H&M Studio Collection See Now, Buy Now Debuts at Paris Fashion Week

By: Shannon Williams

The digital world and social media have changed the way consumers interact with brand and products. Gone are the days of fashion shows being private invite only events. Now a days people from all over the world have instant access to seeing the latest trends. H&M is one of the newest brands to take that concept a step further.

On March 1st, H&M debuted its new spring summer 2017 studio collection at Paris Fashion week in a see now, buy now format. All items from the collection were available for purchase after the show at an exclusive pop up boutique in Paris and online around the world. The next day the collection was available in select stores.


(Ogunnaike, N., 2017 Elle)

H&M utilized a number of different social media platforms to publicize and build excitement around the show. All of their followers on Instagram, and Twitter and Fans on Facebook we invited to watch the show live on the H&M website.


(H&M Instagram)

The show featured a number of social influencers such as Gigi and Bella Hadid walking in the show, Alexa Chung and many more in attendance, and with a special performance by The Weekend at the end. The star-studded crowd built excitement around the event on social platforms and let people feel like they were there.

The see now, buy now is a new format being tested by a number of different brands. It enables people to instantly purchase the new styles being show, which mirrors the way people see the new collections. People are able to post and share images from the show and than instantaneously buy them. People feel closer to the brands as more interactions and engagements are fostered.

The world culture has changed due to social media. People no longer want to wait as they have access to every thing instantaneously. The new show format enhances this and brands can profit from the initial excitement created by the first reveal.

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What it’s Like to Tweet for A Living

By Josh Lawson | @JoshKLawson


The title is an oversimplification, to say the least. Nobody only posts on social media as a career. The CEOs of large companies will ask you to “drive engagement, or “measure ROI” in an online world. This is a lot for one person to complete. So, more often than not, you wear many different hats during your time on the job. You are a copywriter, designer, photographer, videographer, marketer, consumer specialist, facilitator, and, overall, a manager. By no means is this a comprehensive list of jobs someone with the job title, Social Media Manager, would do during a typical day.


You ethereal online-based being are more than ROIs, engagements, and retweets/reblogs/shares. At you core you are journalists. You want to tell the truth that other companies aren’t telling their consumers. Social Media Managers want to tell the story of their brand, and be the best story out there. You are aware of the world around you, and the minuscule changes that are made daily, which have a butterfly effect on each platform of social media.



To those of you who are looking for a similar position, I wish you luck. Your hours won’t be normal, a 9-5 isn’t in your future. Social media “crises” can appear at any time, and you have to ready at the drop of a hat to deal with it. Management is always breathing down your neck to see if what you do is actually necessary. Someone is always asking to “pick your brain” about social media tips. But, at the end of the day, you chose this job because you love pop culture, writing, designing, and getting to know your community, and nothing in the world would make you quit.


Engagements vs. Likes

Photo Credit:SproutSocial

By: Kenya Mavhera

Many people tend to think that the amount of “likes” they receive on any social media website portrays their popularity status. Obviously the more likes you receive, the more well known people think you are but that’s not necessarily always true. When it comes to social media, it’s not always about the amount of likes you receive on a picture or a tweet, actually, it’s a lot more than that. The main purpose of social media marketing is to raise brand awareness, which means reaching out to as many people as possible and growing your audience. This is where engagements come in. Engagements refers to the interactions beyond reach and impressions you receive, such as clicks, comments, likes and shares. Twitter added a new feature several months ago that allows their users to see their engagements in each tweet they post. With the help of this feature, businesses and companies got a better idea of which content is was appealing to their audience. Companies have to make sure that they are watching and listening to what is attracting their audience, and talk with, instead of to them.

The more people that engage in your posts the more likely your post will appear in your engaged users friend’s newsfeed and that’s how posts go viral! The goal is to promote engagements and get followers actively retweeting and sharing your posts. Engagement is the essential key to better measure weather or not your audience is receiving the message you’re trying to portray. When you have people sharing and retweeting your posts there’s a higher chance that an even bigger audience will come across it. So yes, having a lot of likes on your pictures can make you feel popular or well known but that doesn’t mean your content is being seen by many viewers. So next time you’re scrolling down your feed and liking people’s posts make sure to pay attention to your engagements and not just how many likes you  receive because it’s a lot more then that!

Photo Credit:AddWeek


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Live NFL Games through Twitter

In the United States, we truly do love our sports. As Texans, we especially love our football. This year Twitter decided to air Thursday Night Football games live streamed through their app. It may not seem as significant to the people who either don’t care for sports or for football but it was a bold and overall successful move for Twitter. As a beneficiary of the innovative new live streaming of NFL games, I’ve found it to be convenient in three main contexts to those who’ve used and experienced the live streaming as well. First, Thursday lands on a weekday, which means many people (regardless of the fact Thursday Night Football is usually aired in the late evenings) are at work, leaving work, or just arriving from work. Any which person which falls in any of those categories, yet not limited to, may not have direct access to watch their team play on a television. In that case, being able to stream the game directly to your phone through Twitter, even if it’s just a quick glimpse, won’t cause you to miss that 62-yard run for a touchdown! Second, if some of the NFL’s fan base wasn’t already active on Twitter, maybe the addition of that live stream would help those people become more engaged and interact among the app. Third, some people simply don’t have access to those channels, and what better way to remove the stress of not being able to obtain access to see the games you wish to by watching it for free while you’re on the go or at home. In the never-ending debate of the pros and cons of the rise time consumption one spends on social medias, the opportunity for live football through an app is to be listed as one of those pros. Social media doesn’t have to be simply for selfies or posting you saw a squirrel outside, but can play as a passageway for you to engage with the things you love.

