Dancing the Night Away

Spring Break is coming to an end and the next big event for high schoolers is their “big” night called Prom! Everyone knows about it and it’s the Senior’s last event to be apart of before Graduation. The guys are coming up with clever ways to ask the girls to promo and the all the girls are freaking out about what they are going to wear for their big night.

Prom does not come cheap as we all know. From the pre-prom activities, limo, pictures, dinner, and post prom activities it can all get expensive once you start adding everything up. As a girl, I know for a fact our prom dresses do not come by cheap and the worst part of it is that we are probably never going to wear that dress again. At least for the guys they can reuse their suits and NO ONE would notice it. But as a girl, we know it is code not basically never wear it again after prom. So usually girls resell their prom dress or donate it.


Just earlier this month El Dorado’s Kansas Association for Youth Club (KAY), sponsored by Heather Fangmann, hosted a successful Butler County Dress Day for El Dorado High School. High school girls across the county in Kansas went to the event to get a free prom dress. “Nearly 50 girls scoured through a large collection of dresses that have been collected through donations, yard sales and other means,” got the opportunity to try on different dresses and take one home for free. Another high school, McPherson High KAY looked to match students with the perfect dress for their prom night. A lot of students cannot afford the dresses so it is night to see KAY club member get together and collect dresses for these students. Everyone should have the opportunity to attend promo and that is what they are providing for these students.

So, ladies, make sure to donate your unused prom dresses! Someone else will take it out for another spin on the dance floor.




Is it cute or nah? Amping up your food photography

By Krysta Overton


In this day and age, every millennial with a smartphone thinks they are a photographer. With all the assortments of apps, filters and fancy flash, automatic adjustments can be made to any picture to make it seemingly post worthy. But photography is about more than just the point and shoot, young Padawan. An experienced photographer can tell you that photography is much more than meets the eye.




This is especially true where food photography is concerned. Having an eye for the composition and detail of an exceptional food photograph takes practice and skill. I have been a photographer for the past 8 years and I am STILL nowhere near where I should be in terms of making photo greatness…but it’s a daily and sometimes even monthly endeavor.

So how does one improve? The first thing I always tell my friends is to STUDY! If you truly care about something, whether it’s a topic or situation or even a hobby, you learn what you can about it to make sure you are in “the know.” This applies to food photography as well. Find a favorite photographer or a favorite site and study the photos. Pay attention to how the photographer composed the picture, the supporting cast, the angle, the backdrop. This will give you an idea of how you should “see” when you are shooting. Obviously having a decent camera will help in this endeavor, and there are TONS of articles on the web to help you select the best one for you. If it’s a beginner’s hobby, or if you just don’t have the funds to invest in a new camera just yet (college struggles) then practice with a smartphone to work on improving the same items.

Some of my favorite sites for photo tips are Sarah Wilson and the Digital Photography School.  The photography school offers photo tips on EVERYTHING you could possibly think of if you are trying to expand your overall skill with a camera, but specifically for food photography I’ve consolidated some of their tips in 5 PHOTO BASICS:

1: The best way to go, A’ Naturale. Natural lighting is absolutely your friend where food photography is concerned. When shooting, try shooting from different points to incorporate different lighting. A diffuser may be helpful in some lighting, but overall, let the sun shine in.




2: ANGLES! Think about women and selfies. Enough said? The angle you shoot from changes the entire perspective of the photo.

,mj hvc



3: Color is GOOD! Think of what draws you into a food photo: What catches your eye. One element of that is probably that pop of color and allure that grabs you when you see a picture. Color in photography can be adjusted via editing, but pay attention to it when shooting as well. The less you have to edit, the better you are becoming as a photographer.




4: Details with food are like women and makeup. She may already look nice, but if you add a little lipstick here and a bit of blush there, BAM! Diva status. Food is the same way, if the details in the photo are evident then it enriches what may have been an already stellar photograph.



5: Last, Composition is KEY! Placement in photographs is extremely important. It provides balance and makes the entire image more aesthetically pleasing. Learn about different methods of composition: leading lines, the rule of thirds, etc. These are ALL used in food photography and the more you know about them, the more options you have when shooting.


Have fun!

To Blog or Not to Blog… that is the question

By Krysta Overton



The thing about interests is, everybody has one.

