How Sephora is Using Social Media to Become the Face of Beauty

By Alexandra Blateri    Nov. 27, 2016

Social media has transformed the beauty industry as we know it. Platforms like Instagram and YouTube have turned makeup artists into internet sensations and inspire new cosmetic users to hone their skills.

Alex DelloStritto

People like viewing makeup tutorials and reviews on social media because it feels a lot like getting trusted advice from a friend. Hair and makeup enthusiasts can generate huge followings on social media, like 15-year-old, Alex DelloStritto. Alex recently posted a video, which went viral on Twitter, of herself in a panic after accidentally charging $733 to her mom’s credit card on Although I was unable to find evidence of Sephora responding to the teen on Twitter, the retailer does have a reputation for high engagement and response on social media platforms.


According to Shareablee’s most recent Social Scorecard, Sephora ranks at the top of the list for engagement for big box retailers and department stores. This ranking is based on reactions, comments, shares, and retweets across Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Social Scorecard retrieved from Shareablee

That isn’t all Sephora is doing to advance its presence as a digital retailer. The cosmetic brand also partnered with CashStar, enabling them to send gift cards directly to customers via social media platforms. This streamlines the process of resolving customer complaints, because they no longer need to send gift cards through private channels like email.

Sephora has also enhanced the customer experience by implementing chatbots which can help customers schedule appointments and make purchase decisions. The messaging service has features like color matching that allow customers to take a photo and receive personalized skin tone and color recommendations. This feature is intended to help customers, both online and in store, through the use of mobile devices, creating an omni-channel experience. Sephora’s aggressive digital strategy is providing personalized service and winning over customers. (As if I needed an excuse to buy more lipstick.) Thanks Sephora!


Image retrieved from Global Brands Magazine