Adele Has a Secret Twitter Account

March 21, 2017 Jennifer Atanasoff

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Yes, Adele fans, you read this correctly. But, if you’re really an Adele fan you (probably) already knew this.

Famous singer of Hello, Rolling in the Deep, and Someone Like You, has revealed that she has a secret Twitter account that her management doesn’t even know about. She enjoys drunk tweeting and privately lurking other accounts without her management team knowing.

If you are not caught up to speed with this, let me rewind a little bit.

Adele’s management team handles her Twitter account because she used to drunk tweet. This became public knowledge in 2015 when Adele said, “I’m not allowed to access my own Twitter, because I’m quite mouthy and I say the wrong thing a lot of the time. So they took that privilege away from me.”

Honestly, fans can tell that Adele doesn’t have access to her own account because she’s not her funny, sarcastic image on Twitter. It’s more of a business account rather than personal.

At a recent concert in Brisbane, Australia, Adele told the crowd, “I was looking on Twitter last night… They don’t know I have a secret account. Well, obviously they do know, because I said that. By they, I mean my management.”

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Many news outlets, blogs, and Twitter users are talking about Adele’s secret Twitter account. Everyone and their mother is trying to find her account to read her iconic, hilarious sense of humor.

Even Perez Hilton, a famous American blogger, columnist and television personality, who is best known for covering gossip columns about celebrities via his blog,, is eager to find Adele’s hidden account.

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Many other, regular people like me, are curious as to what Adele’s secret Twitter handle could be so we can see what hilarious things she’s saying on it.

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The Persona of Chance The Rapper and the PR secret to his Independent Success

by Brayon Potillo

As many of you read this headline you probably began to wonder “who is Chance the Rapper?” To some he is Chancelor Bennett from 79th,  born and raised on Chicago’s southside to Ken Bennett and Lisa Bennett. To others Chance is well…a rapper, but there is much more to him than the releasing of music on a platform for the sole purpose of making money. There lies within him a unique purpose in what he’s doing and a strong force behind him. Although, Chance claims blessings keep falling in his lap, we got to thank God for the knowledge he blessed him with as well.

Chance the rapper is a 23-year-old music mogul who has not only built up independent success with a net worth of 5 Million off of free music, touring, and merchandise. He also received 3 Grammys from this past Annual Grammy Award show. A lot of people would attribute this success to God and Chance’s divine relationship with him; however, we can also can attribute this to Chances’ team and his incredible PR strategies/skills. After observing his credible success, I found three major keys (as DJ Khaled would say) to his rise from Chicago’s slums to Chicago’s best.

la-the-59th-grammy-awards-show-20170212.jpgChance at the Grammys 2017

1.Brand Development

First, we have brand development! Unlike many artists, Chance saw the full product as opposed to seeing them as separate ingredients. Chance knew that being an independent artist meant building a brand following from a brand image. From his relationship with God to his unique Chance 3 New Era caps, it all became an inspiration which created loyalty with his fans and led to the rules of the Grammys being changed. Chance the Rapper’s Brand is the most important reason why he is here and why people want to be him. Brand development is the most important piece of being an independent artist and having an outstanding image.


 Chance 3 Art Cover

2. Quality

Next, on the list we have quality! From his merchandise and advertising to his music, Chance has a quality to himself that I just do not see in any other artist. This is because coming from an independent artist standpoint, QUALITY can either make or break you. Besides your brand, the quality of your brand is what attracts people to you. For instance, there are artists who drop tons of music and never see any success, while Chance has only dropped 3 tapes and has 3 Grammys. You would think coincidence, but it’s all about the quality folks.

3. Marketing

Lastly, Chance’s marketing is the final component in his independence. An example of this would be the campaign Chance ran for his recent project “Chance 3” where he allowed his fans to print copies of the cover art and plaster it around the United States. Moreover, having customizable merch and hosting private events, which builds more loyalty amongst your base. It allows them to feel important, besides the customer is always right! In fact, the Thank you Obama Campaign he ran with Merchandise thanking the Obamas for their time and contributions while in office. Moreover, Chance is a marketing genius besides the music prodigy of Kanye West.

ChpE3nRUgAAMBr7.jpg-large.jpgChance Posters at NYU


Customizable merch via

f5eeb2d8-6dbb-8500-a93c-497f9258b95b1486070571588.jpegChance Thank You Obama Merchandise

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Third Time’s a Charm

‘Twas the night before South By, and all through the halls, not a creature was sleeping, with all the fan calls.

A SXSW Preview

By Devyn Bernal


This year marks the 30th anniversary of South By South West, an annual conglomerate of interactive media and technology, film, and musical shows. If you’ve never been, I highly recommend you grab a pen and piece of paper and get to Austin, Texas as quickly as you can (through the beloved traffic). *Badge not required, if you’re up for a challenge.

