How Is Social Media Taking Over the Fashion Industry?

By KeAndra Hill


Social Media’s influence on industries is insane. The fact that I can write three blogs about its affects on one industry alone says a lot. And, not to mention, the many ways industries can be affected by social media.

Now the affects have gone as far as to replace many industry officials with younger, more digitally-accustomed officials in high position jobs. Consider my first blog of this year, the story about David Beckham’s son receiving the job of photographing for Burberry’s newest campaign due to his six million+ Instagram followers. Recently in 2015, Allure magazine pushed out its founder editor of 24 years to replace them with an editor of much younger age and much more acclaimed digital knowledge. This is all happening because major fashion houses are realizing the amount of influence social media has and, even more, the amount of influence peers have.


A recent study shows that 35% of millennial women would agree that social media has a huge influence on their clothing purchases (i.e. bloggers). And consider the ‘selfie’ trend, many people do not want to be photographed in the same outfits multiple times. I can personally guarantee that there is an influence on purchases considering big events and people wanting something new to showcase in their social networks. Bloggers are one of the biggest influences of media, so much so that fashion houses are becoming worried with their loss of control and influences which in turn lead to losses in sales.

Fashion houses are realizing they need to take action and get with the program. By really focusing on their social media platforms, companies can have more control over what their consumers are… well consuming. They will have better control of their brand identity and personality. Companies can also use bloggers to their advantages by creating community engagement among consumers; consumers will influence and persuade each other. Success of these endeavors have been shown through campaigns like #IDoinChoo, #CastMeMarc, and #BareSelfie (look them up!).


Now many social mediums are allowing for ads. Fashion houses, if you can’t bet them, join them!








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Be the Bigger Brand

By Joshua Olivares

We’ve all heard the saying of being the bigger person when it comes to certain situations. This just means to take the high road and don’t get caught up on the little things. Well the people of Hanz De Fuko have never heard of this. Most people (who watch Men’s hair channels lol) know of Hanz De Fuko. They’re a brand that has made a name for themselves when it comes to hair products especially with celebrities such as David Beckham and Bruno Mars using their products. They’re most known product is Claymation, which is actually a really good product that I’ve used in the past. Another way, which is arguably the most important way they’ve become a staple in Men’s hair is the YouTube influencers they have gotten to promote they’re products.

 This picture is of David Beckham, By 

What better way to show thanks to these YouTubers then to start “calling” them out for trying to make their own hair products. It’s very hard to find this information when trying to search for it. There is some things you can find around Reddit but I typically think of Reddit as more opinioned based with that community. With that Joseph Andrews who runs the Blumaan YouTube channel made a decent video explaining the attacks from Hanz De Fuko. For those of you who don’t know Joseph has a hair product called Original by Blumaan. Hanz De Fuko has been leaving comments on his channel calling him out. They’re not just saying things like this is a bad product they begin making dangerous claims saying things like the product Original by Blumaan is a white label.

Now as it stands nobody is 100% sure if Hanz De Fuko really meant what they said for a few reasons: They have left a few comments on YouTubers channels apologizing saying that they’re accounts have been hacked. However that’s all they’ve said on the matter was that they were hacked not really a formal apology that one would expect from a big brand. Also to have your account hacked for at least two weeks seems a bit weird. Also in the comments they left they offered people one free product of their choice if they use coupon code “The Truth.” Now unfortunately I wasn’t able to find anyone that has used the code and actually received a free product.

A screenshot from Blumaans most recent video’s comment section. That’s the offical youtube account as well. 

Hanz De Fuko also claims that they’re email was hacked along with their Instagram account. It seems highly unlikely that they were hacked but hey I’ll give them the benefit of the doubt. It also doesn’t make sense for Joseph Andrews to risk the credibility of his brand for the sake of calling them out for “calling him out”. It seems as of right now that Hanz De Fuko who is the larger brand here isn’t being the bigger brand. They attacked these YouTube influencers that actually helped get their product out into the market for the simple fact that they’re now seen as competition. If it turns out that Hanz De Fuko wasn’t hacked then this could be some really bad publicity for the brand. Everything is hear say right now and that’s the worst part of it.

Blumaan made that video in response to Hanz De Fuko leaving those comment. Hanz De Fuko has made comments on the Blumaan video addressing concerns but not directly apologizing to Blumaan for the false claims made on his product. The ball is currently in Hanz De Fuko’s court and I’m really curious to how this whole thing will play out. Whatever happens next one company will have to be the bigger brand by their actions not it’s products.