(Yes, compare that to the joke about opinions and everyone having the same disposal region and this is officially the best intro of all time.)

I think that one of the best and most interesting things about humanity is that everyone is unique. So much so that according to Quora.com, in 2013 there were approximately 152 million blogs on the internet. 152 million various opinions about food, art, travel, sports, hair, socks, DIY’s, design, phobias, writing, reading, lint, paper mache crafts, bobble heads, music,  golden showers (no judgement), collecting stamps, furniture making, makeup, coffee, you, get, the, point. Every single one having a plethora of personal experiences and new outlooks to contribute to the awaiting reading.



The Huffington Post produced an article about why people blog, and gave a list of reasons for this growing population of writers. Aside from sharing passions and knowledge that cover a vast amount of topics, bloggers can also make money through their endeavors. Blogging spans both the personal and professional, and can be as simple as a grandmother sharing her life and relationship with her grandchildren to a multi-billion dollar company CEO expanding on best business practices. Regardless of the reasons individuals’ blog, the big picture is that blogging is a medium to share information with world.



So how does one start blogging? GOOD QUESTION! I did a little research on the easiest ways to join the Blogosphere via Bloggingbasics101.com and amylynnandrews.com, and came up with some quick tips on getting you on your way.

The first is the most obvious—Pick a topic to write about. I empathize that every facet of life may be interesting and type worthy but for the sake of not shell shocking future readers…let’s hone in on one topic or genre.

The second thing is to take the steps necessary in setting it up. Both of these sites go in depth on how to find a platform and host for a future blog space. At this point, it’s important to pick a name that’s catchy, interesting, and maybe even a little obvious to let the reader know what exactly they are getting themselves into.

The last thing is designing the page to fit a theme. Depending on which platform is used, design options may be slightly limited. Remember however, the look of the page is almost as important as the content. People definitely judge a book by its cover, so make sure the cover is TOO LEGIT for them to QUIT coming back. (Get the song reference?)

Good luck!

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Oscar my Tweets

By Abisola Adeyemi

This evening Oscars hosted their 89th award ceremony and i experienced it from the red carpet to the actual event from the comfort of my twitter feed. The hashtag #Oscars was pretty lit if i do say so myself.

Screen Shot 2017-02-27 at 12.12.23 AM.png

I experienced most from the official twitter account @TheAcademy account which was poppin’.

The page is following 1156 accounts which are majority of celebrities and other media organizations, and they are followed by 22.8k followers. The feed was updated every time there was something not to miss on the red carpet, a quote or when there was an Oscar winner.

I thought the award presentations via twitter were cool. This was a brilliant way for followers to experience the ceremony as if they were watching it or there themselves.

Screen Shot 2017-02-26 at 11.17.14 PM.png


This was the many of the twitpics shared to their twitter feed to honor award recipients.

The fact that it is a red envelope like the one presented at the ceremony was pretty cool.

They also featured quotes like this one from Emma stone, which captures in words the way she felt when she received her award for Actress in Leading Role.Screen Shot 2017-02-26 at 11.30.15 PM.png

Engagement during the show with the followers was high which ranged from 200-4.0 k likes or retweets.

I would say this was a remarkable evening for social media, a chance for the public to take part in the excitement of their favorite stars and directors received recognition of hard work.

I couldn’t help but to think of the team behind this account that made this happen. From the looks of how every moment from the show was updated The Academy’s social media team was on top of their “a game” i would say.

To show how much of an engagement twitter had on the ceremony.  Stars were chosen to read mean tweets about them. I thought this was awkwardly funny, particularly because the tweeters probably had no idea that their tweets would even make it to national television, but to see the reactions from the stars they talked about was priceless. They didn’t seem to be too bothered about it, it was all banter i would say.

Felt like we were all present and winning.









What it’s Like to Tweet for A Living

By Josh Lawson | @JoshKLawson


The title is an oversimplification, to say the least. Nobody only posts on social media as a career. The CEOs of large companies will ask you to “drive engagement, or “measure ROI” in an online world. This is a lot for one person to complete. So, more often than not, you wear many different hats during your time on the job. You are a copywriter, designer, photographer, videographer, marketer, consumer specialist, facilitator, and, overall, a manager. By no means is this a comprehensive list of jobs someone with the job title, Social Media Manager, would do during a typical day.


