Updates On: Twitter, Facebook & Snapchat

By: Jasmine Meredith

In 2017 social media platforms have been making some adjustments and updates to their apps. In my last post, I talked about the Twitter Updates: expressing more in 140 characters. Today’s post is about Twitter again, Facebook and Snapchat.

An emoji.

You can now search emojis on Twitter! This can be useful for brands or even for personal use. Twitter already has emoji features like the sponsored Twitter hashtag experience, where if you use a certain hashtag an emoji appears, but being able to search emojis is a totally new concept! If a brand chooses to add an emoji to their tweet, with this new search function they’re now able to search that emoji before hand to make sure that particular emoji is appropriate. Sort of like newsjacking, you want to be sure that before you use the hashtag it’s appropriate and harmless. You’re also able to search a combination of emojis. It may possibly help you find a potential audience who may be interested in your brand and you’ve just found a new way to market to them.


recording (87).gif
Visual representation of reacting to a comment on Facebook.


Facebook’s latest update has to do with the reactions. Last month ago, Facebook introduced reactions to Facebook Messenger, and now they’re bringing it to comments. You’re now able to react to individual comments

Snapchat user showing latest update which features a memory without the white border.

Lastly, Snapchat has made a change that I’m sure many users are happy about! Before Snapchat’s latest update: removing the obnoxious white border around later posted photos. Now you’re allowed to add memories saved on your Snapchat camera roll without the ugly white border, now they only make note of it under your name (as shown in the picture above). However, if you upload a photo from your camera roll, the white border will still appear. Maybe this also an incentive to keep people using their Snapchat camera and to continue using Snapchat period. The benefits of now having the white border just may be worth it!

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Geofilters Are Taking Over..


Photo Credit: Snapchat

By: Kenya Mavhera

Geofilters are special overlays that communicate the where and when of your snap photo allowing your followers to see you latest adventures! Created by snapchat, geofilters are the new fascinating way to pin point your exact location in a fun and easy way! The first thing many people do is swipe left after they’ve captured their perfect snap worthy photo, swiping left on snapchat allows you to see which geofilters are available in that certain area. Our generation is very involved with social media, posting our whereabouts for all of our followers to see has become a normal thing and geofilters make it that much easier. Facebook and Instagram have also started the stories feature that allows you to pin your location to your photo much like the snapchat geofilters.

What makes snapchat’s geofilters so unique and unlike any other social media network is the original and amazing designs that snapchat creates. Many of the geofilters are drawn out by local and professional artists. Anyone can submit a geofilter through the snapchat website, it’s actually fairly simple. Whether you’re heading to a new city for the first time or attending a wedding geofilters are a must! These filters are the next big thing and there’s a high demand for them all throughout the social media web. Businesses and restaurants have begun advertising their brand through geofilters. There are two types of geofilters that snapchat offers, one is the “community filter” and the other is the “on-demand filter.”  The community filter is the most common geofilter that we see, artists and designers are encouraged to create and submit these for their city, university, a local landmark, or another public location. On-demand filters are used more for professional settings, businesses and other individuals alike can purchase on-demand geofilters for their event, business, or a specific location.

Photo Credit: MARK

Before we know it every where we go will have a filter to document our every move. Geofilters have definitely created a buzz in the social media world, it’s pretty exciting to see what filters are available at that new city or place that you’ve just arrived to! Next time you’re out and about make sure you snap a quick pic and swipe left to discover the world of geofilters.


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Get the Word Out with Facebook Events

By: Courtney Smith

            It’s finally time for my last school blog post! I’m so excited! And no, I’m not just excited about the blog posts finally wrapping up, but I’m a billion times more excited about that fact that in just a mere two weeks I get to be walking that stage for graduation! I can’t believe the time has finally arrived. Honestly, sometimes I felt like this moment would never come.     


No, this is not me. 


Yet, here we are. My final semester is winding down, and all of my final projects are being submitted. Along with all of this last-minute assignment submissions, I have also been receiving tons of mail informing me about ordering graduation invitations and such.

