, as well as has promised America a wall between Mexico and the United States. While these promises may seem far fetched, these acts have been enough to cause real panic nationwide. Because although many immigrants have gone through the painstakingly long process of applying to become a US citizen, he is also beginning to implement these rules on immigrants who have earned it.

As and American and someone who has many friends with immigrant parents and family who have rightfully earned their life in this country, it hurts to see such hard work, sacrifice, and dedication living in the shadow of uncertainty.

Image result for donald trump ban protest

Donald Trump’s actions have also caused nationwide protests, riots, and boycotts, hoping to bring justice and equality for all.

While most of these efforts make no change for the politicians who make the most important decisions, they are starting to open the eyes of fellow Americans, helping them see the pain being caused and how to make it better for everyone in the nation.

Donald Trump: Twitter Fingers

Donald Trump: Twitter Fingers


Twitter beef isn’t new. Drake vs. Meek Mill. Kim Kardashian vs. Taylor Swift. Azealia Banks vs. Iggy Azalea/Rihanna, etc.

But there is a new twitter beef that has been brewing for the last two-three years and it would be safe to say that it’s the most important one: Donald Trump vs. America.

The man who went from incredibly arrogant businessman to president-elect to President of the United States of America has utilized twitter in ways no other president – or even politician- before him has. Some say that he uses twitter as a way to vent all of his “feelings” but others truly believe the man is a social media genius.

Putting opinions aside, it’s important to analyze the way in which a man like Donald Trump has harnessed social media to further his message.

Like any good social media manager, he tweets by a strict schedule, usually every morning, on the events that took place the day before.

He also, keeps his tweets relatively devoid of profanity. Which, despite what we really know about the man, denotes some sort of professionalism.

But it’s also just smart to note that Trump understands the effect that social media has on the American people, considering that most of our information now comes from social media due to convenience and general growing distrust in conventional news media sources.

Other major news outlets have taken it upon themselves to digest the way in which Donald Trump has succeeding in making twitter his main voice. The New York Times published this article dissecting the social media “genius” that is Donald Trump.

Aside from all of this, it’s incredibly important to archive or collect the words that our president says because oftentimes, as he’s proved, they are real and hold weight. In order to truly understand what this means now within our socio-political context and what it will mean for our political system in the future, organizations have begun to record everything that it is Donald Trump says. Like this online archive that has permanently saved and organized everything that it is Donald Trump has ever publicly said.

It will be interesting to see where he goes from here.






We Own Social Media. Not You.

Every generation has had their icons. Every time another generation matures, the climate of whatever they are going through at that time produces a special and select race of people. Icons. The most beautiful and accurate symbol of the attitude, mood and spirit of the time. The Baby Boomers gave us Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, Barack Obama, George Clooney, Oprah Winfrey and Madonna. Generation X gave us Will Smith, Lauren Hill, David Beckham and Peyton Manning. The things that were accomplished back then were victories that the generation could claim and hold on to. They were the gifts that were given to use by each respective generation and, even after they are gone, they’ll always be a representative of the era that replayed in the catalogue of their memories until the day they died. The world will never be the same to us after the days that we thrived have passed away and we reward ourselves only in memories and reminiscing.

Our time is finally here. 1981-2000 has hit its stride and the transition of power is finally upon us. It just seems like older generations are having problems staying in our plans for the future. I mean, they don’t get us. They keep trying to tell us what to buy, how to live and who to be. We want to do what we want. We don’t want McDonalds in the market anymore. We don’t like Walmart. We don’t want crooked politicians and stop trying to lie to us because we always find out. Also, we’ve figured out your Poker Tells, so…it just isn’t working. Stahp It.We film everything. We meme everything. We tweet everything. We dgaf about race. We don’t care if you’re black, white or latino. We don’t care if you’re a man or a woman. You can sit with us. And watch what you say about one of us, you might have to deal with the whole internet. We entertain ourselves. We don’t like 9 to 5s unless we’re having a good time. We want weed to be legal, not because we all smoke, but we just think people should be free to do whatever the f*** they want. Same goes for gay marriage, abortion, school debt and any major decision that people make in life. They should be free to make it. Free to be happy. That’s just how it is for us. We want to do what we want. Plain and Simple.

