Freedom of Inclusion

By Phyllis Lynch

The cast of the hit Broadway play ‘Hamilton’ made a rather unique request to Vice President-elect Mike Pence, who was in the audience Friday night. They urged him and Trump to “uphold our American values”, which can be defined by equality and diversity. It’s not the vague “Make America Great Again” slogan that Trump has rallied behind in order to silence minority citizens’ voice.

Trump went as far as to demand an apology from the cast members, and claimed that they “couldn’t even memorize lines”. He referre


d to the cast as “very rude and insulting” in a tweet that was soon deleted. The issue here is that the cast of ‘Hamilton’ didn’t offended Mike Pence in the slightest. If anything, the cast just asked Pence to do his job, which shouldn’t be a ridiculous request.

The only person that is truly being malicious in this situation is Trump, and Pence by association. Maybe singling out audience members isn’t the best way to conduct yourself when putting on a performance, but it all boils down to context. In the politest fashion, the multicultural cast expressed the lack of security they feel within this country as a result of this election.

How could someone blame them? It’s no secret that racism played a big role in America’s growth, to insinuate that this nation has rid itself of every discriminatory stain is inaccurate. This election exposed every prejudice ideology that Americans have, and while some people choose to redirect their beliefs into a more positive direction, it was fuel on the fire for some.

To me, it feels as if we’re embarking on a Trump tyranny, where even a simple call for inclusion is considered heinous. Where “freedom of speech” doesn’t apply to individuals who aren’t cis white men. Then again, it seems as if that’s been the notion in this nation for quite some time.

Social Media and The Election of 2016

Written By: Cassandra Deakin

No matter which side of the fence you’re on, this year’s election is…unique. Both major parties have candidates with not only large personalities but also controversy surrounding them. Another unique aspect of this election is the role of social media. According to an article by Sci-Tech, social media is a “doorway to the rest of the campaign.” On Facebook alone, from the months of January to October, 109 million Americans generated 5.3 billion likes, post, comments, and shares about the election, according to the company. The election is also being discussed and promoted through other platforms such as Twitter, Snapchat, Instagram, YouTube, Pinterest, and LinkedIn.

Photo Credit: Natalie Andrews

What I personally find most interesting about the effects of social media on the election is how accessible it is making it to people. Before the voter registration deadline, many platforms were encouraging people to check whether or not they were registered and explained to how to register for those that weren’t. In my opinion, it was extremely helpful. I was never taught how to register to vote, let alone where polling stations were and how the process worked. By simply clicking a link on Facebook, I was lead to a site that not only explained where and how to register, but also where and how to vote. While some may consider this laziness, I personally consider it to be a fantastic way to simplify and streamline a confusing process.

The primary reason why so many platforms have been pushing for voter registration is millennials. Millennials make up 31 percent of eligible voters this year, according to a recent article by Reuters. Multiple states have reported spikes in voter registration in the millennial demographic after social media platforms began issuing reminders and registration prompts. The question remains, of course, will millennials actually vote? I like to think so (I voted!), but Donald Green, a professor of political science, is “skeptical that an increase in young voter registration will correspond with millennials unseating the Baby Boomers as the most active voting bloc.”

In addition, all three major presidential debates between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump were streamed on social media. Many millennials don’t even have cable, so the online streaming coupled with the hashtags and chats surrounding them greatly increased the number of people engaged in the debates. Unfortunately, this also means that poorly made political memes are on the rise, but alas, one cannot expect progress to be able to completely avoid internet idiocy. Thanks to social media, Ken Bone, an undecided voter at a debate, became an internet sensation. I even saw people dress up as him for Halloween…but that’s a discussion for another post.

According to Sci-Tech, the candidates have also used social media to broadcast rallies live, conduct Q&As, and even raise funding. Hashtags such as #LockHerUp and #ImWithHer have been following the two major candidates for the majority of the campaign.

At any rate, this election is the first in our history to be so involved with social media (Tweets have been discussed at debates. How crazy is that?!). It will be interesting to see which way it swings, and whether or not the influx of millennial registrations due to social media played a factor.

Texas is now a swing state

By Lauren Vincent



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As if the 2016 presidential election wasn’t already crazy enough, now the traditionally conservative southern state has the possibility of rooting for the liberal party.  Texas has been known for being a Republican state. In fact, Texas has not voted for the Democratic party since 1980. With the state being second in power with 38 electoral vote next to California who has 55, it’s safe to say we have a large impact on who wins the election. To elaborate on how much Texas effects the election, think about how Minnesota, Michigan, South Dakota, North Dakota, Montana, Wyoming and Utah all together equal 38 electoral votes.