            Now, I’m not one to shell out all of this money just for a few pieces of paper telling people about my graduation ceremony. So, thanks to the modern internet and social media, what did I do? I created a Facebook Event.


            Surely, you’ve heard of, seen, or even made a Facebook Event yourself but if you haven’t here’s a little rundown: it’s a calendar-based tool any Facebook profile can use to tell your friends about an upcoming occasion. When creating an event, you can enter a title, time, location, and other information needed to relay to your guests. You could also make the event public or send to a select few.

            I imagine that brands could use the public Facebook event as a great marketing tool since you can include a ticket link, input keywords, and even admin a co-host, but that’s not what we’re here to talk about. No, no. This is all about my graduation

When making my graduation announcement/invitation on Facebook, the first thing I did was upload a cover photo for the event page. According to Facebook, the photo should be 1920 x 1080 pixels, but I’m not sure how to measure that properly. My picture worked anyways. I also learned that you can go live right from your event to those invited and/or participating in the event. That’s a pretty useful feature, especially for some members of my family who can’t make it in person to the ceremony.


Facebook Events, in my opinion, are so much better than paper, snail mail invitations. The word gets out immediately, people can be quickly notified of any change in information, it’s much less tedious than individually addressing all of the invitees, and it helps reduce paper waste. Also, those who were invited can RSVP in a timely manner which makes getting a headcount much more efficient.


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Should Ja Rule be FYRED?

Anyone heard of Fyre Fest? Yeah. Me either, before this past weekend.

Upon further examination and to my understanding, Fyre Festival was a one-of-a-kind, luxury music festival hosted and promoted by Ja Rule, taking place on Great Exuma Island (once owned by Pablo Escobar) in the Bahamas. The festival, hosted over two weekends, was promoted by A-list millennial celebrities like Bella Hadid and Kendall Jenner. Fyre Fest was supposed to offer a celebrity-like experience by having “the best in music, cuisine, design, and hospitality on a private island.” as told by @fyrefestival on Instagram. The music festival claimed to be so luxurious, tickets started at $1,200 per person and topped over $200,000 for VIP packages with extras included.

An event so exclusive and hyped up by the biggest names in the industry made the really popular among millennials and plenty were willing to dish out the big bucks to be able to party like a rockstar with some awesome performers, such as the ones listed below.


Screenshot acquired from @fyrefestival Instagram page.

The problem? The festival was the complete opposite and a total train wreck. From the second festival-goers arrived on Great Exuma, it was plain to see that everything Ja Rule promised for Fyre Fest, was not executed. Guests arrived to half-finished, uninhabitable accommodations on an island that appeared to have been housing disaster relief victims.

If you can’t seem to get a visual on what it looked like, here’s pictures by Twitter user, William N. Finley IV (@WNFIV).

Commentary by @Braden1013


And this is not including what guests endured on the plane, once on the island, and returning home. Delays, poor organization, and “government lockdown” held hundreds of guests on planes for hours, in very uncomfortable conditions and without food or water.

The incident caused many people to believe it was the scam of a lifetime.

Ja Rule released this message on Twitter regarding the situation:

ja rule apolo

Fyre Festival’s Instagram account also has this message displayed regarding refund information and postponed shows: image4

No report has been made of when Fyre Festival will commence.

No report has been made of any active or upcoming lawsuits.

When fake news stirs real political turmoil

Matt Payne


Beyond Facebook’s fake news epidemic, the social media giant has turned its attention to government-led malpractices.

In a statement reported by The Verge, this includes the production of fake accounts by investigation agencies meant to glean more info on potential spies and hackers.

“Our mission is to give people the power to share and make the world more open and connected. Yet it is important that we acknowledge and take steps to guard against the risks that can arise in online communities like ours,” writes authors Jen Weedon and William Nuland, members of Facebook’s Threat Intelligence Team.

