How Social Media Affects Relationships

Amairani De La Sancha





Maintaining relationships in this digital ages is kind of difficult because of the added pressures that come along with have a social and online life. Building relationships with other people is a part of being who we are-human. We are social beings who need someone to listen to our problems and what else we have going on in our lives. We crave each other’s attention whether constantly. The relationships we build with our family, friends and significant others are crucial to who we are in society. The people who we surround ourselves with are the ones who will influence us the most on who we want to be or who we turn out to be.

When people have relationships, they feel like they belong somewhere and no longer feel alone. It is important to try and keep up with all relationships because it is a part of having a good mental health. Although social media platforms have made it easier and fun to connect with your friends, family and significant others there are disadvantages for using them. For instance, if you are in a committed relationship with someone it is not a good idea to message or flirt with other people online.

If you like someone’s pictures and you have a partner you must make sure that they know of your actions or else social issues arise. Sometimes relationships don’t work out because of the things people do online. Though it isn’t the social media platforms themselves that are causing issues it is the individuals actions and social media just happens to be a part of it. The online world causes jealously among peers because depicting the perfect life can get you more likes and make you feel less lonely.

The online world also gives people to be truly themselves, but it also gives people the opportunity to make up for the lives they may not like. Next time you are out and about with your family, friends or partners make sure to give them your undivided attention because time passes by so fast and the moments we create are very important. The online world isn’t going anywhere, but the memories you create with your loved ones are vital to your world. After all, we are all humans who crave love and support from one another.

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Shiver Me Tinder

By: Nathan Cooper | @nathancooperstu

Tinder is a location based mobile dating sensation that has been around for a couple of years now. The app was first released in 2012 and has continued to gain popularity as time has gone on. The app allows people to swipe and connect with other people that swipe them back.

Whenever something is going well it is only natural for people to want grow it, but what is in the future for tinder? According to a recent article from BBC news, tinder is looking to have artificial intelligence be able to set you up on a date. The creator says that you’d be able to talk to Siri and she would be able to set you up on a date and find people that you might be attracted to.


Image soucre: Serving Joy

I do not know think this a good step forward. I believe that this only further takes out the human aspect of relations and relationships. There is nothing organic about that process, but sadly I think it is something a lot of people might be into. I suppose only time will truly tell.


Lee, Dave. “Tinder wants AI to set you up on a date.” BBC News. BBC, 22 Feb. 2017. Web. 27 Feb. 2017.

New Way to Gift on Valentine’s Day

By TingHsuan(Rose) Kuo

Have you found a gift for your Valentine yet?


Photo Credit: GeoMarketing

Valentine’s day, the worldly known most romantic day, is just a few days away. Unlike any other holidays, modern time Valentine’s day is universal and has no cultural differences. It is a celebration of love and relationships. Throughout the decades, Valentine’s day remain to be one of most important holidays for retailers. Each year, retailers spend thousands and thousands of dollars to invested in advertising and marketing to allure customers to get Valentine’s day gifts for their loved ones. However, as a college student who is living on a budget, there may be alternative way through social media to show your friends, or significant other your love for them without getting them an expensive gift.


Photo Credit: buzZoole

Valentine’s gift should not just be all about the materialistic gift, it should be all about the incentive. Like that one best friend that’s far away from you, you could use Facebook to send them a personalized Valentine’s Day card to let them know that you are thinking of him or her. You could also create meme to express how you feel about one another. Not to mention on twitter, there are many hashtags and keywords that you could use to tag your loved one with. Then, you could always use snapchat to record your lovely date with the snapchat stickers. Also, there is always millions of inspirations DIY post on Pinterest that you could find something to make a special gift. Lastly, the saying goes “if you didn’t have take a picture, were you really there?” no matter if it’s a Valentine’s Day date or Galentine’s day, you can always gather some cute post and captions idea from Instagram.


Photo Credit: Giphy

Even If you are still trying to find someone to spend with on this special day, there is also ways to help to meet someone. Ever since the World Wide Web, dating and meeting people is not the same anymore. Nowadays, there is many of websites and smart phone applications that help modern day people to find one another. It is almost unnecessary for people to go out to physically meet new people, the idea of digi-dating and digi-love was created. Like the smart phone application Tinder helps many individuals to meet each other by swiping each other left or right, and similar application Grindr that specifically made for homosexual men. But If you would like to just spend the day by yourself, you could also create Episode, an interactive storytelling app, and celebrate the spirit of Valentine’s day.



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Beyonce goes BeyTWICE.

By Abisola Adeyemi



Beyonce aka Queen Bee  recently announced she is expecting TWINS on Instagram!!!

We are excited for Jay and Bey, babies are a bundle of joy, and twins are double the blessing and fun.

This pregnancy announcement was a very interesting time on social media. Most of the time i just sip my tea and speculate when it comes to celebrity lives.

They’re no different from us. I see a pregnancy post and I’m like “aww congrats” and i go on about my day, but Bey’s fans were super excited while others were like “does she pay y’all’s bills?,” so what are y’all so excited about haha.

This particular picture above was shared millions of times and i even had Facebook friends saying “We’re pregnant!”it was all cute and funny, and then the memes were hilarious.


This was rather clever. I kind of wish i came up with this myself lol.

Then there  were those that remade the picture. Like ( cough cough) Ellen Degeneres.


I agree with @tigernath123 you look hilariously weird haha.