Who’s come from our generation? Beyonce did. She revolutionized the music game for black women forever. Mark Zuckerberg did. He was the artist behind a masterpiece that redefined the way human communicate forever. Evan Thomas Spiegel did. He created Snapchat. Lionel Messi did. He’s responsible for erasing the names of so many legends of the past. Steph Curry did. He rekindled the romance between basketball and the fans. We don’t have alot of icons yet, but we’re still young. We have energy for years. The one thing that is abundantly clear is that we’re different and we’re going to break all the records they said would never be broken. We’ll redefine The World while we’re taking selfies, wearing shorts to work and smoking weed with our friends in a packed car. We’re probably in there scheming on multi-billion dollar dreams because we’re starting to realize how strong we are. Don’t you hear the voices from the bottom getting louder? We’re not staying here. We saw what you did to our parents and grandparents. It isn’t happening to us. We’re taking our inheritance, even if we have to by force. We know you guys are stressed out about The World you’re leaving us, but don’t worry about the damage you left. We’ll rebuild it. We’ve waited a long time for this, so we’ll do whatever we have to to finally call the shots in our own world.

Thank you guys for everything you did for us. We wouldn’t be who we are without you. Now, sit back and relax. We’ll give it a try.


It’s time to share this…




PR Transitions with White House

By: Donald Smith

On January 20, the inauguration for Donald Trump to assume his presidency was held. However, a controversy followed shortly after the event. The topic of the controversy was the size of attendance at President Trump’s inauguration being substantially smaller than Barack Obama’s from 2009. The comparison was characterized by this photo tweeted out by the National Park Services.

[A composite image showing the presidential inauguration comparison for Obama (left) and Trump (right)] By, Barnes
This comparison created a negative outlook on President Trump’s administration. In order to curb this reaction press secretary Sean Spicer held a non-conventional press conference the following day. In the press conference Spicer scolded the media for purposely engaging in false reporting. Later, Spicer referenced several statistics that were reported as false afterwards.

Kellyanne Conway, senior adviser to Trump, then proceeded to back up Spicer’s claims in a separate broadcast interview on NBC’s “Meet the Press.” In this interview she stated that Spicer was not using false information, but “alternative facts.” This statement has created a hashtag on Twitter called #alternativefacts where people post comedic material satirizing the political situation.

Now, both Spicer and Conway are seen as public relations professionals. Therefore, by them making false claims on the inauguration attendance size, they have created a distrust between the public and the profession, as if the public did not trust us already. In an attempt to try and conduct some PR for the profession, Public Relations Society of America has stepped into the fray and made a statement rejecting the new White House staff for breaking the code of ethics held up by those in the organization and profession with the “alternative facts.”

Not only have these events caused distrust, but due to Trump consistently discrediting national mainstream media outlets (i.e. CNN) and criticizing large name corporations (i.e. Boeing) professionals will have to differ in tactics in how they go about interacting with the media. So, they will have to be on their toes for the next several years as trust level and relationships among the White House and the media determine effective ways to reach publics.

Uber CEO Leaves Trump’s Business Advisory Council after #DeleteUber

Photo: Reuters

(Written by Jesse Priest.)

Uber CEO, Travis Kalanick, left President Trump’s economic advisory council Thursday citing the backlash and “misinterpretation” that began on social media about his participation with the President.

The hashtag #deleteuber began trending in response to accusations that they tried to profit from protests in New York City of Donald Trump’s executive order that banned entry to the U.S. to immigrants and refugees from seven countries that the Trump administration deemed dangerous.

Another reason mentioned was that Kalanick, by being on Trump’s advisory council, endorsed Trump’s Administration or EO and that if he disagrees with the EO then he should resign.

In the letter that Kalanick released Thursday, he said, “Joining the group was not meant to be an endorsement of the President or his agenda but unfortunately it has been misinterpreted to be exactly that.” But Uber customers thought differently, and many began to delete their Uber apps. The New York Times reported that over 200,000 users had deleted their accounts.

Then, Tesla and SpaceX CEO Elon Musk came out and explained his reason for staying in Trump’s advisory council saying, “Advisory councils simply provide advice and attending does not mean that I agree with the actions by the Administration.”

Musk was then subjected to criticism by one of the starters of the #deleteuber hashtag.

Musk expressed that he would do everything he could to advise the president on amendments that could be made to the controversial executive order and asked his Twitter audience to provide amendment suggestions to the order.

He believes that engaging with Trump and having a foot in the door and opportunity to persuade Trump of his ideas is the most practical solution to the problem. Uber CEO, Travis Kalanick, by removing himself of the council, also removes his voice and his influence.