Curiously enough, Facebook has recently been pressured by the French government to shut down more than 30,000 of fake accounts purportedly forged by the Russian government to push right-wing propaganda trying to influence its recent election.

The company even went as far as purchasing front-page ads in Le Monde, Les Échos, Libération, Le Parisien and 20 Minutes explaining how to better spot and flag such accounts in order to better protect its integrity and maintain a standard of transparency.

These instances highlight the real-world issues the fake news epidemic can have, and how it can spark tensions between states such as the French and Russian governments.

These instances also potentially expose Facebook’s growing annoyance. In an editorial TechCrunch ran on the ads, they posed that the social media channel was more focused on proclaiming its own proaction toward the problem rather than thoroughly advising how to spot fake news, and journalists who see these ads running in their papers would likely spot that.

Featured Image: Courtesy, Chicago Tribune

Welcome ton the World of Chatbots.

By: KeAndra Hill

chatbots_yourstory Image

We are always moving on to the new and latest thing. So what’s hot now? Chatbots. Chatbots are a new innovative way in communicating with some of your favorite retailers. Originating from Facebook, Chatbots allow for communication with artificial intelligence through messenger apps and tabs. They allow for communication with a company, finding a product/service with a company, and purchasing from a company. The processes are much faster, with less procedure steps, and made much easier.

So why Chatbots? Well messenger apps have now surpassed the popularity of even social media apps. Messenger apps are where the people are at. They prefer the micro-media of messenger apps rather than the more public atmosphere of other social media platforms. Companies need to stay where their consumers are.

3058584-poster-p-4-anyone-can-make-a-chatbot-on-kik-the-messaging-service-that-teens-love.jpg Image

Chatbots allow for a much more personal exchange between company and consumer. Consider Nordstrom’s Chatbot, they can give style tips to users based off data cookies collected about the users. Same thing considering Sephora and beauty tips and previous purchases and finds. Disney even went so far as to create Chatbots to interact with and have playful banters with their consumers. The Chatbots allow for a different type of experience for consumers that is unique to each company and their own brand personality. Actual conversation with companies seem to be much more effective than the simple video ads or other traditional media. Engagement and interaction is key in driving consumers today.

Chatbots tell a story for companies. There is strong growth for Chatbots in the future and I predict that with time, they will only get better. Its time for companies to adapt with their consumers and listen to what they want and need. The one-on-one atmosphere of the artificial intelligence creates great buying opportunities. Successful chat bots can tell a businesses brand story, re-engage audiences, facilitate commerce, and grow their business.








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Feed your life with live feed

533979783-56a9fefd5f9b58b7d0006914(Image Source)


By: Michaela Bull


Feed your life with live feed


Social media has adopted the phenomenon of live video and it is spreading like crazy. Live video or live feed has been an exploding idea that few major networks are not taking advantage of. The idea of live video is to deliver the most authentic content possible with no edits or time to fix mistakes. Live video is raw and natural and makes the viewer feel as close to the situation as possible without actually being there. This phenomenon was first introduced through YouTube’s foundation, offering videos that capture real and unfiltered moments. As social media has taken it on, the possibilities and accessibility have spread like fire.

It has been overwhelmingly known at this point that millennial’s are a big advocate of video. The transition in popularity and attraction from pictures to video has been underway for some time now. The appeal of videos comes from the quick and engaging content that does not require a lengthy attention span. Millennial’s play a large role in the demand and success of live video and are the reason brands and public figures are jumping to utilize it as much as possible.

The spread of live video has created new opportunities for brands to connect with their consumers. The highly engaging factor of live video provides real time updates to consumers to feel as connected as possible with every change that occurs. Live video builds the relationship between brand and consumer and offers a chance for dialogue to develop.

Since the spread of live video has appeared in nearly every social platform, the opportunity for new technology has been able to form and expand with it. Innovations like disappearing media, lends filtering, augmented reality, and VR have been just a few of the next big features to develop on these social platforms that have connected with live video in some way.




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