What’s Trending in Social Media?

Catalina Uriarte

Social media has taken over as the world’s largest network. What started growth as social_media_servicesMyspace has moved into Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn. Even Snapchat has made its way among the social media platforms. According to Search Engine Journal, Snapchat now has over 100 million users, almost twice the population of Australia and Canada combined! Because social media has become such an important part of our society it is important to keep up with what is trending in social media. So what is trending? Let’s start with Snapchat.

Tired of only looking at the world through your Snapchat lens? With our new “picture or it didn’t happen” society it can be hard to capture the moment both on your phone and through your own eyes. Luckily, Digital Trends shares, Snapchats 2016 invention has been made available worldwide and not just to the general public. Now for $130 you can purchase Snapchat spectacles, sunglasses that allow you to take pictures for Snapchat. It’s crazy to think you can take a picture without ever pulling out a device. Snapchat however, is not the only company coming out with something new.

Facebook has become part of our entertainment allowing us to share photos, articles, videos, and live videos through Facebook Live. Facebook is going to take it one step further however as they have begun to grow their plan to offer live streaming of sports to their users. This growth includes a deal they have made with Major League Soccer to stream all their games live this year.

The last trend taking place is on Instagram. Instagram has recently updated their app to allow you to show up to 10 videos or photos on a singles Instagram post. This is knowns as a “carousel post”. In addition to this change Instagram has also furthered its access for businesses to have ads. Now businesses can run ads in your story on Instagram. This is not limited to privileged businesses, anyone can run these ads!

That’s the latest on what’s trending on Social Media. It is important to stay informed on changes that influence such a large network of individuals.

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Social Messaging is Growing


blog 4 photo

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Social Messaging is Growing

By Michaela Bull



Social messaging has been a popular form of communication for many years now but the increasing popularity is catching brand attention as an opportunity to engage a wider consumer. Social networks such as Facebook and Linked In are being surpassed in overall engagement by social messaging platforms. The consumer of today wants a one on one connection and a direct messaging app offers the opportunity to do that.


The increase in social messaging apps has a great deal to do with the shift of the mobile world. Mobile platforms and apps are the normal of today and as mobile smart devices become cheaper and data rates decrease, the accessibility of them become easier and more user friendly for the consumer. The apps themselves on these devises are improving as helpful features immerge and excel. The Chat app revolution is focused on growth and creating the highest rates possible of monthly active users (MAU).


The next step in this revolution of messaging apps is the process of increasing engagement and encouraging monetization. Apps such as WeChat and WhatsApp are excellent examples of successful engaging messaging apps. WeChat recently reported having 846 million monthly active users. This level of engagement is critical in proving the importance in this direction.


Monetizing messaging apps is the next big step. Brands have a great success rate with millennials when it comes to brand engagement on these messaging platforms. An average of sixty- two percent of millennials are more loyal to brands that engage with them through messaging channels. Millennial consumers appreciate personal connections, transparency, and customization. While using social messaging, millennial consumers are more likely to feel listened to and appreciated by the brand and more likely to return the same level of engagement back. Utilizing these platforms in order to reach this wide audience in a genuine way is the next step for brands to succeed and avoid becoming obsolete.




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Is it cute or nah? Amping up your food photography

By Krysta Overton


In this day and age, every millennial with a smartphone thinks they are a photographer. With all the assortments of apps, filters and fancy flash, automatic adjustments can be made to any picture to make it seemingly post worthy. But photography is about more than just the point and shoot, young Padawan. An experienced photographer can tell you that photography is much more than meets the eye.




This is especially true where food photography is concerned. Having an eye for the composition and detail of an exceptional food photograph takes practice and skill. I have been a photographer for the past 8 years and I am STILL nowhere near where I should be in terms of making photo greatness…but it’s a daily and sometimes even monthly endeavor.

So how does one improve? The first thing I always tell my friends is to STUDY! If you truly care about something, whether it’s a topic or situation or even a hobby, you learn what you can about it to make sure you are in “the know.” This applies to food photography as well. Find a favorite photographer or a favorite site and study the photos. Pay attention to how the photographer composed the picture, the supporting cast, the angle, the backdrop. This will give you an idea of how you should “see” when you are shooting. Obviously having a decent camera will help in this endeavor, and there are TONS of articles on the web to help you select the best one for you. If it’s a beginner’s hobby, or if you just don’t have the funds to invest in a new camera just yet (college struggles) then practice with a smartphone to work on improving the same items.

