Music Artists Need Social Media

By: Kalyn Baxter

Music in the form of singles or albums are released almost every day. Most artist that have large budgets are able to pay for advertisement and promotion about the upcoming releases, however the most genuine form of pre-album hype is when fans anxiously post on almost every social media platform about how great the album will be before it even comes out. Music artist honestly do not need to focus on buying advertisements for an upcoming album thanks to the help of social media. A simple tweet hinting to an upcoming album to their fans could leave all the promotion work to everyone who follows them. Along with other types of self-promotion, there are methods to successfully post about new music without being too aggressive, like sounding genuine about why the fans should be excited and most importantly by being interacted and responding to feedback. Eager fans will create content like memes or other graphics showing their support and excitement toward their preferred artist’s work. image1In order to have gotten to the level of having fans promote music, the artist had to have previously released quality music that at one point gained the trust of the people the artist had attempted to market to. Since people are now creating visual graphics of their anticipation, it will get more attention than fans just typing out to friends that they should get the new album that is releasing soon. Once an album or single from a music artist is released the content produced by fans will most likely increase. Lately the albums that I have been suggested to listen to are from Kendrick Lamar and the group called Gorillaz, and if there were not the constant praise on social media about the music I would not have taken the time to listen to them. Social media is needed for music artist when it comes to spreading the news of an incoming album, because it promotes to large amounts of people at once without having to pay for constant marketing.



Snapchat Me That Filter


(Via Eliah Davila)

BY: ELIAH DAVILA |@essenceofeliah

I am a young woman that loves snapping selfies, but I also love keeping up with snap streaks on none other than Snapchat! Young and old most of the population knows what Snapchat is. What is more popular than the app itself you may ask? The famous Snapchat filters of course. Every user has their favorite filter the dog, vomiting rainbows, or maybe the infamous flower crown. To give a little background about what I am talking about the app uses face recognition technology to attach and transform your face to many different themes. Some marketers have used this feature to promote businesses for a certain amount of time. Gatorade has used it to digitally pour Gatorade on your head and Taco Bell has used the feature to turn your face into a hard taco. I never paid much attention to the feature until recently. Last week I was sitting in my car waiting for class to start then I began to play with the new Snapchat filters. This day Snapchat had filters that only effected the change of your facial features and added aesthetic changes like longer lashes and clearer skin. I also decided not to wear makeup this day so when I used the filter then looked at the picture of myself I was taken back by the drastic changes. This filter was far beyond making me a Starbucks unicorn, this filter photo shopped my face and imperfections with one click of a button. I was not upset by the difference of the photos because what else do you expect from an app. Although, as I took on the internet to see if anyone else was amazed by the filter’s results to my surprise many people have an opinion on how Snapchat alters user’s facial features. There is much talk over social media saying that Snapchat is using filters to uphold the unrealistic beauty standard that is pushed to consumers. I believe Snapchat from a business prospective is not trying to uphold an ideal beauty. I believe the company is making an effort to stay afloat in the app industry by providing all things in one app. Snapchat using such drastic filter settings is what helps keep the app ranked above picture editing apps like Facetune and other photo shopping apps. Snapchat is ranked above all social media apps and for reasons like offering so much like a photo enhancement in just one touch is a genius marketing plan.



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How To Successfully Use Instagram for Marketing

By: Kayla Henson | @kayla_hensonn

Yes, you read that right.

Instagram, with over 500 million active monthly users, is one of the fastest growing social networks of this generation. What was once a site with servers consistently crashing has blossomed over the years into a vital website for any personal or professional brand to have.




It’s simple. Instagram sets itself apart from other social networks by demanding highly visually pleasing images/videos to draw a large audience to the content.

While it is more challenging to grow an audience for your brand on Instagram as compared to sites like Twitter, it can most definitely still be accomplished.

Here are some good rules of thumb for {organically} growing your brand on Instagram. (For more great tips, read the full article from

  • Post high-quality pictures
    • You want to draw attention to your brand? The first step is to make your feed as aesthetically pleasing as possible. The good news? You don’t have to be a professional photographer to make this happen! Just make sure you’re shooting captivating shots with good lighting, and to shoot square photos.
  • Take advantage of tagging
    • Want to improve your business-to-business relationships? Instagram can be a perfect tool for that. Be generous in tagging each other, and be creative with it! An example of this would be a restaurant giving a quick S/O to their local brewery. This increases traffic for the local business, and increases recognition for the restaurant. Win-win!
    • Don’t be afraid to use this tactic for business-to-consumer relationships as well! Give your audience an incentive to tag your brand, like giving them a S/O by reposting and tagging them back. Let them know you appreciate the love! does an amazing job at letting their Instagram audience feel the love.
  • Instagram influencers = your inside link to the consumers
    • Want endorsements for your brand but don’t have the cash to snag celebrities? No worries, that’s what influencers are here for. Influencers are people with a large, interactive follower base whose opinions are trusted by their audience. Let me make this as clear as possible; You absolutely need these people to grow your brand. How to get them? Reach out and even offer them compensation by sending samples of your products for them to try. You want these influencers to post about your product because it increases your brand’s growth. People want to hear about your brand from people they trust, and influencers are the bridge you need to reach that audience.

