Adele Has a Secret Twitter Account

March 21, 2017 Jennifer Atanasoff

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Yes, Adele fans, you read this correctly. But, if you’re really an Adele fan you (probably) already knew this.

Famous singer of Hello, Rolling in the Deep, and Someone Like You, has revealed that she has a secret Twitter account that her management doesn’t even know about. She enjoys drunk tweeting and privately lurking other accounts without her management team knowing.

If you are not caught up to speed with this, let me rewind a little bit.

Adele’s management team handles her Twitter account because she used to drunk tweet. This became public knowledge in 2015 when Adele said, “I’m not allowed to access my own Twitter, because I’m quite mouthy and I say the wrong thing a lot of the time. So they took that privilege away from me.”

Honestly, fans can tell that Adele doesn’t have access to her own account because she’s not her funny, sarcastic image on Twitter. It’s more of a business account rather than personal.

At a recent concert in Brisbane, Australia, Adele told the crowd, “I was looking on Twitter last night… They don’t know I have a secret account. Well, obviously they do know, because I said that. By they, I mean my management.”

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Many news outlets, blogs, and Twitter users are talking about Adele’s secret Twitter account. Everyone and their mother is trying to find her account to read her iconic, hilarious sense of humor.

Even Perez Hilton, a famous American blogger, columnist and television personality, who is best known for covering gossip columns about celebrities via his blog,, is eager to find Adele’s hidden account.

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Many other, regular people like me, are curious as to what Adele’s secret Twitter handle could be so we can see what hilarious things she’s saying on it.

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Artists and Friendly Media Growth

By Daniel Portales

It’s no question that the internet is a great tool from which you can get yourself, or even your own business or product to be noticed by a lot of different people. For animators however, it can be a tough business even with the help of social media. For a long time, many independant animators made a living off of uploading their short, 1-3 minute cartoons, which would often get shared on multiple social media platforms, and often got thousands or even millions of views.


Even with the long time between uploads, animators could live off the sheer amounts of views gotten from each videos, and would even help get themselves noticed by companies due to all their animations being public and viral in some cases. However, Youtube would eventually change their algorithm on how they paid content creators to be more focused on minutes watched and upload frequency instead of view numbers themselves. Naturally, since animations took a lot of time to make, and uploads would be scarce even with short animations, Youtube became a platform impossible to live off of, and many animators left doing short animations for a living.

However, people still see Youtube as a way to spread their work and advertise their skills as animators. And some people just do it for fun or as a hobby, and because of this horrible change in policy that discouraged animation on Youtube, many successful artists and animators took it upon themselves to help other smaller animators get their work notcied, and would even pay them directly to make animations that they would then upload to their own channels, citing and crediting the authors and helping them get noticed.

This is an especially popular trend with Let’s Players on Youtube that pay animators to make animations to illustrate their commentary in humorous or creative ways. Many artists also try to help get other’s work noticed by telling their followers to draw something in mind with a specific hashtag, and that they’ll retweet art using that’s posted using that hashtag. Such as Arin Hanson asking people to share their cute art for #cutiesaturday.

Social media proves to be a pivotal resource for artists and animators, and shows just how closely knit together artists are.

Do WE Make Idiots Famous?

Kim Kardashian, Miley Cyrus, and now, Danielle Bregoli.

Danielle Bregoli, more famously known as the, “cash me outsside” girl is very rapidly gaining fame and recognition thanks to the power of social media.

Cash Me Ousside

The 13-year old girl went viral when a clip of her Dr.Phil episode aired and scenes were shared on virtually every social media platform on the internet. Her unbelievably awful and disrespectful behavior on the show is what drew so many people to watch these clips, resulting in her instant fame. In these clips, the audience chuckled at her behavior so she proceeded to refer to the audience as “these hoes” and led her the words which caused her fame, “Cash me outsside, how bout dat?”

Since then, I have heard that phrase, seen her face on countless memes, and have even heard a remix of her episode just about everywhere I go on social media. So my question is, why?

