Geofilters Are Taking Over..


Photo Credit: Snapchat

By: Kenya Mavhera

Geofilters are special overlays that communicate the where and when of your snap photo allowing your followers to see you latest adventures! Created by snapchat, geofilters are the new fascinating way to pin point your exact location in a fun and easy way! The first thing many people do is swipe left after they’ve captured their perfect snap worthy photo, swiping left on snapchat allows you to see which geofilters are available in that certain area. Our generation is very involved with social media, posting our whereabouts for all of our followers to see has become a normal thing and geofilters make it that much easier. Facebook and Instagram have also started the stories feature that allows you to pin your location to your photo much like the snapchat geofilters.

What makes snapchat’s geofilters so unique and unlike any other social media network is the original and amazing designs that snapchat creates. Many of the geofilters are drawn out by local and professional artists. Anyone can submit a geofilter through the snapchat website, it’s actually fairly simple. Whether you’re heading to a new city for the first time or attending a wedding geofilters are a must! These filters are the next big thing and there’s a high demand for them all throughout the social media web. Businesses and restaurants have begun advertising their brand through geofilters. There are two types of geofilters that snapchat offers, one is the “community filter” and the other is the “on-demand filter.”  The community filter is the most common geofilter that we see, artists and designers are encouraged to create and submit these for their city, university, a local landmark, or another public location. On-demand filters are used more for professional settings, businesses and other individuals alike can purchase on-demand geofilters for their event, business, or a specific location.

Photo Credit: MARK

Before we know it every where we go will have a filter to document our every move. Geofilters have definitely created a buzz in the social media world, it’s pretty exciting to see what filters are available at that new city or place that you’ve just arrived to! Next time you’re out and about make sure you snap a quick pic and swipe left to discover the world of geofilters.


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Lets Talk About that Snapchat ft. Geofilters


Featured Image: Courtesy photo taken in Library Mall via Snapchat by Connor Gray. Featured in the North Texas Daily article “UNT has a new geofilter for Snapchat” taken and published June 24, 2015.  

Have you ever gone to any public place and not seen someone on their phone?

There’s probably a slim to none chance that when you looked around at least someone had their phone on them, around them or right in their hand.

So would it not be the greatest thing that if while we had these mobile device addicts in captivity we could lure them into marketing for us for free?

Snapchat, one of the worlds most leading social media applications of the 21st century has placed this opportunity in the palms of our hands. I mean literally they are just giving it to us, right there, in our hand!

Snapchat is a application that allows users to send periodically timed photos to friends that will disappear in a certain amount of seconds. While other applications such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Tumbler may be on the rise as well, each application seems to be in its own marketing niche. Meaning there really isn’t any other competition for this growing application. So what have they done to improve over the years?

In a recent blog written by Brandt Ranj on Feb. 17, 2016 called “Here’s your guide on how people are using Snapchat today” Snapchat has over 100 million daily active users, around 8,796 photos are taken and sent per second and approximately 6 billion videos are viewed daily.

So what are businesses going to do with such an eye catching application? Slap a geofilter on it and call it a day!

Alright way easier said than done. During Snapchat’s 4th update the application gave the option of adding a filter to a photo and in some of the most recent updates now specific areas have their own “geotag.” This is a small image that may be attached to a photo taken in an area the image was taken in. For example the University of North Texas allows students to use the “geotag” (in the picture above) when ever they are on campus.

With the new recent updates anyone is now able to apply for a geofilter and submitting it is 100% free. On the Snapchat website, full instructions as well as examples are there to help you out!

Now here comes the tough part, if you’re not an actively Photoshop genius this process may be a struggle to you. And once your said geofilter has been submitted and sent off to the Snapchat website there is a possibility the filter may take a couple of weeks to be reviewed. So if you’re trying to apply for a filter specifically for an event give yourself a month in advance to whip out that rough draft so it may be viewed, edited and accepted in time!

Once all said and done, and your filter as been appropriately accepted you now have all this opportunity to market your business, event, and or area!

With the help of a geofilter, many people you are following will know where you were when you took the photo. It also gives your business the ability to reach a new audience verse the other social media applications being used.

All in all Snapchat is a growing application, and changes I’m sure to come that will once again “up” the opportunity for businesses to grow.



By, Katelyn Schmitz

April 4th 2016

JOUR 4270

Custom Snapchat Geofilters

By Charlie Green

Screen Shot 2016-02-28 at 11.41.09 PM
Photo from @Snapchat on Twitter

It’s difficult to financially support an app that gained its popularity from its simplicity, and continues to strive on that simplicity. Without forcing you to click on a sponsored story or use an ad filter, Snapchat is constantly coming up with new ideas to get a little more income in its pocket. Now through using one of its trademark features, they might find a respectable source of income.

Snapchat filters allow you to show your friends, usually through creative and colorful design, where you are in the world. Snapchat announced they’d be releasing the ability for anyone to create their own geofilter for a small fee. This idea could catch fire and leave Snapchat with an even more unique edge to their mobile social media platform than it had before. Its only $5 to have a custom filter for a eight-hour Friday event, which is an easily affordable addition to any party budget.

Analyst for eMarketer, Debbie Williamson, said “It’s instant branding, and more importantly, it’s tied to a specific location, so you’re not paying to reach people who are on the other side of the world”.

It will be interesting to see how this filter will be used and regulated. For example, if someone if just walking down the street and takes a picture with a filter for “Amy’s Super Sweet Sixteen”, but obviously isn’t at the party, isn’t that an issue? And what if there are too many geo filters at one time in the same area? The idea for buying a geo filter is for it to be fun and easy, not to scroll through 20 other events in the area to search for “Devin’s Super Bowl Party”. Let me know what you think of the new app feature by tweeting me @ItsCharlieGreen.