In my third year of preparations for this community of events, I feel less overwhelmed than I did in 2015. That year, I happened to be along for the ride, and being dragged around by my friends to catch a POSSIBLE glimpse of an artist or celebrity wore out quickly. I remember being so exhausted from walking miles around the city, I gave up on the festivities two days in. As I recall, I promised myself I wouldn’t waste my time with SXSW again… clearly my will power is unleveled. It wasn’t until the last day when I went to the Special Kicks party for free and watched Chance the Rapper that I realized the magic SXSW beholds.

In 2016, I decided to give one of the world’s biggest conventions another go, and this time I planned every aspect of the week. I knew who I wanted to see, where they would be, and the length of time they would perform. Unfortunately, I did not count for the people who crashed on my couch and slowed me down, the unbearable Austin heat that rolled through, and how badly this new pair of sandals would ruin me (DO NOT wear new shoes to walk ostensively around the city). My only highlight was the Game of Thrones exhibit on 5th St., although I didn’t get a picture on the Iron Throne so Cersei would’ve been disappointed. Second year, second failure.

So why would I give SXSW a third chance? I’ve grown up, and in my wise, old age, I know what I’m looking for this time. This year, I’m more excited about the interactive segment of the week-long convention. I have an invitation to GSD&M’s annual SXSW party, where I’ll gain knowledge and ideas on creative advertising channels. I have time saved to visit Samsung’s setup at Hotel Van Zandt, where they will preview new apps and programs to enhance your social media communication (for business or pleasure). The alcoholic beverage company I market for is the sponsor for the badge pick-up tent, and the live-action Instagram camera they have set up has already gained hundreds of new followers for our brand. What I’m getting at is that SXSW is the perfect place to communicate your message, and network to find new relationships for your business. I am anxious to visit the SXSW Marketplace, where a couple of my friends were approved as vendors (so proud!) and I even have a DJ friend from L.A. flying in to do a show at the end of the week. Not to mention, ya’ll don’t even KNOW how much I’ve missed Austin’s taco trucks! During this week, you’ll never be hungry because there is food everywhere. It’s heavenly.


I hope this blog provides some insight on the treasures SXSW holds, even if you have to dig and get dirty to find them. There are several Twitter accounts that update shows and appearances, but don’t let them overwhelm you, as it is impossible to be in two place at once, and even more impossible to get from Lamar to East 6th in less than 30 minutes with traffic. It’s important to remember that SXSW is what you make of it, but you’re never going to make it all, so enjoy the highlights most worth it to you. As for me, I plan on diving in, and I hope I return from Spring Break with my best South By stories yet!



SoundCloud Connects Artist Through Social Media

When you think of how an artist releases music, what do you picture? An artist goes to a recording studio, records their track, and then the label releases it right? Not so much. A majority of musicians do no have a label deal or a recording studio. What do these musicians do? They release their music online on websites such as Soundcloud for free. It cancels out the cost of a label and gives you control of all the content you want to release. However, something interesting happened when these artist starting putting out their content on SoundCloud.

It built a 300 million user community. Musicians started sharing their content and started partnering up to become famous. Some SoundCloud musicians even become successful artist. Chance the Rapper is the first that comes to my mind.  This success stems from the use of social media connecting with SoundCloud. SoundCloud can promote underground talent without outrageous cost. However, it can also connect the underground musicians with the best in the industry.

For example, in 2012, Snoop Dogg discovered Polish artist Iza Lach via Soundcloud. He was so interested in what he heard, he flew out to Poland, recorded some sings with the musician, and ultimately signed her to his label (Leslie Horn, June 2014). SoundCloud became the avenue for a star to get recognized by a superstar. 

SoundCloud has become important tool for musicians worldwide. Finding hidden talent isn’t the only use for SoundCloud. Huge icons such as Kanye and Drake release songs off of the website. This is unheard of in the music industry. They release their songs exclusively on SoundCloud before iTunes can even claim it.

In fact, this occurred Feb. 28, 2017, when in the middle of night, Kanye West dropped his new song Bed. Within minutes, people were tweeting about it. Why go through a label when you can go straight to the people? This is the trend that is continuing to occur.

Social media can make musicians famous overnight. Advertisers need to start placing ads on these pages if they wish to gain revenues. Label deals will need to incentivize their value over SoundCloud because from what I can tell. SoundCloud has changed the game forever.


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A Business at Your Tumbs

Snapchat is still relatively new in the social media world, and more and more companies are expanding their advertising tactics to include Snapchat to reach consumers.

But how are these companies able to reach so many consumers through a simple, on-demand photo sharing phone application?  One of Snapchat’s most popular feature are its geo-filters. These filters are based on locations and vary by city or big event, such as a concert or sports games. Snapchat also offers interactive filters provided Snapchat or by sponsoring companies. Businesses usually create these to promote a certain event or product launch. Movie companies also create interactive filters, sometimes featuring characters from the film in order to promote themselves in a fun, creative, and easy way.