Some of my favorite sites for photo tips are Sarah Wilson and the Digital Photography School.  The photography school offers photo tips on EVERYTHING you could possibly think of if you are trying to expand your overall skill with a camera, but specifically for food photography I’ve consolidated some of their tips in 5 PHOTO BASICS:

1: The best way to go, A’ Naturale. Natural lighting is absolutely your friend where food photography is concerned. When shooting, try shooting from different points to incorporate different lighting. A diffuser may be helpful in some lighting, but overall, let the sun shine in.




2: ANGLES! Think about women and selfies. Enough said? The angle you shoot from changes the entire perspective of the photo.

,mj hvc



3: Color is GOOD! Think of what draws you into a food photo: What catches your eye. One element of that is probably that pop of color and allure that grabs you when you see a picture. Color in photography can be adjusted via editing, but pay attention to it when shooting as well. The less you have to edit, the better you are becoming as a photographer.




4: Details with food are like women and makeup. She may already look nice, but if you add a little lipstick here and a bit of blush there, BAM! Diva status. Food is the same way, if the details in the photo are evident then it enriches what may have been an already stellar photograph.



5: Last, Composition is KEY! Placement in photographs is extremely important. It provides balance and makes the entire image more aesthetically pleasing. Learn about different methods of composition: leading lines, the rule of thirds, etc. These are ALL used in food photography and the more you know about them, the more options you have when shooting.


Have fun!

Oscar my Tweets

By Abisola Adeyemi

This evening Oscars hosted their 89th award ceremony and i experienced it from the red carpet to the actual event from the comfort of my twitter feed. The hashtag #Oscars was pretty lit if i do say so myself.

Screen Shot 2017-02-27 at 12.12.23 AM.png

I experienced most from the official twitter account @TheAcademy account which was poppin’.

The page is following 1156 accounts which are majority of celebrities and other media organizations, and they are followed by 22.8k followers. The feed was updated every time there was something not to miss on the red carpet, a quote or when there was an Oscar winner.

I thought the award presentations via twitter were cool. This was a brilliant way for followers to experience the ceremony as if they were watching it or there themselves.

Screen Shot 2017-02-26 at 11.17.14 PM.png


This was the many of the twitpics shared to their twitter feed to honor award recipients.

The fact that it is a red envelope like the one presented at the ceremony was pretty cool.

They also featured quotes like this one from Emma stone, which captures in words the way she felt when she received her award for Actress in Leading Role.Screen Shot 2017-02-26 at 11.30.15 PM.png

Engagement during the show with the followers was high which ranged from 200-4.0 k likes or retweets.

I would say this was a remarkable evening for social media, a chance for the public to take part in the excitement of their favorite stars and directors received recognition of hard work.

I couldn’t help but to think of the team behind this account that made this happen. From the looks of how every moment from the show was updated The Academy’s social media team was on top of their “a game” i would say.

To show how much of an engagement twitter had on the ceremony.  Stars were chosen to read mean tweets about them. I thought this was awkwardly funny, particularly because the tweeters probably had no idea that their tweets would even make it to national television, but to see the reactions from the stars they talked about was priceless. They didn’t seem to be too bothered about it, it was all banter i would say.

Felt like we were all present and winning.









The Marketing and PR Behind Frank Ocean’s Endless & Blonde and its kick towards the Music Industry

By Brayon Potillo

Frank Ocean is a man, a myth, and a legend. A man who has single handedly inspired a generation with both his poise and his distinct voice. A myth due to his brief absence as if only to be a children’s tale. Lastly, a legend for the marketing impact behind his sophomore releases of Endless & Blonde.


Frank Ocean is 28-year-old singer/songwriter, who helped pen tracks for the likes of many artists until signing a music contract with Island Def Jam in 2011; however, the system behind the label was faulty and it held Frank’s potential, but in the faultiness it inspired a new rebellion. Indeed, Frank Ocean had signed a bad deal and was soon to begin his season of being a sat on the bench for a number of seasons until put in the game. Frank was a genius, but his genius would go unnoticed until the free release of Nostalgia, Ultra. To those who remember this release, it came as no surprise with a statement of  disatisfaction towards the label, which proceeded to get the label’s attention and allowed a commercial release.