While I don’t mean to insult, WE are the reason people like her are rich and famous beyond their wildest dreams. And the reason I say that is because I’ve caught myself watching countless Facebook videos of her and her behavior. I’ve laughed and shared some of the memes I’ve seen of her face, I have even caught myself jokingly say “cash me outsside” on several occasions. But not just me, parents, teachers, friends.

Why do we glorify this behavior, why is it so amusing for us, to the point where these people become the most influential people out there?


While this woman’s tweet doesn’t have the best choice of words, she DOES have a point. Most of us are struggling to get through college and get a decent education while this young girl is making thousands on her looks and rotten attitude.

All because “we” find her attitude and personality to be amusing, she’ll be making a million dollar a year salary. So next time you see someone on the rise, don’t contribute to their social media fame.

The Persona of Chance The Rapper and the PR secret to his Independent Success

by Brayon Potillo

As many of you read this headline you probably began to wonder “who is Chance the Rapper?” To some he is Chancelor Bennett from 79th,  born and raised on Chicago’s southside to Ken Bennett and Lisa Bennett. To others Chance is well…a rapper, but there is much more to him than the releasing of music on a platform for the sole purpose of making money. There lies within him a unique purpose in what he’s doing and a strong force behind him. Although, Chance claims blessings keep falling in his lap, we got to thank God for the knowledge he blessed him with as well.

Chance the rapper is a 23-year-old music mogul who has not only built up independent success with a net worth of 5 Million off of free music, touring, and merchandise. He also received 3 Grammys from this past Annual Grammy Award show. A lot of people would attribute this success to God and Chance’s divine relationship with him; however, we can also can attribute this to Chances’ team and his incredible PR strategies/skills. After observing his credible success, I found three major keys (as DJ Khaled would say) to his rise from Chicago’s slums to Chicago’s best.

la-the-59th-grammy-awards-show-20170212.jpgChance at the Grammys 2017

1.Brand Development

First, we have brand development! Unlike many artists, Chance saw the full product as opposed to seeing them as separate ingredients. Chance knew that being an independent artist meant building a brand following from a brand image. From his relationship with God to his unique Chance 3 New Era caps, it all became an inspiration which created loyalty with his fans and led to the rules of the Grammys being changed. Chance the Rapper’s Brand is the most important reason why he is here and why people want to be him. Brand development is the most important piece of being an independent artist and having an outstanding image.


 Chance 3 Art Cover

2. Quality

Next, on the list we have quality! From his merchandise and advertising to his music, Chance has a quality to himself that I just do not see in any other artist. This is because coming from an independent artist standpoint, QUALITY can either make or break you. Besides your brand, the quality of your brand is what attracts people to you. For instance, there are artists who drop tons of music and never see any success, while Chance has only dropped 3 tapes and has 3 Grammys. You would think coincidence, but it’s all about the quality folks.

3. Marketing

Lastly, Chance’s marketing is the final component in his independence. An example of this would be the campaign Chance ran for his recent project “Chance 3” where he allowed his fans to print copies of the cover art and plaster it around the United States. Moreover, having customizable merch and hosting private events, which builds more loyalty amongst your base. It allows them to feel important, besides the customer is always right! In fact, the Thank you Obama Campaign he ran with Merchandise thanking the Obamas for their time and contributions while in office. Moreover, Chance is a marketing genius besides the music prodigy of Kanye West.

ChpE3nRUgAAMBr7.jpg-large.jpgChance Posters at NYU


Customizable merch via

f5eeb2d8-6dbb-8500-a93c-497f9258b95b1486070571588.jpegChance Thank You Obama Merchandise

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Replacing the Old News Channels with Social Media

By Parker Cantu

Many people have decided that paying for TV isn’t necessary and in a lot of cases simply not worth it. 1 in 5 people have decided to go without cable, including myself. I never use it and when I do, I could more than likely be watching the same thing on a streaming service such as Netflix or Hulu and save myself a lot of money.

So what about news then? Where do you get it? Well, social media has got you covered whether you have TV or not, and there are plenty of options.


