Online Classes Versus Traditional Classes

By Jasmine Russell


Receiving a college education can be one of the most rewarding moments in a person’s life. According to history there was only one way to obtain a formal education and that was in the classroom. That was known as on campus or onsite.  Presently, there are two options a person can decide on when receiving an education traditionally or virtually, that is on the internet/online. If an individual is in school and has never taken an online course before initially one might wonder what to expect.

With advanced technology there is no reason to be afraid of accomplishing your goal.  Online courses are affordable, less travel to and from classes and less time consuming.  Accessing the internet is an alternative to traditional education. Online degrees have been accessible for more than two decades.

Online education allows you to have flexibility options for the amount of time to work if employed; while pursuing a college degree or certificate. It is best to choose a program that accommodates your life style in deciding to attend full- time or part- time.  If you juggle multiple task on a daily basis such as working full time and taking care of a family, then taking online courses might be the best fit your needs.

Traditional education is best suited for those who have a little more time in their schedule. Even if you’re hoping for a little flexibility, on-campus courses typically offer day and evening schedules so you can coordinate with your daily commitments. One thing you’ll need to remember is to factor in is where you live and work in proximity to the campus, if choosing the traditional classroom setting.

Distant/online learning is an alternative that allows you to graduate ahead of those who are taking traditional classes.  Of course, it depends on the program, such as some traditional classes are offered one semester or quarterly usually, a minimum 12 credit hours, while online classes are offered at a faster paste.  For example, 4 classes every six weeks’ equals to 12 credit hours or scheduling classes every 2 months.

I have never had the opportunity to take classes strictly from an online based stand point. I have always found it beneficial for me to take my courses at the campus.  I enjoy this because it allows me to interact with the professors face to face.

Traditional classroom settings allow students to fellowship with other students in class and students are able to work independently or on group projects. With online classes you rely on yourself by independent doing assignments with limited resources. A lot of online courses offer the option of communicating through a form of posting assignments.  With these post you are able to send and receive messages from the teacher or classmates when you have a question about your assignments.

Managing time and effort are two key factors you should learn when going to school.  First, time management is of great importance to your personal life and career success. It teaches you how to manage your time effectively and make the most of it.  Second, effort is putting forth physical, mental energy to include mind body and soul.

When you put in effort you are collated with how hard you work on something to achieve your goal.  Both time and effort is a process that must be developed.   When taking on an activity or task in the academic arena a student must learn self-control, maintain mental effort, a working cognitive capacity and have the ability to stay focus in order to be successful in academic.

At the end of the day, it’s your decision on how to earn your college degree.  Before you dive into a degree, be sure to research whether online or traditional education is the best fit for you.


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Daylight Wasting Time?

By Sharlene Kincaid


#DaylightSavingTime begins at 2 a.m. on Sunday, March 13, this year. It is an annual occurrence when the official time springs forward an hour in the spring and then falls back an hour in the fall. Although Benjamin Franklin suggested the procedure in a 1784 essay, it wasn’t actually tried until World War I when Germany and England implemented it in an effort to efficiently save fuel by reducing the need for use of artificial lights.

The basic outline of the alternating of time between standard time and daylight saving was set in 1966 by The Uniform Time Act. Congress has tampered with it through the years, but since 2007, daylight saving now begins annually on the second Sunday of March, and ends on the first Sunday of November.count rugen!!!!!

According to Dr. Charles Czeisler of Brigham and Women’s Hospital, it increases health risks such as heart disease by 5 percent due to the changes in the sleep patterns, and 17 percent increase to automobile accidents due to sleep deprived drivers. A study done in 2012 points to an increase in cyberloafing due to lack of sleep thanks to DST.

So why do we practice this whole changing the time by an hour annually? It is not because of the farmers, who were actually highly opposed to it, since it interferes with their schedule’s productivity. If a farmer adjusts his schedule to stay in sync with the rest of the country, Daylight Saving Time causes him to get up an hour earlier, which may make him out of sync with farm animals who don’t abide by human clocks and laws. It’s more likely the law is favored by oil companies, country clubs, and other outdoor activities. People are more likely to drive their errands when there is light outside, which means more money for the gas industry. More daylight hours after work permits more afternoon and evening activities outside, which also translates into more money being spent. Perhaps it indicates that the country club lobby was more powerful than the drive-in theater lobby in 1966.

It doesn’t actually save much of anything, and may even be wasteful. If the government truly wishes to save energy, then have time in daylight saving mode all year round. If not—keep the time in standard time all year round.

Like it or not, DST is here. Be sure to log off of your social media, turn off the bright screens the night before, and set your alarms forward an hour. Eat an early dinner and take a nap earlier the Saturday afternoon prior if you have to. Wake up on time Sunday morning, take a photo of your cup of coffee or a tired selfie and hashtag it #DaylightSavingTime.


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Website Utilizes Social Media to Teach Language

By: Nnehkai Agbor



Talk To Me In Korean is a learning website that utilizes social media to teach its audience Korean.  The curriculum gives learners to learn Korean online for free using their online textbooks. If learners do not like using online books, they have the option to order textbooks. The site also offers conversation, Q&A and culture videos.

