There is Nothing Chill About Netflix’s Social Media

Written by: Channing Nuttall

Netflix is a company founded in 1997 in the U.S. off a subscription based model. With the unique way that Netflix releases each of its seasons all at once, it can be difficult to keep users engaged on their social channels. The company’s Facebook has the largest following with 32.3 million likes. When it comes to engagement, Netflix has it down on Facebook. The streaming service is constantly replying to customers and making an effort for their concerns to be addressed. An example of the company’s winning techniques on social can be seen by a post that was added Monday.

Credit: Netflix Facebook

You can even see that Netflix has responded to a comment with a comical gif. This post also shows that the company is creating content that users want to share because it is relatable.

On Twitter Netflix’s following is quite smaller with a measly 2.91 million followers. While the company does not have as many followers on Twitter, the content is just as great. They can retweet their followers content which gives a stronger bond between the brand and the user while encouraging others to Tweet at Netflix to be featured. The company responds to users across Twitter as though they were talking with a friend regardless if they are famous or an ordinary person.

Credit: Netflix Twitter

Netflix’s Instagram account has 3.3 million followers which is more than their Twitter. The company choses to post on this platform around five times a week as to not overpopulate their follower’s feeds. They also do a great job of using Instagram for just photos rather than short video clips. They keep followers interested by posting various photos with most of them needing the caption for more context.

Credit: Netflix Instagram

The company’s social media also works to build anticipation for future additions to the streaming service. This is ideal for their model because most of their customers enjoy binge watching and highly anticipate new seasons of their favorite Netflix shows.


Do WE Make Idiots Famous?

Kim Kardashian, Miley Cyrus, and now, Danielle Bregoli.

Danielle Bregoli, more famously known as the, “cash me outsside” girl is very rapidly gaining fame and recognition thanks to the power of social media.

Cash Me Ousside

The 13-year old girl went viral when a clip of her Dr.Phil episode aired and scenes were shared on virtually every social media platform on the internet. Her unbelievably awful and disrespectful behavior on the show is what drew so many people to watch these clips, resulting in her instant fame. In these clips, the audience chuckled at her behavior so she proceeded to refer to the audience as “these hoes” and led her the words which caused her fame, “Cash me outsside, how bout dat?”

Since then, I have heard that phrase, seen her face on countless memes, and have even heard a remix of her episode just about everywhere I go on social media. So my question is, why?

While I don’t mean to insult, WE are the reason people like her are rich and famous beyond their wildest dreams. And the reason I say that is because I’ve caught myself watching countless Facebook videos of her and her behavior. I’ve laughed and shared some of the memes I’ve seen of her face, I have even caught myself jokingly say “cash me outsside” on several occasions. But not just me, parents, teachers, friends.

Why do we glorify this behavior, why is it so amusing for us, to the point where these people become the most influential people out there?


While this woman’s tweet doesn’t have the best choice of words, she DOES have a point. Most of us are struggling to get through college and get a decent education while this young girl is making thousands on her looks and rotten attitude.

All because “we” find her attitude and personality to be amusing, she’ll be making a million dollar a year salary. So next time you see someone on the rise, don’t contribute to their social media fame.

How Important Really is Social Media to the E-commerce World?


by Jacqui Simses

(Featured Photo Source)

So really, how important is social media to the E-commerce world? It’s MASSIVE! In order to survive this digital retailing phenomenon that has been on the rise, social media is a marketing strategy that has been (and is more than ever) vital for any online website where products or services can be purchased. Its purpose, online marketing that is, is to help companies establish a stronger web presence, generate leads and increase traffic.