Now that the polls are showing Texas to be a swing state this could change everything. If the state swings towards the democratic party this will be the first time the Millennial generation will see our state vote differently. Millennials in the south have been trying to make a difference in the rooted believes of the conservative state and now their hard work might be paying off.

In the past, events such voter ID laws that actually violated Voting Rights Act, and constant gerrymandering throughout the years has kept Texas a red state. But this year, there are new rules forcing the state to draw district lines based on population and allow every person to vote.

Now that early voting has stated in the lone star state, people are going out and exercising their right. In fact, the turn out from early voting has broken records in our state. In the past, second day of early voting has had consistent numbers with the first day; but this year second day early voting skyrocketed.

So the big question is, will Texas turn blue?  I guess we won’t exactly know until November 8th But as of now it is a big possibility.


Trump’s Social Media is Just as Embarrassing as his Personality

If I didn’t know any better, I’d think Republican nominee Donald Trump was intentionally trying to lose the election. On a regular basis, his Twitter personality goes completely against what you’d think anyone trying to get a decent job would say, much less the largest job in America.

During the first presidential debate the most re-tweeted post was an old tweet of Trump claiming that global warming was “created by and for the Chinese in order to make U.S. manufacturing non-competitive.”

The four-year-old tweet became relevant when Clinton accused Trump of denying climate change. Of course Trump said that she was wrong, as he did many times throughout the debate. That’s when tens of thousands of twitter users shared the old post, proving that he had contradicted himself.

You would think that a man who is so quick to accuse his opponent of being incorrect would spend a few minutes fact checking his own social media accounts. The fact that they were posted in the first place is embarrassing enough, but the real suspicion starts to build whenever we see that so many of these embarrassing statements were never taken down.



This isn’t the only time Trump has embarrassed himself on social media. The man has a long history of ridiculous claims, slander of popular icons, and outright neglect to appear professional.

We have to know that a campaign as big and expensive as Tump’s would include staff committed to his online image. This staff would obviously have the time to clean up his social media presence, or rather make it appear exactly how they want to.

The question then becomes clear. Why would Trump intentionally sabotage himself?

I can’t answer this question, but I can say that it points to larger forces at work. America has never seen a political candidate like Trump before. His strategy appears to be completely backwards to most. We wont know until November if it worked for him, but we may not ever know whom it is truly working for.

To see more social media embarrassments from Trump click here.


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Immigration Reform or Abortion

by Cesar Leal

donald trump

What a strange phenomenon to see a Republican Primary Race in which two of the candidates are Latino descendants yet are so opposed to immigration reform. What kind of hope is there for 12-million undocumented immigrantsRepublican candidates, Ted Cruz, Marco Rubio, and Donald Trump all insist on cracking down on immigration, with a plan to deport 12-million undocumented immigrants, and to build a wall at the U.S.-Mexican border. How about the millions of immigrants who came as children with no choice of their own, who are now grown up worrying on the real life consequence of having their whole life taken away if a Republican gets in power. Many of these immigrant children are now grown up to be college graduates, and professionals in their fields of study, while many are entrepreneurs of their own business and employ American citizens while paying tax dollars to this country. And there might be 12-million undocumented immigrants, but there are over 54 million Hispanics in America; can the Republican Party even win without the Hispanic vote to a Democratic party that is promising immigration reform in favor of these hard working immigrants who contribute to the greatness of this country?

How is it that Rubio and Cruz can talk with such low demeanor towards the very own people whom their ancestors were a part of. For a conservative Catholic, I am left with the choice to vote for a Republican who says they will fight for the unborn and their rights, while jeopardizing the Hispanic community, or vote Democrat and hope for real immigration reform for the people I love, and then fight 10 times harder when we all have a voice to defend the defenseless. This to me and to millions of people is more than just an election; this is a matter of survival. God save us that Trump does not get into power because it seems that for us hard working Hispanics there will be no compassion.

This is not a post directed to my moral beliefs but instead a post directed to all who may wonder why conservatives continue to loose ground in this ever changing landscape of cultures which we call America. So to my fellow Republicans, accept to embrace immigrants, because without the Hispanic vote, it will be a tough election to win; Latinos have decided elections in the past, and as the Hispanic population grows their vote will have a greater impact.