There are so many new tools (like the new Instagram stories and live video options) that are sending Instagram through the roof of potential in the marketing world. Your brand could easily benefit from this social network by investing in really communicating with your audience and putting out fun, thoughtful, and visually pleasing content.

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Influencer or Journalist?

By: Donald Smith

As technology has expanded the range of professions such as marketing, advertising and public relations so has their definitions been blurred. Not many can really tell the difference between each profession anymore because they all do similar functions with the expanded technology. This is mostly seen when it comes to the use of social media.

[Social Media Tree] By Cision
However, the professions we’re looking at today are digital influencers and journalists. If you are part of one of these professions, you may be scratching your head in wonderment of how these two could be blurred. Well, you are not the only ones. Stephen Waddington, Chief Engagement Officer at Ketchum, wrote in an opinion piece for The Drum how social media influencers would not be able to replace journalists. He says this because influencers release content that is more involved with brands, such as beauty products, rather than breaking news stories similar to government ordinances and Spotlight.

Although Waddington was right in that scenario, influencers have been becoming more prevalent than reporters in other “beats” of reporting. The increase in prevalence has been most noticeable in the reporting for beauty products. It was also noticed by Rachel Strugatz, Market Editor at WWD, in this article for the Los Angeles Times. She writes about her observation on the power of a certain influencer, Arielle Charnas of Something Navy. Charnas did a review on her Snapchat about a gel mask, which was responsible for many sales. Charnas’ ability to be a figure with enough clout to move sales put her close to, if not on, the same level of beauty magazine editors and writers. After further investigation, Strugatz found that these “digital influencers” were overtaking those who had been in power for decades as consumers trust influencers more than magazines.

So the question now is, can influencers start becoming journalists, or by chance, remove journalists from the equation? This particular battle is going to be over who can truly “control” social media. The reason for control over social media is because that is where both parties are most active on nowadays. They are most active on social media for different reasons. Influencers became a force through social media, while journalist had to adapt to social media to stay true to their principle of timeliness. A journalist also uses social media for information gathering and interacting with the audience as told by Cision in their blog post. I did not include traditional media because it is not as powerful as social media is today for a large number of people as can be seen in Rooster PR’s blog post. Here are statistics from Cision on how social media has impacted the profession of journalism.

Even with everything, both influencers and journalists need to exist because they serve different functions. We may see some industries switch between the two as it is happening with beauty products. Perhaps there could possibly be a merger between the two as Mark Schaefer said in his blog, “A brand journalist.”

Professional Certifications To Get Ahead

In your career, you should always be looking to get ahead of the game. Sometime that requires getting certain certifications to benefit and enhance your professional skills. As new technology arrives in your field, you must adapt and play catch up so that you can keep up with the competitive job field.

As I am finishing up my graduate studies the next few weeks it got me thinking what I will do next to keep my resume strong and in the running with others in my field. After researching and talking to different marketer; professional skill certifications came into play. Online certifications can be done from home on my own time and can be completed within weeks or even a few short months. So, the search began…


During my tweet chats for class I stumbled upon Hootsuite’s website a few times and their article, “Brand Certifications to make you a better Social Media Marketer” caught my attention just the other day. One- I highly recommend looking at their website for tips and two- their chats are informative and great to create new connections.  This article talks about the six different marketing certifications that will benefit your social media skills. Three out of the six I had never heard before. That is little scary! Each platform mentions the courses provided and projects that are included. It goes over Digital Marketing with Udacity, Social Media Marketing with Facebook Blueprint, SEO with Goggle Adwords, Real-time marketing with Twitter Flight School, Pinterest Propel, and Hootsuite Academy. I would say Hootsuite Academy and Real-time marketing with Twitter are my top two that I will personally be considering. Every certification counts and can make a different in each job. Another certification that I came across and am currently in the process of finishing is called Project Management Professional (PMP) which shows how to manage others, strategize multifaceted variables, and implement a project from beginning to end.

Surprisingly, the more you keep yourself engaged and updated the greater the advantage you will have in your workplace.