Source credit: http://mtzhf.com/tnf-on-twitter-underwhelming/

Social Media Forming Industries

By: KeAndra Hill


It’s no secret that social media has a driving influence on today’s society. Now many are receiving jobs just based of their social media presence and interactions.

In one case back in 2016, Brooklyn Beckham, sixteen-year-old son to David and Victoria Beckham, landed a job photographing for Burberry’s, at the time, latest fragrance campaign. The young man revealed this information through his Instagram and many became outraged with comments pertaining to this choice of photographer, stating that he only received the job due to his parents and that is an insult to other artist with the abilities. Burberry lashed back stating that the job was landed based off the young man’s talent and exposure that is vouched for through his over 5.9 million followers on Instagram.

This is just a reflection of how social media has influenced the fashion, art, and entertainment industries. And the influence is only growing larger, with every update and new addition to these platforms, social media is finding new ways to enhance their influences.

1297814528823_original(photocred: 1297814528823_ORIGINAL.jpg)

Take Instagram Live for example, now users can stream videos in real-time on Instagram, allowing followers to stay even more connected and in to the personal lives of industry professionals. One designer, Tim Coppen, has actually decided to live stream his show through Instagram Live. The thing about Instagram Live is that once the video has streamed, the footage cannot be viewed again or replayed afterwards. The artist finds this to be most intriguing about the idea. It is a next level engagement for the ever-so- fast growing generations social media is set to target.

The level of consumer engagement has definitely made Instagram a favorite to the fashion industry. It is a very direct way to interact with consumers and allows for brand personalization to really be shown.



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Engaging the Audience on Social Media

By: Nicolas Austin


Photo courtesy of: Chartwell Inc. 

Engagement is where it is at for social media. Interacting with the audience can make the brand look good, and gather more followers. Engagement consist mostly of likes and reach. You want to make sure your audience likes your post, and follow it up by sharing your post. Sharing your post will allow your brand to flourish and reach out to a larger audience. But in order for that to happen, the brand has to take the initiative to interact with the audience on social media with tactics that will make the goal of the brand achievable.

On way of getting an audience to clickthrough onto a site’s page is by having videos of what you are trying to promote on your social media page. A video shows a vivid idea of what the brand is all about. A live-streaming video is interesting because it’s a creative way to interact with an audience through Q&A sessions. Answering the questions from an audience shows them that you care about their opinions and thoughts toward the brand. You can also create a promotion out of the sessions by offering them a prize for joining the live stream. Tagging followers in your posts is another way for an audience to see that you care about what they have to say. Recognition makes a person feel special. When a follower provides feedback, it’s a good idea to respond back with a positive message that shouts them out for their opinion about a product or the brand as an entirety.

After making tactics in order to get more engagement, a brand has to check to see if the result is positive. “If you want to see tactics to get more engagement, a brand has to check to see if the result is positive. “If you want to see the best ROI for your social media efforts, you need to apply a customer service strategy to it” (Henwood 2016). ROI, return on investment, allows a brand to look on social media, and see if people are talking about their company in a positive or negative way. Looking at ROI can help a brand improve their image. It tells them what they need to work on and what they have done so far.


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Engagement: The Name of the Game

Busayo Akindona | @frankie_sayshi


When you mention social media marketing, often times the first thing people think of is promotion. They think of promoting their latest product or sale on their Twitter or Facebook account. Another thing people think of is how many likes their Facebook page has or how many followers they have on Twitter and Instagram.

While these things are important in terms of reach and who sees the content you post, they are more important in calculating your engagement.

Engagement on social media is the single most important thing that any brand, business, person, or entity can do. Engagement is simply when your target audience and followers interact with you via social media. They like and comment on your posts. They share your content with their friends and family. It is your job as a brand to create a space via social media to foster this kind of relationship with your audience.

Image result for social media engagement
Photo Cred: Build a Business on A Budget

You goal is to create a dialogue between your brand and your audience. Co-Schedule (a content scheduling app) wrote about 30- ways to engage. One of the biggest ways to engage your audience is to have content for them to engage with. Your social media accounts will not serve their purpose if you are not diligent about posting NEW and RELEVANT content. Another big thing is to diversify your accounts. Chances are that your audience will follow you on multiple platforms, so don’t cookie-cutter content between Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and etc. Each account should have its own original content that fits within the overall brand image, but it is okay to cross post from time to time. Just don’t make too much of a habit of it.

Lastly, one big part of engaging with your audience is listening to them. Listen to their needs and questions and comments. Do not use cookie-cutter responses. Try to sound human, because no one wants to talk to a robot. Understand that people join social media communities to feel a sense of belonging and connecting with people. So the number one take-away is to be personable.



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