Music Artists Need Social Media

By: Kalyn Baxter

Music in the form of singles or albums are released almost every day. Most artist that have large budgets are able to pay for advertisement and promotion about the upcoming releases, however the most genuine form of pre-album hype is when fans anxiously post on almost every social media platform about how great the album will be before it even comes out. Music artist honestly do not need to focus on buying advertisements for an upcoming album thanks to the help of social media. A simple tweet hinting to an upcoming album to their fans could leave all the promotion work to everyone who follows them. Along with other types of self-promotion, there are methods to successfully post about new music without being too aggressive, like sounding genuine about why the fans should be excited and most importantly by being interacted and responding to feedback. Eager fans will create content like memes or other graphics showing their support and excitement toward their preferred artist’s work. image1In order to have gotten to the level of having fans promote music, the artist had to have previously released quality music that at one point gained the trust of the people the artist had attempted to market to. Since people are now creating visual graphics of their anticipation, it will get more attention than fans just typing out to friends that they should get the new album that is releasing soon. Once an album or single from a music artist is released the content produced by fans will most likely increase. Lately the albums that I have been suggested to listen to are from Kendrick Lamar and the group called Gorillaz, and if there were not the constant praise on social media about the music I would not have taken the time to listen to them. Social media is needed for music artist when it comes to spreading the news of an incoming album, because it promotes to large amounts of people at once without having to pay for constant marketing.



Snapchat Me That Filter


(Via Eliah Davila)

BY: ELIAH DAVILA |@essenceofeliah

I am a young woman that loves snapping selfies, but I also love keeping up with snap streaks on none other than Snapchat! Young and old most of the population knows what Snapchat is. What is more popular than the app itself you may ask? The famous Snapchat filters of course. Every user has their favorite filter the dog, vomiting rainbows, or maybe the infamous flower crown. To give a little background about what I am talking about the app uses face recognition technology to attach and transform your face to many different themes. Some marketers have used this feature to promote businesses for a certain amount of time. Gatorade has used it to digitally pour Gatorade on your head and Taco Bell has used the feature to turn your face into a hard taco. I never paid much attention to the feature until recently. Last week I was sitting in my car waiting for class to start then I began to play with the new Snapchat filters. This day Snapchat had filters that only effected the change of your facial features and added aesthetic changes like longer lashes and clearer skin. I also decided not to wear makeup this day so when I used the filter then looked at the picture of myself I was taken back by the drastic changes. This filter was far beyond making me a Starbucks unicorn, this filter photo shopped my face and imperfections with one click of a button. I was not upset by the difference of the photos because what else do you expect from an app. Although, as I took on the internet to see if anyone else was amazed by the filter’s results to my surprise many people have an opinion on how Snapchat alters user’s facial features. There is much talk over social media saying that Snapchat is using filters to uphold the unrealistic beauty standard that is pushed to consumers. I believe Snapchat from a business prospective is not trying to uphold an ideal beauty. I believe the company is making an effort to stay afloat in the app industry by providing all things in one app. Snapchat using such drastic filter settings is what helps keep the app ranked above picture editing apps like Facetune and other photo shopping apps. Snapchat is ranked above all social media apps and for reasons like offering so much like a photo enhancement in just one touch is a genius marketing plan.



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Social Media Marketing: More Important Than You Think

By: Gabriela Perez

When thinking of marketing, the first thing that pops into someone’s head is a bunch of well-dressed people in an office looking at graphs. However, social media has changed the game, and made marketing so much easier and effective for companies, business and pretty much anyone.

This year, I’ve had the honor of being one of the UNT University Program Council (UPC) Live Music Coordinators. From booking artists, to making reservations and working with tech, we basically plan these events from the ground up. However, you can build and plan all you want, but if no one knows about the event, no one will come.


That’s where social media marketing comes in.


I’m currently in the process of planning North by North Texas (NXNT), UPC’s end of the year music festival. Currently in its third year, the festival began as a way to showcase local Denton acts. However, the student body has wanted more national acts to perform at the school. This year, we are bring machineheart and DREAMERS, two national bands that are on the rise along with local pop star Jessie Frye and The Marfa Lights, a student band.


Creidt: Machineheart website

With an event of this size, making sure that we’re reaching our target audience through social media is extremely important, and the team and I have come up with a couple of different ways to market by using the different platforms.

The more people that see our posts, the more that are informed. Because of this, we are using twitter and Instagram as a way to reach a large audience online through social media contests. Our plan is to giveaway prize packs and meet & greet passes for the different artists by having students retweet and follow the UPC twitter account. Techniques like these have proved effective in the past, so hopefully having multiple contests will help us reach a larger audience.

