Celebrity Influencers Under Fyre?

By: Donald Smith

Last week I spoke a little on how influencers and people’s trust in them on social media. Well, after the Fyre Festival debacle that trust may have taken a hit.

First, let’s see what the Fyre Festival was supposed to be. Most of you probably had not

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“Fyre Music Festival” By Fyre Festival

heard about it before because it was an inaugural event. The music festival was supposed to be a “once-in-a-lifetime musical experience” on a private island previously owned by Pablo Escobar. It boasted a packed line-up of A-list artists such as Migos, Disclosure, Major Lazer, blink-182 and many more. Along with music, there was supposed to be “a uniquely authentic island cuisine experience” and “luxurious accommodations.” Ticket Packages for the festival started at $1,200 and some came with six-figure price tags. The festival was also endorsed by multiple celebrities via their social media channels such as Ja Rule, who was also a founder, Kendall Jenner, people might want to stop using her, Emily Ratajkowski and Bella Hadid.


Now, come the day of the festival and all of the luxuriousness and music that was promised was nowhere to be found on the island. Instead, attendees were met with disaster relief tents and sandwiches, not submarine sandwiches. It was not until most of the guest had already arrived on the island before the festival founders released statements saying the festival was canceled. However, none of the other celebrity influencers, except Ja Rule, posted any apology for their promotion of the event. Actually, they did the opposite, they deleted any social media content on their accounts that included mention of the Fyre Festival. But, even when looking at Ja Rule’s “apology” it does not seem sincere. Only Billy McFarland showed any real acceptance of responsibility for the festival’s demise.

With the silence of the celebrities who promoted the event, is it possible to say that trust of other celebrity influencers will be lost? Personally, I am going to have to say no. Only those who have been caught up in situations such as this one will lose trust from their followers. It would not be rational to say that because Kendall Jenner and Ja Rule got caught up with this festival that Beyoncé’s or Drake’s followers will lose trust in them. Therefore, it is still okay to use celebrity influencers, as long as they have not been in the news in connection to controversies because they have been successful in driving reach and sales. Lastly, here is an article from Vogue that all influencers should take a look at before accepting someone’s offer to promote a product or event, due diligence is key.

Should Ja Rule be FYRED?

Anyone heard of Fyre Fest? Yeah. Me either, before this past weekend.

Upon further examination and to my understanding, Fyre Festival was a one-of-a-kind, luxury music festival hosted and promoted by Ja Rule, taking place on Great Exuma Island (once owned by Pablo Escobar) in the Bahamas. The festival, hosted over two weekends, was promoted by A-list millennial celebrities like Bella Hadid and Kendall Jenner. Fyre Fest was supposed to offer a celebrity-like experience by having “the best in music, cuisine, design, and hospitality on a private island.” as told by @fyrefestival on Instagram. The music festival claimed to be so luxurious, tickets started at $1,200 per person and topped over $200,000 for VIP packages with extras included.

An event so exclusive and hyped up by the biggest names in the industry made the really popular among millennials and plenty were willing to dish out the big bucks to be able to party like a rockstar with some awesome performers, such as the ones listed below.


Screenshot acquired from @fyrefestival Instagram page.

The problem? The festival was the complete opposite and a total train wreck. From the second festival-goers arrived on Great Exuma, it was plain to see that everything Ja Rule promised for Fyre Fest, was not executed. Guests arrived to half-finished, uninhabitable accommodations on an island that appeared to have been housing disaster relief victims.

If you can’t seem to get a visual on what it looked like, here’s pictures by Twitter user, William N. Finley IV (@WNFIV).

Commentary by @Braden1013


And this is not including what guests endured on the plane, once on the island, and returning home. Delays, poor organization, and “government lockdown” held hundreds of guests on planes for hours, in very uncomfortable conditions and without food or water.

The incident caused many people to believe it was the scam of a lifetime.

Ja Rule released this message on Twitter regarding the situation:

ja rule apolo

Fyre Festival’s Instagram account also has this message displayed regarding refund information and postponed shows: image4

No report has been made of when Fyre Festival will commence.