Most news stations nowadays have at least a Facebook page, if not also a twitter page. For example, the Dallas Morning News posts on their Facebook page just about all day. Reddit has subreddits for world news, country news, and most major cities that include news articles, and you can actually combine multiple subreddits into one, called multireddits, to create one place for you to go through the posts from all of the subreddits you want.

Okay, but why use the internet for your news when you can just watch the news? Good question, and there are some good reasons.

You don’t have to “catch” the internet.

The internet will always be there waiting for you. You don’t have to get up early to get your daily morning news and glue yourself to the couch for thirty minutes to an hour when it’s all available out there on the internet.

You can get multiple sources at once.

Let’s face it: all sources of media have a bias one way or another. That doesn’t mean they’re not good sources, but it’s nice to have multiple viewpoints on a topic. Just in case.

Getting more information is easy.

If you’re using social media to get your news, then you’re already using a computer or a smartphone (or maybe even a smart TV). These are obviously all connected to the internet and make fact checking and follow-up research super easy and quick to do.

So there you have it. Go like your local news station on Facebook.

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LuLaRoe is changing the way things are sold online

Screen Shot 2017-03-12 at 10.34.49 PM

By: Tiffany Ditto

The fashionable world of LuLaRoe has taken Facebook by storm making money for stay at home moms, and those who are outgoing enough to network with women on social media platforms.

LuLaRoe is a women’s clothing line with fun patterns and 33 simple styles to sell for women and tweens. The company advertises that they only make 2,500 clothing items in the same print, and uses the multi-level marketing model as it’s sales platform. However, the real game changer is how the individual salespeople are using social media to drive sales.

The clothes aren’t sold in traditional stores, instead the salespeople create private Facebook groups in which to sell their clothes. They add clients to the group, who then peruse the albums for patterns and styles they like. The Facebook shops are traditionally only open for a certain amount of time, so those who want to buy have a limited amount of time to do so.

Screen Shot 2017-03-12 at 10.35.18 PM.png
Photo credit: Kelsey Chandonnet, LuLaRoe consultant

“I work full time so doing multiple in home parties each week is not really an option for me,” Whisper Rood, a consultant for LuLaRoe said. “I use Facebook regularly and was confident that I could add a Facebook LuLaRoe group to my social media life. The hardest part has been getting actual buyers to my ground and keeping them there.”

The challenges LuLaRoe consultants face as the months progress, will set a new standard for selling items online. Using social media to get rid of old junk in your garage is no new tactic, but running your business reliant on a social media platform is somewhat uncharted waters. Only time will tell if LuLaRoe will sink, or prevail, but one thing is sure: ladies are taking to Facebook by the thousands to get their hands on a piece of the “buttery” soft clothing line.

The clothier, started just three years ago, is on track to hit $1 billion in sales this year, according to Forbes.

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Is Instagram good for you?

instagram pic

Amairani De La Sancha


Instagram was first launched in the fall of 2010 as a photo sharing app. Over the next two months they accumulated one million accounts. This app has become a very popular place for people to share their lives with friends, family and even strangers who follow them. The problem with using this social media app is people lie about their lives and what they do. Likes on Instagram have become a form of being accepted into a superficial world. The number of likes and shares for many individuals have become “life goals” and they have lost touch with reality.

When people see photos of their friends and strangers having a good time and living it up it’s more than likely a façade. Society tends to buy into this “fakeness” and they may get depressed and want to live a life like the people they follow. This can lead to depression and especially in teens because they have never lived in a world without technology. They can feel excluded from various things that their friends have done without them. Instagram may not work out so well for some teens, but if they like using this app then they should understand that the lives of some people they follow are fake and superficial.

People who post pictures on Instagram just to gain likes and more followers are the individuals who are the loneliest. They think that just by gaining these things they will be happier and their lives will be fulfilled, but it’s not true. The only way people will be happy is if they stop looking at how many likes their getting and just post photos because they like how they look.

Remember the number of likes are not important, but the quality of your content is. Even if you aren’t getting enough people to like your photos it doesn’t mean they aren’t great. Individuals must understand this concept so that they won’t feel bad about looking at popular Instagram accounts.