(Photo Source)

 The Use of Online Marketing

It’s a new world in marketing with the use of social media to promote E-commerce businesses. How many times have you seen an ad for a specific store or brand that you’ve searched for pop up next to a YouTube video you’re trying to watch? How many times have you been scrolling down your Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter feed and have seen ads pop up after every few posts? To some it’s annoying. But, what is beneficial for E-commerce businesses is that many social media users click those ads and get redirected into the realm of online shopping. Whether a company chooses to use paid search to have their ads appear more often or have a specific “social media” position within the company to perform these tasks, online marketing is everywhere for the everyday social media user. A significant percentage of advertising campaigns for brands and companies take place through almost all social media platforms.

Connecting with Your Audience

NEVER has it been easier to reach an audience for brands! Clearly, e-commerce marketers recognize the power of social media to connect with an audience. Social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn are present nearly everywhere in our lives. Social media provides an effective way to attract the interest of the large audiences that use social media. Connecting means ENGAGING too! On the other end, people use social media themselves to connect with brands and companies they prefer.


(Photo Source)

Overall, it is easy to notice how in order to improve the development of an E-commerce business, a well-structured social media strategy is important. Including social media in an effort to advance E-commence can be highly beneficial and you will start to notice now, if you hadn’t before, how prevalent these online marketing tactics for e-commerce businesses are when you take a closer look at your social media feeds.




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Denny’s Hits a Grand Slam with Their Social Media


Written by: Channing Nuttall

Denny’s has recently become a leader when it comes to social, but why is that? The company’s odd approach to social was not around until the brand hired marketing agency, Erwin Penland, to take over their social media in the summer of 2013. Erwin Penland has seen massive success since taking over the brand’s social media with an increase in followers of 150%. So, why has Denny’s seen such a spike in followers after the agency has taken over? Erwin Penland decided to create a unique voice for the brand by hiring people with creative backgrounds. Another reason they have been winning when it comes to social is that they are constantly monitoring for the next big thing on social so they can put their own spin on it.


Denny’s is also seeing success on social because they adjust their tone depending on social platform so their message consistently makes sense to the audience. Denny’s continues to be on their followers’ minds as they comment on everything from technological updates to pop culture to stay relevant. The social media agency is also working on pushing the customer to engage rather than simply favorite or like a post that was made by the brand.



Denny’s has found that their slightly odd sense of humor is attracting a highly sought after millennial market. The company’s online sense of humor can immediately be seen upon arriving on their Twitter page with an octopus wearing 3D glasses that is holding Denny’s breakfast items. Denny’s CMO, John Dillon, said their strategy is all about amusing the audience consistently so that, when they are hungry, Denny’s is at the top of their mind. The company works from many angles to ensure that the customer is amused and wants to engage with the brand online so that they are more likely to consider them the next time they are trying to figure out where to eat.

Singing Along to Social Media’s Tune

By: Gabriela C. Perez


Although we sometimes don’t like to admit it, social media is slowly, but surely, taking over. But, instead of fighting it at every turn, go along for the ride. Many of today’s artists have followed that advice and use social media to their advantage.

One of Katy Perry’s latest promo shots for her single “Chained to the Rhythm”. Source: Musically

Katy Perry recently launched a social media campaign to promote her latest single “Chained to the Rhythm”. The campaign involved a website created by Perry’s team that featured a world map with different locations, including Los Angeles, Brazil, Canada and London, mapped out with disco balls. The task for fans was to find the location where a disco ball would be waiting for them along with a preview of the song. This garnered a lot of social media attention as fans were cataloging their experience and posting it on places like Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook.

To add on to the experience, the team also developed Snapchat filters for fans to use while listening to the song. Not only was this a great form of marketing, but a great use of social media platforms.

However, as creative as the campaign was, Perry wasn’t the first to pull something like this off. According to Harkable, artists like Avicii, Disclosure and One Direction have taken advantage of social media campaigns as well. And good for them.

One of the most important aspects of an artist’s success is the fanbase they have to back and support them. Without the fans, tours would never sell out, albums would never be put on repeat, and lyrics would never be turned into the latest Forever 21 product rip-off.