We’ve also decided to utilize Facebook to create an event page for NXNT, allowing people to invite their friends and rsvp if they choose. Although this isn’t an accurate technique (since not everyone plans on going rsvp’s) it’s still a good way to get the word out.

Not all social media plans are perfect and the results may vary. But if utilizing social media to the best of our ability gives us high attendance at NXNT, I’ll be a happy camper.




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Pepsi Co or Pepsi..NO?!

Photo Via Pepsi

Eliah Davila |@essenceofeliah

If you’ve been logged on to any social media platform this last week it was hard to ignore the Kendall Jenner slander. You may have chimed in or just watched the Pepsi advertisement yourself to catch up on the Jenner gossip and let it play itself out. Either way everyone online has agreed on one idea of the advertisement, it was bad. Not only does the advertisement try to represent people of all walks of life but it also stepped on many toes. The video advertisement had hip Kendall Jenner strip off her wardrobe from her modeling shoot and join a march of people with protesting signs. At the climax of the video Jenner hands a cop a Pepsi and the crowd follows with joyful cheers. Social media revolted against the video. No one defended the advertisement and it left everyone unsettled even led Pepsi to quickly pull the advertisement from the media. Pepsi gave their condolences to the public not defending the advertisement but explaining the company was aiming for “a global message of unity, peace and understanding” and continuing by admitting “Clearly we missed the mark, and we apologize”. This advertisement did get unity though. People like Martin Luther King’s daughter Bernice King spoke up against the advertisement tweeting “If only Daddy would have known about the power of #Pepsi” along with a photo of Dr.King being held back by a group of cops. Also, Black Voices Associate Editor at The Huffington Post Taryn Finley tweeted “Kendall Jenner gives a Pepsi to a cop and rids the world of -isms. Y’all can go somewhere with this tone-deaf, shallow and over-produced ad” disagreeing with the advertisement completely. Many users of twitter put their two cents in about the advertisement by adding memes and speakings about the insensitive message. Pop star Madonna made a point trying to defend not Pepsi but Kendall Jenner herself on an Instagram post captioning “When you wake up and realize that S*** just really doesn’t make sense. Side  Note: My Pepsi commercial was pulled 30 years ago because I was kissing a black saint! #ironic” following with a separate post of Madonna carrying a Coca-Cola can. If Pepsi’s goal was unity, the agreement is that all users of social media united to agree this advertisement was just not the solution the world needs.




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Music and Media

By: Gabriela C. Perez

The iHeartRadio Music Awards took place on March 5, 2017. Source: iHeartRadio

Social media has changed the game in more ways than we can count, and it showed Sunday night during the 52nd Academy of Country Music Awards.


University of North Texas Alumni Maren Morris came out victorious, winning the award for New Female Vocalist of the Year. Awards coverage could be found all over social media, to where users like me didn’t even have to be anywhere near a television set to find out what was going on.


This isn’t the first time that social media has helped to up the ante for an awards show.


Last month, the 3rd annual iHeartRadio music awards was the event clogging up our timelines. However, social media really did make a big difference for the show in a couple of unexpected ways.


A couple of categories allowed fans to retweet their nominee in exchange for a vote, which is a smart marketing technique on iHeartRadio’s part. The more people that are seeing it across their feeds, the more interaction and response you’ll get.


You even had celebrities who couldn’t make it to the event giving acceptance speeches on Snapchat! What more could you ask for?


However, social media was also what to led to a huge mistake on the award show’s part. During the show, it was announced that Zayn Malik had won Best Music Video, who gave his acceptance speech through Snapchat since he couldn’t be at the show. The video, which featured girl friend and music video co-star Gigi Hadid, was shared across social media thousands of times, as fans congratulated the former One Direction star.

The catch?


He didn’t win. The award was actually meant for Fifth Harmony.


The solution? Create a brand new category, Best Solo Breakout Star, and name Zayn the winner of that instead.

Making the shows interactive for the audience not only bolsters social media attention, but also raises the show’s television rating. People like being a part of something and having a voice, so giving them that power serves as an advantage for everyone. With the extra attention comes extra responsibility in making sure that everything being posted is accurate.
The iHeartRadio music awards handled what could have been a disastrous situation in a well-thought out way. Just be a little bit more careful next time…


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The Story of Drunk Dante and How Brayon Potillo and Jack Vance are building a brand through Social Media

by Brayon Potillo

Hello Everyone. Your all time favorite UNT student writer is back with another great blog post. While last week’s blog post came from a Creamery in West Hollywood on Spring Break, this one is coming from my hotel room in Tampa Florida. You may wonder why I’m telling you this, but it has to do with today’s blog post. More importantly, my social brand and how I am using social media to market the story of Drunk Dante.