Frank’s Statement to Def Jam

Screen Shot 2017-02-19 at 7.33.49 PM.png

Although, the mess had been cleaned up, Frank had not forgotten about the spilled beans and proceeded in anonymity to offer one of the greatest releases and marketing schemes Generation Y has seen since the duration of his previous works. Frank had planned on dropping two albums. One under that would fulfill his contractual obligations under Def Jam and another that would release independent via boysdontcry.co 


Endless the visual album Frank released, which the 45-minute video shows Frank building a stairway while featuring 18 new songs; but, why via boysdontcry? I remember that night where twitter was in a frenzy. A lot of the youth were asking, “what was the meaning of boydontcry” and “why was Frank building a stairway necessarily?” Who would’ve thought possibly to escape. Afterall, he did become in entrapped in deal that brought him nothing but a lack of distrust and a lack of support, which after the constructing of the stairway ended Blonde was released.


Blonde was Frank’s introduction into the world as a phoenix that rose from the ashes. Frank was now an independent artist with an independent record label titled BoysDontCry. The project was released exclusively via Apple Music, while being released via pop up shops around the nation. It was this that shocked the world even his ex-label, where they decided to not allow exclusive deals with streaming services ever. With a long hiatus from this industry, Frank had returned as king with control over his kingdom.By releasing releasing two albums back to back, Frank and his team had created one of the most flawless marketing campaigns for an artist in high demand and had helped build his escape out the trenches.


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The Viral Virus

By: Eliah Davila| @eliahpaige

After watching a TedTalk with guest speaker Kevin Allocca  a YouTube employee. This specific employee analyzes how videos go viral. Allocca points out that entertainment is now changed because of the way people can share anything at any time. An interesting statement he brings to light is “we don’t just enjoy now we participate” which this idea has changed our entertainment industry entirely. We can create and enjoying anything with only a few clicks. Users are in control with what they share but they do not have the control of how viewers react to the content. Many videos become viral without that intention.  Myself as a user if I find a video that intrigues me I automatically get the urge to share or comment on the video. Instantly, any video I share is broadcasted to my personal audience and that can also start a chain reaction from that point forward. With the internet, we can create and share content at a faster pace. Considering that companies like Buzz Feed where journalist’s jobs are to create a viral video. Companies like this take advantage of what is trending in our day to day lives to make a relatable video to its audience. After listening to other interviews with workers of Buzz Feed it has come to my realization that the content that Buzz Feed makes can become saturated. Although, even if the content they post can become excessive one of the fifteen videos can become a massive hit. These types of trends is what makes viral videos unique. Viral videos are unexpected and engaging. So after looking into both the TedTalk and the concept of YouTube it is obvious that us as users have the most control of what becomes a trending topic If we agree or not. Some may say that the internet is controlling us, but we are controlling the internet.


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Social Media for Parents

Photo Credit: Heather Shumaker 
By: Nina Moreno 

2017 is here and so is a new era for Parents. As I sat across my sister in law, I figured she was overly obsessed with her twins.  But she wasn’t scrolling through pictures of her girls. Instead, she was staring at a live feed of them sleeping. Baby monitors have evolved with the cell phone. Parents can now download apps that connect with wi-fi monitors and can view the baby’s movements. Working Moms and Dads can stay connected and hear their every move.

Surprisingly, I thought it was pretty awesome. How in the world can an app transmit such great quality through a phone? And that’s not all. Parents now have high-tech baby gear. 4Moms is the newest innovative brand that allows apps, car seats, and strollers to synchronize via Bluetooth. With LCD screens on the equipment, your able to see temperatures, speed, and the percent of how charged the apparatus is. Although the products are expensive, parents are choosing to purchase 4Moms’ items because of the handy information that will keep their kids safe.

The bottom line is, parenthood, is getting easier. With Google and Youtube, you can search anything you want. According to Pew Research, over 59% of parents agreed to finding advice on the internet. From finding toy stores to getting reviews on car seats, the world wide web has it all.

But what if you don’t trust google? Facebook also has groups that parents are able to follow. Mothers are likely to engage with others to get an inside scoop but decades ago, that wasn’t even possible.

Instead, parents relied on doctors visits, remedies, and word of mouth, but today, the answers are awaiting with just a push of a button.

The concerns of a new parent can’t be over thought anymore. Everyones fairly active on social media and TV to figure out the ins and outs of things. Social Media for parents will continue to help them along the way of their child’s life, if not, even more.