Sandy Hook Promise Releases Impactful PSA About Preventing Gun Violence

By Kayla Whatley

This past Friday, December 2nd, Sandy Hook Promise released a public service announcement, or PSA, that showed a very powerful video about gun violence and knowing the signs before it’s too late.

The video starts out simple enough, a teenage boy in high school who’s scribble on a library desk leads to him sending messages back and forth between a mystery girl and himself. Just as the teens meet for the first time at the end of the school year, the sweet story turns into a dark ending.

Sandy Hook Promise is a nonprofit organization who is taking their tragic event at Sandy Hook Elementary and turning it into a movement dedicated to preventing gun-related deaths due to crime, suicide and accidental discharge. This is being done through parents, schools and community organizations participating in gun violence prevention programs across the country.

The nonprofit released the PSA video to go along with their new “Know The Signs” campaign and it blew up all over Twitter over the weekend.



Screenshot of tweets

Along with these screenshots, there were many more accounts who tweeted out the video. Hopefully all the awareness for this PSA video on both Twitter and Facebook will put Sandy Hook Promise on the map and inform those who watch the importance of knowing the signs of gun violence and speaking up before anything can happen like the ending of that video.


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