What are you waiting for? Get to it!!


The Growth of Influencers just Higher

By Maia Wilson



Image Source

Utilizing influencers as a way to better market to target customers is one tactic that many companies are using quite regularly. No longer are companies and/or brands advertising through infomercials and cheesy advertising. They know that influencers such as bloggers, youtubers, and microbloggers are the best way to get product to their customer in a genuine and rapid way.

First we ask ourselves who are bloggers and how do they have so much power?! AN influencer, in the simplest state of the word is an person online who has a wide following of people who are both active and engaged ( Because influencers are meant to provide honest opinions of products they use, they are seen as the most reliable to their audience. In this state, the more people influencers get to buy the products they like the better the company does. So, as a company, why wouldn’t you want to have the influencers on your side? 

There has a been a major decrease of advertisements in print whether it be magazines, newspapers, or mail. So much in fact, that influencer media has over taken this form of advertising. According to, 84% of marketers are planning to or already use influencers as a marketing tool. These numbers only seem to be getting larger as the internet and mobile phones are becoming the new way to shop.

The key to imparting influencers into a company’s marketing plan is to make sure to the company chooses the right influencers for their company. Some influencers are perfect for one brand but make no sense for another. It is important for marketers to do their research on who to choose for their target market. With the right talented influencer for each company, marketing will be revolutionized into a trusty and genuine world of products.


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Fashion Brands Dominate the Usage of Instagram as a Marketing Strategy

Screen Shot 2017-04-02 at 11.54.17 PM

By Jacqui Simses

(Featured Photo Source)

The Rise of Instagram Marketing

It has been evident for a while now that Instagram isn’t just a social network to share photos among friends and family. In fact, Instagram has an astonishing 600 active monthly users as of December 2016, the last 100 million of which joined just in the prior six months. In a world where visual content remains a crucial part of any business’ marketing strategy, Instagram presents a unique opportunity to visually represent brands, showcase its personality and keep it top-of-mind for all users who scroll through their Instagram feeds every single day.

Fashion Brands vs. Other Brands

The fashion industry has become one of the most competitive industries on social media. Fashion brands have capitalized on social with the rise of e-commerce to support revenue streams that complement physical stores. This has resulted in social media becoming the new cornerstone of their marketing strategies.

Although brands from all different markets are finding great success from the usage of their Instagram accounts, fashion brands specifically receive significantly more followers and interactions making these brands one of the biggest and most engaging profiles on Instagram. Due to the natural fit for the highly visual Instagram platform, fashion brands are way ahead of all other brands in terms of Instagram performance.

Screen Shot 2017-04-03 at 1.02.58 AM

(Photo Source)


Screen Shot 2017-04-03 at 1.03.45 AM(Photo Source)

Best Content Strategies

The foundation of success on Instagram lies in good content planning. Data from Socialbakers Solutions proves that fashion brands tend to post more photos than videos – in the first half of 2016, 93% of content posted by fashion brands on Instagram were images, compared to the 7% of videos. These numbers do not directly translate into generating engagement, though, as videos received marginally more interactions than images.

Whether it’s photos or videos, it’s no secret that in order to gain followers and generate interactions on Instagram, the brand needs to post exclusive, eye-catching content, But which of the two really works best?

Screen Shot 2017-04-03 at 1.02.11 AM

(Photo Source)

Victoria’s Secret: The brand doing it differently, but still leading

Victoria’s Secret is leading the pack in followers and interactions, thanks to leveraging a wealth of content – from photo shoots to a hefty amount of brand equity offline to other social channels

Victoria Secret differs from other fashion brands using Instagram marketing due to its slightly different content strategy. The company’s profile is comprised of 18% videos and 82% images, and their images generated on average 10,000 more interactions than their videos – a testament to the importance of creating quality content and in knowing your audience’s preferences on the platform.

Victoria’s Secret posted more videos than the average fashion brand on Instagram – 82% were images, and 18% were videos. On average, their images gained roughly 10,000 more interactions than their video content. Overall, Victoria’s Secret content on Instagram is more engaging than the fashion industry benchmark.

Screen Shot 2017-04-03 at 1.01.08 AM

(Photo Source)

Who does it best? 

While the top 10 most popular profiles include couture names like Michael Kors, Dior, Gucci and others, high street retailers such as Forever21, H&M and previously mentioned Victoria’s Secret, tend to do a better job at driving up Interactions and keeping their community engaged.

Screen Shot 2017-04-03 at 1.05.17 AM(Photo Source)

Screen Shot 2017-04-03 at 1.06.32 AM(Photo Source)




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