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Social Media Goes Gaga for Lady Gaga

Was it the drones that first caught everyone’s eyes, or was it the fact that Lady Gaga was standing on top of the Houston Texans football stadium at halftime? I’m not going to be the one to decide for you, but if you looked at social media during the halftime show millions of people had their opinions posted. According to Forbes, “There were 2.2 million tweets about the #PepsiHalftime show during the 20-minute live performance; counting the 20 minutes before and 10 minutes following the show, there were 5.1 million tweets about #Gaga’s performance, and Lady Gaga was mentioned on Twitter 2.1 million times between 7:50 and 8:40 p.m. EST.” (Madeline Berg,1).  Lady Gaga was ON FIRE! She went all out during her performance, and I’m not surprised. She took this opportunity and gave it her unique twist that left social media #spechless. Celebrities were even applauding her performance seconds after. screen-shot-2017-02-05-at-11-11-25-pm


It really says something about the #PepsiHalftime performance when many celebrities are so happy for her rather than being jealous of her. I can’t remember watching a halftime performance this miraculous in the past 10 years, and that’s because there hasn’t been. Lady Gaga did IT. She is IT. She won IT. The Super Bowl may have been between the Falcons and the Patriots, but Lady Gaga won the Super Bowl in 2017.


By: Ashton Presley



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The Token From Engagement

By: Kalyn Baxter

With social media becoming one of the most effective platforms to promote a brand to as many future shoppers as possible, it is now standard for store and clothing brands to have social media accounts for sites like Instagram and Twitter that “targets a clear customer and tells a story that appeals to that person”. The apparel company American Rag is a brand for juniors that sale items within the store, Macy’s. Their strategy to attract more customers in the junior age range was by contacting them through social media. In February 2016, they posted on Instagram that they were planning on sending a group to attend multiple music festival, they were called the Rag Pack and were given clothes by American Rag to post nice pictures in. On February 24 and 25 the brand posted a picture of the participates without having her face shown so their follower could interact with the page and predict who they were. I decided to guess two of the four people and both times
they responded to my comment, which was a great feeling since I was the only person they replied to. The thumbnail_img_0650music festival tour started in March of 2016, I continued to tap like on their pictures and comment on a few throughout the tour. On May 24, 2016 I got followed by the brand and received a direct message that thanked me for being a loyal follower and for my email. The representative asked me to send her a link to two or three items that I wanted from their line so they could send clothes to show their appreciation. I received the items I picked and it also came with a signed thank you card. Upon receiving the package, On June 10th I posted a picture on Instagram and since they follow me they saw the picture and direct messaged me on June 18, 2016 asking if they could repost the picture of me on their page. I agreed of course, and on June 20, 2016 they posted and tagged me in the picture. The brand American Rag showed great engagement tactics and I admire how they used social media to have two-way conversation with potential and current long-term clients like me.

YouTube: Changing the Game

By: Nathan Cooper

YouTube was created about twelve years ago and since then it has become one of the most visited sites daily. In class the powerpoint talked about how seventy-two hours of content is uploaded every minute to the site. YouTube has also made a good handful of people famous. This fame has landed them a lot of gigs all the way from starring in an advertisement to being invited to the White House. This is also the platform that many people choose to share their music on. There have been some very successful pop culture figures that made their start on YouTube such as Justin Beiber and Troye Sivan. A lot of the people who have gained fame from this platform also use social media to interact with their followers and give updates. An important strategic social media skill for these people to use is listening. If they want to maximize their engagement with their followers then they have to see what their audience is saying. In an article from the Huffington Post it talks about how YouTube has changed and revolutionized the entertainment industry. It goes on to say how a lot of major companies have YouTube channels and this helps their business thrive. To me this comes as no surprise, but whenever I talk to my mom or grandma about it they said that ten years ago they would have never believed that it would ever become something that professional companies use. YouTube has also influenced how companies interact on social media and in some cases have ushered those companies into the age of social media. YouTube continues to expand in popularity and has influenced a wide variety of fields and is not going anywhere anytime soon.


Social Media Forming Industries

By: KeAndra Hill


It’s no secret that social media has a driving influence on today’s society. Now many are receiving jobs just based of their social media presence and interactions.

In one case back in 2016, Brooklyn Beckham, sixteen-year-old son to David and Victoria Beckham, landed a job photographing for Burberry’s, at the time, latest fragrance campaign. The young man revealed this information through his Instagram and many became outraged with comments pertaining to this choice of photographer, stating that he only received the job due to his parents and that is an insult to other artist with the abilities. Burberry lashed back stating that the job was landed based off the young man’s talent and exposure that is vouched for through his over 5.9 million followers on Instagram.

This is just a reflection of how social media has influenced the fashion, art, and entertainment industries. And the influence is only growing larger, with every update and new addition to these platforms, social media is finding new ways to enhance their influences.

1297814528823_original(photocred: 1297814528823_ORIGINAL.jpg)

Take Instagram Live for example, now users can stream videos in real-time on Instagram, allowing followers to stay even more connected and in to the personal lives of industry professionals. One designer, Tim Coppen, has actually decided to live stream his show through Instagram Live. The thing about Instagram Live is that once the video has streamed, the footage cannot be viewed again or replayed afterwards. The artist finds this to be most intriguing about the idea. It is a next level engagement for the ever-so- fast growing generations social media is set to target.

The level of consumer engagement has definitely made Instagram a favorite to the fashion industry. It is a very direct way to interact with consumers and allows for brand personalization to really be shown.



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