No report has been made of any active or upcoming lawsuits.

Feed your life with live feed

533979783-56a9fefd5f9b58b7d0006914(Image Source)


By: Michaela Bull


Feed your life with live feed


Social media has adopted the phenomenon of live video and it is spreading like crazy. Live video or live feed has been an exploding idea that few major networks are not taking advantage of. The idea of live video is to deliver the most authentic content possible with no edits or time to fix mistakes. Live video is raw and natural and makes the viewer feel as close to the situation as possible without actually being there. This phenomenon was first introduced through YouTube’s foundation, offering videos that capture real and unfiltered moments. As social media has taken it on, the possibilities and accessibility have spread like fire.

It has been overwhelmingly known at this point that millennial’s are a big advocate of video. The transition in popularity and attraction from pictures to video has been underway for some time now. The appeal of videos comes from the quick and engaging content that does not require a lengthy attention span. Millennial’s play a large role in the demand and success of live video and are the reason brands and public figures are jumping to utilize it as much as possible.

The spread of live video has created new opportunities for brands to connect with their consumers. The highly engaging factor of live video provides real time updates to consumers to feel as connected as possible with every change that occurs. Live video builds the relationship between brand and consumer and offers a chance for dialogue to develop.

Since the spread of live video has appeared in nearly every social platform, the opportunity for new technology has been able to form and expand with it. Innovations like disappearing media, lends filtering, augmented reality, and VR have been just a few of the next big features to develop on these social platforms that have connected with live video in some way.




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By: Nathan Cooper

There has been some a new term floating around for awhile now: Instagrammable. Accord to Urban Dictionary, “instagrammable is a photo that is worth posting on Instagram”. (Urban dictionary, LJM1213). A lot of Instagram users have taken the app and turned it into an online portfolio of sorts. They showcase their photography skills and often times have an aesthetic that coincides with their profile. On the other hand there are others that use Instagram to post random content that often looks up looking like a hodge-podge aesthetically. A lot of people post content that would not be considered “instagrammable” by the average user and sometimes these people receive flack for doing so.

Some things that are usually considered “instagrammable” are trendy food or drink items such as the unicorn frappuccino from Starbucks. Food is a very popular topic to post about. A lot of times someone goes to a nice looking café and orders a coffee they might feel the need to snap a picture. The vibe of the environment might feel instagrammable so they put a nice little filter on their picture and come up with a  caption and boom it is uploaded. All of the sudden their followers are so captivated with the shop you’re at and feel the need to go there and get their own picture.


The phrase is even popular enough that google can come up with some auto search results for it such as, “instagrammable places near me” or “instagrammable restaurants”. There are a lot of people who go out of their way to seek out places to take pictures that they feel will look nice and get attention on their personal accounts. Although the phrase has declined some in popularity it still floats around and is probably here to stay for awhile.


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How To Successfully Use Instagram for Marketing

By: Kayla Henson | @kayla_hensonn

Yes, you read that right.

Instagram, with over 500 million active monthly users, is one of the fastest growing social networks of this generation. What was once a site with servers consistently crashing has blossomed over the years into a vital website for any personal or professional brand to have.



(source: parkarbuzz.com)

It’s simple. Instagram sets itself apart from other social networks by demanding highly visually pleasing images/videos to draw a large audience to the content.

While it is more challenging to grow an audience for your brand on Instagram as compared to sites like Twitter, it can most definitely still be accomplished.

Here are some good rules of thumb for {organically} growing your brand on Instagram. (For more great tips, read the full article from socialmediaexaminer.com)