You ethereal online-based being are more than ROIs, engagements, and retweets/reblogs/shares. At you core you are journalists. You want to tell the truth that other companies aren’t telling their consumers. Social Media Managers want to tell the story of their brand, and be the best story out there. You are aware of the world around you, and the minuscule changes that are made daily, which have a butterfly effect on each platform of social media.



To those of you who are looking for a similar position, I wish you luck. Your hours won’t be normal, a 9-5 isn’t in your future. Social media “crises” can appear at any time, and you have to ready at the drop of a hat to deal with it. Management is always breathing down your neck to see if what you do is actually necessary. Someone is always asking to “pick your brain” about social media tips. But, at the end of the day, you chose this job because you love pop culture, writing, designing, and getting to know your community, and nothing in the world would make you quit.


Denny’s Hits a Grand Slam with Their Social Media


Written by: Channing Nuttall

Denny’s has recently become a leader when it comes to social, but why is that? The company’s odd approach to social was not around until the brand hired marketing agency, Erwin Penland, to take over their social media in the summer of 2013. Erwin Penland has seen massive success since taking over the brand’s social media with an increase in followers of 150%. So, why has Denny’s seen such a spike in followers after the agency has taken over? Erwin Penland decided to create a unique voice for the brand by hiring people with creative backgrounds. Another reason they have been winning when it comes to social is that they are constantly monitoring for the next big thing on social so they can put their own spin on it.


Denny’s is also seeing success on social because they adjust their tone depending on social platform so their message consistently makes sense to the audience. Denny’s continues to be on their followers’ minds as they comment on everything from technological updates to pop culture to stay relevant. The social media agency is also working on pushing the customer to engage rather than simply favorite or like a post that was made by the brand.



Denny’s has found that their slightly odd sense of humor is attracting a highly sought after millennial market. The company’s online sense of humor can immediately be seen upon arriving on their Twitter page with an octopus wearing 3D glasses that is holding Denny’s breakfast items. Denny’s CMO, John Dillon, said their strategy is all about amusing the audience consistently so that, when they are hungry, Denny’s is at the top of their mind. The company works from many angles to ensure that the customer is amused and wants to engage with the brand online so that they are more likely to consider them the next time they are trying to figure out where to eat.

New Way to Gift on Valentine’s Day

By TingHsuan(Rose) Kuo

Have you found a gift for your Valentine yet?


Photo Credit: GeoMarketing

Valentine’s day, the worldly known most romantic day, is just a few days away. Unlike any other holidays, modern time Valentine’s day is universal and has no cultural differences. It is a celebration of love and relationships. Throughout the decades, Valentine’s day remain to be one of most important holidays for retailers. Each year, retailers spend thousands and thousands of dollars to invested in advertising and marketing to allure customers to get Valentine’s day gifts for their loved ones. However, as a college student who is living on a budget, there may be alternative way through social media to show your friends, or significant other your love for them without getting them an expensive gift.


Photo Credit: buzZoole

Valentine’s gift should not just be all about the materialistic gift, it should be all about the incentive. Like that one best friend that’s far away from you, you could use Facebook to send them a personalized Valentine’s Day card to let them know that you are thinking of him or her. You could also create meme to express how you feel about one another. Not to mention on twitter, there are many hashtags and keywords that you could use to tag your loved one with. Then, you could always use snapchat to record your lovely date with the snapchat stickers. Also, there is always millions of inspirations DIY post on Pinterest that you could find something to make a special gift. Lastly, the saying goes “if you didn’t have take a picture, were you really there?” no matter if it’s a Valentine’s Day date or Galentine’s day, you can always gather some cute post and captions idea from Instagram.


Photo Credit: Giphy

Even If you are still trying to find someone to spend with on this special day, there is also ways to help to meet someone. Ever since the World Wide Web, dating and meeting people is not the same anymore. Nowadays, there is many of websites and smart phone applications that help modern day people to find one another. It is almost unnecessary for people to go out to physically meet new people, the idea of digi-dating and digi-love was created. Like the smart phone application Tinder helps many individuals to meet each other by swiping each other left or right, and similar application Grindr that specifically made for homosexual men. But If you would like to just spend the day by yourself, you could also create Episode, an interactive storytelling app, and celebrate the spirit of Valentine’s day.



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