Talk To Me In Korean uses Twitter, Instagram and Facebook to engage learners. Through Twitter, learners are able to participate in Q&A sessions and receive timely feedback about grammar usage. Instagram also adds to the engagement by presenting videos regarding words that have different meanings depending on the context. Learners also have the opportunity to engage in quizzes and watch story time videos in which they must figure out what is going on. Facebook offers a combination of content on both Twitter and Instagram.

Each social platform has over 20 thousand followers, but Twitter is the platform with the most interaction with over 50 thousand followers. The ability to have quick feedback and instant participation attracts to learners to this medium.

Using social media in their curriculum has enabled learners from around the world to connect with each other and form communities. They are able to practice grammar and conversation through these communities.

Talk To Me In Korean is pioneering a way to educate people on a global scale. Using social media increases accessibility to the teachers as well as other students. Including videos, e-books, hardcopy textbooks, and audio appeals to most learners. People who want to learn the language no longer have to enroll in a course or find someone who has the time to teach them. They can now do it at their own pace on their own time and receive a great learning experience.

Mental Health and Technology Awareness

SparkBrainBy Jasmine Russell
Many people deal with some form of depression that makes it difficult to stay focus and turn in and complete assignments on a daily basis. Dealing with work, school and other issues can be stressful. With the increase of social media and technology it makes it even more difficult for students to concentrate on their studies. Depression can surface in the form of mood swings, excessive anxiety and thoughts of suicide.

More recently, the incorporation of technology into psychology has made it possible to supplement therapeutic techniques with computer-based counseling, test brain activity, and accurately record and analyze complex data. Although technology will undoubtedly open up doors for the next generation of researchers, a Google search of “psychology technology” actually leads to a number of pages dedicated to explaining the effects of technology on our own minds.

Teachers and mental health professionals are teaching and using technology tools to help make people aware that help is available to those who are dealing with anxiety and behavioral problems. Many people feel the need to post personal details about their life on social media will help them relives a stress but, in reality it makes things worse. Social media has produced many pros and cons about its usage. Such as:

1. Social media is addictive
2. Social media makes us compare our lives with others
3. Social media makes us restless
4. Social media gives rise to cyber bullying
5. 5. Social media glamorizes drug and alcohol use.
6. Social media can make us unhappy
7. Social media can lead to fear of missing out, aka FOMO
8. Social media often leads to multitasking.
9. Social media enhances our connectivity.
10. Social media can help with socialization.
Rosalind Lee, LCSW said, she can “understand how college students can feel overwhelmed by juggling many things at once and may feel the need for professional counseling…if there is a person who feels that they are in need of services, there is a social worker (available) to evaluate the person’s needs…students can receive assistance with counseling, torturing and help with classroom management.” Lee encourages people who feel they need help to seek it. Options for getting help include contacting a health care provider and talking to a teacher or professor. Social workers are trained to identify the problem and provide help the client as much as possible.

People should not depend heavenly on social media to cope with everyday life situations. In order to have an improvement with their well being and avoid the one of the items listed above one must limit the amount of time that they spend on it social media.
According to healthcare professionals it is said when a person suffers from mental health issues they must learn how to adapt, live life and embrace. The condition does not define who you but, you define who you are. “Your condition does not define you…In other words, there is more to you than your mental health issue…Do not let it define you.” John D. Moore, Ph.D. (05/10/2014)

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The Wonderful World of Pinterest

Pin Heart

Jasmine Russell

Pinterest is one of the many social media applications that I have downloaded on my phone. With the use of Pinterest users can show their creative sides and get more personal with their subscribers and fans. There are many people who are familiar with the application but for those who don’t know might be saying to their selves, “What the heck is Pinterest?” Pinterest is a free website where users can save, upload images and other shared media known as pins to various pin boards.
These boards can be about anything based on the category that are of interest to you. Some popular categories in the app are (DIY) do it yourself projects, recipes, inspirational photography or content. Pinterest will change your life if you have not already discovered how to use the device. I have been a member of the Pinterest community since 2009 and as a moderate user it has been a great experience and educational. Pinterest maybe addicting to users but, useful in everyday life. It is used by businesses, educators, teachers, students and posting to Facebook or Twitter.
Whether you are pining for yourself or a company for new recipes, crafts or research ideas anyone can make use of this app. Although, we’ve heard the term that “Pinterest is all for the ladies. TIME declared that “Men Are from Google+, Women Are from Pinterest.”
According to| Huffington Post has shown that 72% of users of Pinterest are female and 28% are male. I would like to suggest to the male population that there is nothing to be afraid when it comes to using this lovely app. It’s time to jump on the bandwagon and explore. I challenge those who don’t have an account with Pinterest to set one up as soon as possible. It is a wonderful discovery that will help broaden your creative, management, organizational and personal skills.
Remember when you were high school and your English teacher had you  to create scrapbooks for a class assignment. Well think of it like that only digital. Pinterest is your new and improved scrapbook on the go. Pinterest is becoming an icon in spreading the love one pin at a time. The love and usage for Pinterest is growing every day. So sit back, relax and happy pinning.


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