  • Post high-quality pictures
    • You want to draw attention to your brand? The first step is to make your feed as aesthetically pleasing as possible. The good news? You don’t have to be a professional photographer to make this happen! Just make sure you’re shooting captivating shots with good lighting, and to shoot square photos.
  • Take advantage of tagging
    • Want to improve your business-to-business relationships? Instagram can be a perfect tool for that. Be generous in tagging each other, and be creative with it! An example of this would be a restaurant giving a quick S/O to their local brewery. This increases traffic for the local business, and increases recognition for the restaurant. Win-win!
    • Don’t be afraid to use this tactic for business-to-consumer relationships as well! Give your audience an incentive to tag your brand, like giving them a S/O by reposting and tagging them back. Let them know you appreciate the love! Ban.do does an amazing job at letting their Instagram audience feel the love.
  • Instagram influencers = your inside link to the consumers
    • Want endorsements for your brand but don’t have the cash to snag celebrities? No worries, that’s what influencers are here for. Influencers are people with a large, interactive follower base whose opinions are trusted by their audience. Let me make this as clear as possible; You absolutely need these people to grow your brand. How to get them? Reach out and even offer them compensation by sending samples of your products for them to try. You want these influencers to post about your product because it increases your brand’s growth. People want to hear about your brand from people they trust, and influencers are the bridge you need to reach that audience.

There are so many new tools (like the new Instagram stories and live video options) that are sending Instagram through the roof of potential in the marketing world. Your brand could easily benefit from this social network by investing in really communicating with your audience and putting out fun, thoughtful, and visually pleasing content.


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Do Social Media like Denny’s Diner

By: Kalyn Baxter

It is commonly known throughout the business world that there are brands that should and should not be on a specific social media platform. The essential ones like Facebook or Twitter can be used by most but social media sites like Tumblr and Instagram might be riskier depending on the content and customer demographics. There is a company that I have recently noticed displaying content on a site that their consumers would not expect them to be on. Denny’s Diner is a company that surprised me when it comes to running a social media platform. I found out that Denny’s had a Tumblr account about a year ago, and its actually doing extremely well, as it has been for a while. tumblr_oobn3n3B3N1s46p8ao1_500Tumblr is a platform that thrives mostly on visual content, it has the social aspect of other sites like Facebook while allowing users to create a personalized blog at the same time. The graphics that Denny’s Diner creates are so visually appealing and creative that it does not make anyone regret to say they follow the restaurant. Denny’s usually gets the reputation of being a restaurant that is commonly occupied by more elder consumer rather than younger ones, but puts out great content that successfully attracts people of many age groups. Their Tumblr page is even in the running to being presented with a Webby Award in the Social, Food and Drink category. The Webby Awards will be on May 15th, 2017 and whether or not Denny’s Tumblr will win the award cannot be released until then. Along with their quick entertaining pictures their Denny’s Diner Instagram account has their unusual but great images on it. The social media accounts for Denny’s Diner has definitely shown how a restaurant can rotate between promoting a new menu item or special to posting humorous original images that are worth sharing.








Memes Get a High Fashion Makeover

By: Shannon Williams

Memes have become one synonymous with internet and youth culture. They phenomenon has evolved into its own global language. Recently brands have taken to creating entire meme marketing campaigns on Instagram to connect with and reach digital native millennials. High fashion luxury brands are jumping on the bandwagon in order to be seen as more relatable and attainable to younger fashion conscious audiences.

Alexander Wang was one of the first to try out the trend to promote his upcoming show at New York Fashion Week. They were received well fashion audiences as they poked fun at the ridiculousness of the fashion industry and showed a humorous and fun side of it.


Gucci was the most recent brand to venture into the new space and launched an entire marketing campaign to launch and promote the new Le Marché des Merveilles watch collection. They brand, which has had a recent resurgence under the direction of Alessandro Michele, has used the campaign to connect with younger audiences and be seen as more relatable.   Gucci partnered with a number of different famous artists and meme creators around the world to create branded memes.



(Gucci Instagram)

Some were new pop culture focuses, such as the starter pack meme, others had high fashion editorial imagery, while others incorporated historical paintings. They campaign was received extremely well and brought fun back into fashion. It made the brand seem much more relatable to younger generations and not quite as uptight and stuffy as it has seemed in the past. Over all it was well received by all audiences, generated excitement and buzz around the brand, and was shared all across social media.

House of Holland is the latest brand to try the meme marketing campaign and recently partnered with @Shitmodelmanagment, an account that makes fashion related memes, to promote their new collection.


(House of Holland Instagram)

I am sure we will see more brands try this out in an effort to better connect with younger digital audiences.

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