In case you can’t picture it, this is what I’m talking about. something like this is what you’d see what you’d see visiting Las Vegas or when you’re near a Starbucks.

Snapchat makes it super easy to create one of these filters by providing a template, instructions, and even icons and stickers you can use to help you get started! You can find more information here, straight from the source.

Aside from being able to create a custom filter, companies are also buying advertisement slots on universal Snapchat stories. Universal stories and “live” stories are stories available for everyone with a Snapchat to see (within a certain time frame), and are a blend of stories from Snapchat users at big social events, such as the Oscars or the Superbowl. Every so often of tapping through these stories comes an ad, the same length as a 10-second Snapchat video. These ads are a great way to get interaction and views of a company’s product since they are seen by a big majority of active users.

These are amazing opportunities to gain more consumers, since those consumers are getting more intimate, behind-the-scenes look at lives of all-stars, celebrities, and more. The more included and involved a consumer feels, the more likely they are to be a regular consumer.

Social Media, the Free Way to Increase Ticket Sales.

By: Ruben Garcia | @kingrubencito


In this day of age, anything can be promoted through social media. I decided to write about music festivals because I love the vibes at concerts, festivals, performances, etc. especially when they are your favorite artist. The atmosphere is indescribable. My (not so) serious career path was to be a concert promoter but that was lost in the past. I also decided to write about music festivals because when I was brainstorming ideas for this week’s blog, I was scrolling through my Instagram feed and saw that Waka Flocka Flame is performing in May and I instantly texted my friends that I was ready to buy my ticket. I then thought “Wow, if I had never went on Instagram….then I wouldn’t have known Waka Flocka was performing and I wouldn’t have bought a ticket so soon.” So now here I am writing about how fast the great social media can increase ticket sales.


Sites like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Instagram are a primary pathway for spreading the word far and fast throughout the world. Most of the developed world is constantly on their phones. This way we are always updated on what is the next greatest hit, who is on their come-up, and what artist in coming into town. The famous company, Eventbrite, where we buy tickets from, has studied the impact social media has had on promoting concerts, festivals, etc. Likes and shares on Facebook are a powerful source of promotion. When everything is calculated up, here we see how a share and/or tweet can increase ticket sales in just a matter of minutes.

  • Each share on Facebook: $4.15 in future ticket sales; 15 page views per share
  • Each tweet on Twitter: $2.18 in future ticket sales; 28 page views

By giving fans and music-lovers a link, a post, or share, it is almost inevitable to receive free promotion. Because at the end of the day, you must know your audience in order to be successful!


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The Marketing and PR Behind Frank Ocean’s Endless & Blonde and its kick towards the Music Industry

By Brayon Potillo

Frank Ocean is a man, a myth, and a legend. A man who has single handedly inspired a generation with both his poise and his distinct voice. A myth due to his brief absence as if only to be a children’s tale. Lastly, a legend for the marketing impact behind his sophomore releases of Endless & Blonde.


Frank Ocean is 28-year-old singer/songwriter, who helped pen tracks for the likes of many artists until signing a music contract with Island Def Jam in 2011; however, the system behind the label was faulty and it held Frank’s potential, but in the faultiness it inspired a new rebellion. Indeed, Frank Ocean had signed a bad deal and was soon to begin his season of being a sat on the bench for a number of seasons until put in the game. Frank was a genius, but his genius would go unnoticed until the free release of Nostalgia, Ultra. To those who remember this release, it came as no surprise with a statement of  disatisfaction towards the label, which proceeded to get the label’s attention and allowed a commercial release.

Frank’s Statement to Def Jam

Screen Shot 2017-02-19 at 7.33.49 PM.png

Although, the mess had been cleaned up, Frank had not forgotten about the spilled beans and proceeded in anonymity to offer one of the greatest releases and marketing schemes Generation Y has seen since the duration of his previous works. Frank had planned on dropping two albums. One under that would fulfill his contractual obligations under Def Jam and another that would release independent via 


Endless the visual album Frank released, which the 45-minute video shows Frank building a stairway while featuring 18 new songs; but, why via boysdontcry? I remember that night where twitter was in a frenzy. A lot of the youth were asking, “what was the meaning of boydontcry” and “why was Frank building a stairway necessarily?” Who would’ve thought possibly to escape. Afterall, he did become in entrapped in deal that brought him nothing but a lack of distrust and a lack of support, which after the constructing of the stairway ended Blonde was released.


Blonde was Frank’s introduction into the world as a phoenix that rose from the ashes. Frank was now an independent artist with an independent record label titled BoysDontCry. The project was released exclusively via Apple Music, while being released via pop up shops around the nation. It was this that shocked the world even his ex-label, where they decided to not allow exclusive deals with streaming services ever. With a long hiatus from this industry, Frank had returned as king with control over his kingdom.By releasing releasing two albums back to back, Frank and his team had created one of the most flawless marketing campaigns for an artist in high demand and had helped build his escape out the trenches.


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