Back in 2011 when she was pregnant with first daughter Blue Ivy, a photo was captured at an interview that exposed a foldable belly. Didn’t know they made those lol.

Screen Shot 2017-02-12 at 8.05.05 PM.png

Critics questioned if her pregnancy is for real this time or not. I mean the belly photo was very bold in your face out there this time. While others wondered why she even had to post a picture with less clothing.

I feel the controversy  from back then is what sparked this reveal.

Sarah Haines, co-host on the view gave an interesting break down of this photo which can be seen below.

Beyonce Announces She’s Having Twins | The View (copy and past into youtube to watch)

It was just interesting to see the internet arguing back and forth about matters in the life of Beyonce. Regardless of what the people say, i not interested in criticizing her life or attacking her fans about why they are so excited about her pregnancy.

Im just happy for her, and i love that social media can come together and celebrate the coming of her babies.








Hate No More, Courtesy of Twitter


By: Thalia Molina

Okay, so I think it’s safe to say that 2016 has been one hell of a year. Good? Bad? You decide, but at the end of the day it has been one helluva 10 months. It’s not even over yet! The fact that our country is dealing with some of the most controversial issues is a very scary thought. Our presidential election was a complete joke all the way up until the results were announced, and in my opinion still continues to be the biggest joke our nation has ever been a part of. Lets just hope 2016 doesn’t hold any more major surprises for the remainder of its reign. Where is the silver in all of this you ask? Well, lets give it up to Twitter for that one.

During a time where our nation seems to be so divided and full of hate, Twitter wants to take action. It is no secret that social media is to blame for the constant exposure and fast deliverance of the negativity, hate, and backlash that goes on around us. I mean, it’s what keeps us connected and aware! Although social media is not all bad, there are some serious repercussions that come with it and unfortunately it is not always used to the best of its abilities. Twitter is a micro blogging community that allows people to freely voice their opinions. After all, it is our first amendment right and I personally believe that voicing our beliefs is perfectly okay. But when is it too much? Well, Twitter has taken action and is now letting you decide.

They recently announced that they are cracking down when it comes to hate speech and the control users have over their Twitter experience. They are implementing software that will allow the user to avoid offensive content by muting words, or conversations. They are doing so because of the concerning amount of abuse and harassment this particular platform has seen over recent months. Finally! You are finally able to completely shut out your idiot friends without blocking them completely. It is indeed 2016!


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Peaceful World Please

By: Sierra Ramos
A topic that has particularly interested me lately, because of all the politics and presidential election news, is stereotyping. Racism and sexism have been brought up a lot in the media lately and it upsets me to know that people still think in this negative way about others. It must be hard for people in the public eye who are of ethnic races because of stereotyping and racism.
Personally, I get stereotyped all of the time and I hate it because it is not fair to judge someone on how they look. I remember that someone in one of my classes said that they get judged as someone who is not smart, probably poor and rides the bus because this person was a big African American male. He said that other students think he plays basketball and listens to only rap music, when that is not always the case.
As for me, I am Hispanic and people automatically think I speak Spanish, when I don’t. Other than being Hispanic, I am very girly and I would say that I come across as a fairly pretty girl with my hair and makeup always done because it makes me feel good about myself. With that being said, people always ask me who I pledge for and I have to tell them that I am not in a sorority and they say something like, “Oh sorry, you just look like you are.” I don’t get mad, but it is sometimes awkward. However, something that I absolutely hate is when other girls think I am stuck-up and “all that” because I am shy. I have a hard time making friends this way because girls judge me before they even get to know me, so I have to introduce myself in a super friendly way.
Overall, I hope everyone starts to try and be more accepting of others and less judgmental to make this world a better and peaceful place to live in.

Source: Google Images

LGBT in the Media

Queen-Alexis Abamu

For the people that are alive and unaware to the gay community, “LGBT” stands for Lesbian, Gay,  Bisexual, Transgender. Welcome to this blog and welcome to 2016!


photo by: MoMA

Over the past weekend I was at the mall and a couple of girls came up to me and asked me a few general questions about the LGBT community and their rights. (the questions were asked for an assignment). One of the questions asked was, “do you think LGBT get enough social media attention”. I answered, “No”, after the conversation it made me think more about the topic. Why aren’t LGBT in the media a lot? I really believe it is because people are scared of the topic.

The more LBGT people, people see is the better one can understand exactly who they are, which is nothing less than human. LBGT being in the media more often will open the door for them and provide the understanding that people need. With this also comes negative backlash as well because a lot of people well not be as understanding and open minded. Just like anything else any other human does, it will not always be pleasing or “acceptable” to other people.

Even though we are in an era were anything can happen tomorrow, people are still scared to be open with gay people. Some good is that over the last two years we have experience one of the  greatest male athlete becoming transgender and transforming from a male to a female. A TV show by the name of “Orange is the New Black” dedicated to majority lesbian women, including some transgender. This year alone a gay male has become the new face of Cover Girl. Most importantly of all SAME SEX MARRIGAE is now legal in some states which is a big step but even some people still can not accept it.

At the end of the day LBGT are human so questions like, ” should gay people be allowed to work in the same establishment as straight?”  That puzzles me because don’t all humans need money? Once more LBGT get more involved in the media the more open people can possibly become to accept them. If I could brutally blunt I would say, “GET OVER IT! IT IS 2016, LOVE YOURSELF, LOVE OTHERS”.