Interacting with fans, whether it be liking one of their tweets or commenting on an instagram post, is one of the best ways to not only keep, but expand the fanbase you have created. Nothing makes a fan more excited to share anything about the band to others than feeling as if they are in some way contributing to their success.

Social media is more important than you think, and if used properly, could potentially get you to the top of the Billboard Charts.



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Warby Parker Sees Crystal Clear When it Come to Social Media



Written by Channing Nuttall

           Warby Parker is an eyewear company with a vision to provide people with an afforable alternative to the Luxxotica monopoly. Warby Parker manages to offer less expensive eyeglasses and donate a pair each time one is purchased.



          While I was waiting for the site to come up during maintenance, Warby Parker pointed me to Private Eyes by Hall & Oats. I found it comical that they pointed me to that song and ended up not caring that I temporarily could not access their products. This is an example of how they integrate social into their site for a seamless experience.


Credit: Warby Parker Facebook

            Warby Parker is king when in comes to integrating content into their promotions on social. They recently opened a store in Philidelphia and had a video of the best spots to read in the city. The idea of finding places to read goes hand in hand with an eyeglass company.


Credit: Warby Parker Twitter

           Warby Parker also engages heavily with their audience. This helps customers feel as if they are heard and quickly resolves customer service issues. It is powerful that they respond to both positive and negative posts on social media because it allows customers to feel connected with the brand. The eyewear company also frequently uses User Generated Content or UGC, this is powerful because it allows the customers to relate more to an actual customer rather than simply models. Warby Parker took UGC farther than most companies because it did more than ask its fans to post photos with a hashtag; it actually used their photos. This allows the consumers to help shape the brand they desire.

The eyewear company also utilizes video on social platforms to its full potential. They make videos about the people that are helped by their buy one, give one model which allows customers to feel the positive impact of their purchase. They also have comical videos that blend advertising for their eyewear with comedy to increase user engagement.

Overall, Warby Parker does a great job of creating content that users want to see, allowing customers to shape the brand, and engaging with their audience through social.

Instagram Revolutionizing Social Media Marketing

As I am sure a lot of users have noticed, Instagram has followed suit to many other social media forums, and opened its photo feed to advertisers. There are multiple reasons for this change. One being the fact that Facebook bought Instagram in 2012, and they have practiced social media marketing for many years now. Another reality is Instagram’s commitment to keep their services free to the public. So, to pay the bills they have look to advertisers. Finally, consumer’s eyeballs are a valuable commodity that these networks, without a doubt, retain, and advertisers are willing to pay for.

In the beginning, only a few major Facebook Marketing Partners and agencies were allowed access to Instagram’s advertising tools. However, over the past year and a half the horizons of the application have been expanded globally to further progress all companies, no matter their magnitude. This was made possible by utilizing a new Instagram Ad application programming interface, as well as the already existing Facebook ad buying interfaces.

Not only have they allowed marketers access to user’s accounts, Instagram is evolving the format of social media marketing. As the Instagram for Business blog refers to it, the new direct-response format will allow people “to learn about a product or service and then take action directly from an ad to sign up on a website, buy a product, or download an app.” With a more engaging design, Instagram, and advertisers, are hopeful that their followers will now be converted more easily into buyers

Furthermore, consumer brands and retailers can now make a more direct connection with potential customers through enhanced targeting. This has become possible with the help of Facebook’s user information. Marketers will now have the ability to target possible buyers not only by their age, and location, but by their interest, like history, demographic details, and information organizations already have about their customers.

Personally, this has been a great move for Instagram. According to Vindu Goel and Sydney Ember of The New York Times, in 2015, “RBC Capital Markets, estimated that Instagram ads could bring in $1.3 billion to $2.1 billion.” That is a substantial amount of money, in any instance. Also, users have more than likely discovered many more accounts and brands that properly align with their concerns

It is interesting to watch, and be involved as a user in this revolution od social media marketing. I am looking to forward to seeing what is next.