Processed with VSCO with b1 preset

photo of Brayon Potillo & Jack Vance

A lot of you may wonder, “what is Drunk Dante” and “how does it relate to social media,” but buckle your seatbelts it’s about to get ambitious! 3 years ago, while sitting in my college apartment, I was starving both literally and mentally. I was famished due to lack of money and no one cared to hear my story. Coincidentally, the same day I hit my lowest became the greatest day of my life. This day was the day I came up with the idea of Vertical Sounds, but I had no idea of what it would be. Fast forward, I am now using this platform to market the story of Jack Vance and I; The beginning of Vertical Sounds and of Drunk Dante.

Processed with VSCO with b1 preset

photo by Brayon Potillo of Jack Vance

Drunk Dante is a song that tells the story of how Jack Vance transitioned from Denton, TX to Los Angeles, CA. It is also about how we rekindled our friendship in order to deliver great music and a great story to the world through social media. Vertical Sounds is a creative platform created by myself to market artists and teach them how to create an image through PR and market it through social media. Here are three steps of how I did it.

  1. Instagram Content and Graphics

First, I built momentum through the posting of Instagram content and graphics. While, Jack isn’t very social media savvy, I built a weekly posting regimen of what we would post and how we would post. We sat down and came up with concepts and a theme to attract individuals to our page and story. We wanted it to be displayed as something extravagant so we marketed the song as a motion picture and mimicked Quentin Tarantino ads. With Photoshop, I created the ads you can see below:

graphics by Brayon Potillo

2. Website and Campaign 

Next, I built up my website and made it aesthetically pleasing to the eye. If you visit, on the first page you will see the campaign we are currently hosting called the #ImHere Campaign where we want people to tell their story in order to build a community in our music. Moreover, if they participate they automatically receive a free sticker pack and are entered into a raffle to receive a mystery pack. After, I ask for a quality photo and create a graphic you can see below:


Graphic by Brayon Potillo

3. Patience, Sacrifice, and Work

Lastly, these three things are the keys to everything that I’ve done over the course of this journey. You will need patience when something isn’t going as planned and you want to reach a certain height of success that may take a couple of months to a year to build. Sometimes you may forget to turn in an assignment, because you are at a meeting in Houston building for your future and that is okay. Just know, that if you make those sacrifices you will have to put in that work to be successful.

Photo Citations:

All photos and graphics were taken on my Canon Rebel T5 and edited by myself in Photoshop


Dallas Nightlife, a Quick Overview

By: Ruben Garcia | @kingrubencito


Dallas is a central hub for everything. Dallas is the third largest city in the state of Texas and the ninth largest city in the United States. Businesses, entertainers, shoppers, etc. flock to Dallas for the latest trends. For entertainment purposes, Dallas has much to offer as far as concert venues, nightclubs, and bars.

Uptown Dallas has infamous top-notch bars such as The Den, Concrete Cowboy, and Clutch. These are the “hip” bars where much of the 21-30 crowd goes. Uptown caters to more of the upscale crowd where everyone dresses to impress and you will most likely find a local and famous celebrity.  Southern Methodist University (SMU) is down the street so you will see a mix of frat guys, sorority girls, Dallas locals, and businessmen in suits chugging a beer.

Traveling Man

Just around the corner of Downtown Dallas, you will find Deep Ellum. Here you will find the hipster, Tumblr-users, aesthetics crowd that loves to enjoy vibes and take cool Instagram pictures. If you go to the location tab and click on Deep Ellum, Texas and scroll through, you are bound to find many artsy Instagram users and photographers who love to take pictures since Deep Ellum is a huge art deco area that was transformed from old industrial buildings. Hotspots here are bars like Punk Society, which plays the Top 40, Salseras, a hip-hop/latin nightclub, and other small hole-in-the-wall bars that play disco music, Erykah Badu, and upcoming artists.

An upcoming neighborhood, Bishop Arts District, is a transformation of old houses and small warehouses that host many boutiques, bars, and restaurants. This neighborhood is in the middle of Oak Cliff and has recently been in a heated debate between the city and home owners in the area because of the Manhattan Project. This project has demolished homes of people who have lived in the area for decades and raised property taxes for the neighborhood, originally a low-income area that has been gentrified. Nonetheless, a great place to shop and dine.