The need for better writing skills in the new age of social media

By: Joseph Osula

In this 21st century it now in high demand for one to be able to have good writing skills, no matter the job market you go to. I really do agree with the saying that most people don’t know, think or appreciate how important writing could be to them. I must admit I was part of these people who did not appreciate writing skills and was completely terrible at writing until I got into advertising. maxresdefaultHowever I have learned that good-writing skills is going to take some time. Learning that there is a process that you could take to be a good writer is really encouraging. I should also admit that most of the time I write, I find it hard to convey exactly what I mean. Fortunately I was taught a formula (subject + verb + object) to help me out every time I find myself in this situation. englishcompskillscertI think it was really great and insightful to know how short and declarative writing could be and that they have the most effect E.g. Pythagorean theorem: 24 words and the Lord’s Prayer: 66 words. To be honest I still cannot say for sure if I would enjoy writing in the future when I hopefully start working at an advertising agency. However I would say I do not hate writing anymore like I used too, therefore I think this is a good step in the right direction. Therefore I firmly believe if more young people take time out to learn good writing skills it would surely be a huge bonus for them in their professional carrier For example I have learn how to write really interesting taglines and content analysis in my quest to be a better writer in the new age of social media which further allows me to express my creative side and push my message in a short and precise manner. Finally I believe better learning and practicing by millennials is the only way to improve our writing skills.

I Still Hate the Electoral College

Almost two weeks after the US Presidential Election, and people are still angry about the outcome, including me.  In a post right before the election, I talked about the 2000 Presidential Election and how the Electoral College was unfair.  Much like what happened to Al Gore in 2000, Hillary Clinton was not elected president, even though she won the popular vote of the nation. Donald Trump was elected only because he won over 270 Electoral College votes. 

There has been a lot of talk from people who are happy that Trump won that are calling out people who aren’t.  Some are saying that the only reason people are upset is that their candidate didn’t win, not the Electoral College. This is definitely true for some people, but not all. The fact is that the Electoral College is unfair to the candidates and the American public. If I vote for someone, I want my vote to stand by itself, and count towards the big picture in the outcome.

The Electoral College stifles the vote of the public. Clinton received over 1.5 million votes more than Trump did, but not the right amount of Electors. It doesn’t make sense that a candidate with the highest amount of votes, could not get elected.  

The amount of electoral votes that a state has is equal to the number of people in Congress that the state has. The minimum being three, representing two people in the Senate and one in the House of Representatives. There are people from each party who are elected to vote in the Electoral College. They are usually very involved and are trusted to vote with the party they associate with.  The party of the candidate that wins more votes in the state gets to be the electors for that campaign.  This means that since Trump won the state of Texas, the only electors who get to vote in December are the ones appointed by the Republican Party.

North Dakota has a population of 756,927 people and has three electors.  This means that each vote represents 252,309 people. Texas’ population is nearly 27.5 million people and has 38 votes in the Electoral College. Each of those votes represents almost 723,000 people, which is almost as much as the whole state of North Dakota. If I vote in Texas, my vote could only be potentially 1/723,000 of one of the votes, but in North Dakota it could be 1/252,000.  The votes of people in smaller states are mathematically more reliable and accurate. Over 3.8 million people in Texas, and over 64 million in the whole country voted for Clinton, but because the majority of states with a higher, more influential population voted leaned towards her opponent, she lost.

When it was created, the Electoral College made some sense.  It was difficult to count all of the votes and get that information spread, but it was much easier for individual states to count them and send representatives. Now we have amazing technology and easy communication, so the system is impractical and makes our votes not count as much.  I don’t want my vote to be discounted because more people in my state voted a different way, regardless of my party affiliation.

By Bethany LaChance

BTS doesn’t give a resolution to fans in “Blood Sweat and Tears”

After confusing their fans with cryptic videos for over a year, South Korean boyband BTS continued the confusion when they released their new album at midnight KST on October 10. When WINGS dropped, the music video for the track “Blood Sweat and Tears (피 땀 눈물)” was released too. Fans were hoping the music video would clarify some of the mysteries that the band presented in the previous videos, but it definitely did not.  If anything, it added more layers to the complicated plotline.

In at least eleven of the band’s videos, there was a continual, unclear plot that led fans to have wild conspiracy theories. After the first of the videos, “I NEED U,” came out in April of 2015, a lot of fans were under the impression that most of the band was somehow dead or figments of someone’s imagination. After three more videos came out, there was still no explanation for the quick changes from a happy boyband into a dark, depressed version.


Still from the “Run” music video – November 29, 2015

In September of 2016, BTS started releasing a seven-part series of short teasers for songs off of the new album.  One video was released a day for a week, leaving fans waiting for the short videos to appear on YouTube.  Each video followed a member and his problems that started in the previous four videos, some of which included drug abuse and possibly fatal car accidents, and included a voiceover of quotes from the novel “Demian” by Hermann Hesse. This series just made the plotline more difficult to understand.

Those eleven videos all pointed to “Blood Sweat and Tears” giving fans the answer they wanted, but still nothing was made clear.  The video didn’t seem to follow the plotline in as much detail as the previous ones, but was obviously connected by the eerie mood and the voiceovers.

Screen Shot 2016-10-10 at 12.07.56 AM.png

Still from the “Blood Sweat and Tears” music video – October 9, 2016    

I am even more confused than I was before the video came out and I’m just curious to see where BTS is going with the plot. Maybe there really is no conclusion in mind, and they’re just doing this to get more viewers.  Whatever is actually happening, I’m definitely excited to see what the rest of the album will bring for the band.



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