How Social Media Impacts Globalization

By Catalina Uriarte

Humans have always had a need to communicate information with one another.

Global social media network

What begun as smoke signals and carrier pigeons moved to the printing press and typewriters. From telephones and newspapers, to the cell phone and social media. With each more developed way of communicating grew the distance and number of people able to be reached. Today, social media connects the world with over 2.8 billion active users and with more than half the world’s population now using the internet that number will only continue to grow.

Last year social media users grew by 21%. Because the internet is becoming more readily available across the nation’s social media allows for the integration of cultures and globalization. It is now easier than ever to access someone from across the world, it is done so almost instantaneously. The world, in a sense, is becoming smaller. So is this social media culture mesh good or bad?

“The more social media we have, the more we think we’re connecting, yet we are really disconnecting from each other.” — JR

While our world is becoming “smaller” through social media some would argue in terms of personal relationships social media is making the world “bigger”. With billions online it is easy to hide behind a screen. How many of the people who follow you do you actually know? In addition to this highlight reel we create for ourselves we cultivate an environment where we behave bolder than we otherwise would. This is apparent through cyber bullying and aggressive comments and post. People are so quick to hate on others behind a screen when the real life repercussions seem out of the loop.

On the other hand the globalization of social media serves as a good thing. Though connection and outreach it is now easier than ever to organize people groups with common interest. Social media allows for a rise in activism. It also allows people to unite with one voice. Want to know how the public truly feels? Just look on social media. From activism to online public outcry social media allows everyone to have a voice. It also unites us with those closest. Thanks to individual pages it’s easy to stay in touch with those close. As families and friends move further away social media allows people to feel active in the lives of those closest.

While social media may allow for a personal disconnect it also allows for a global connect. Similar to anything you say or do whether the globalization of social media serves as a good or bad thing is up to each individual behind the screen.


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Nike’s Agility with Social

Written by: Channing Nuttall

Credit: Nike Twitter

Nike is leaving its competitors in the dust when it comes to social following and engagement. With 6.9 million followers on Twitter, almost 28 million likes on Facebook, and 71.3 million followers on Instagram, Nike has a massive reach. Of course, they are a large athletic clothing retailer, so they are bound to have large amounts of followers, but how do they keep them engaged?

On Facebook, Nike almost always posts video clips about products, famous spokespeople, and fitness inspiration. This is valuable to the consumer because they are getting a visual display of the product as well as how it moves and performs. The videos can aid in making the consumer feel empowered. For example, their athletic hijab recently released and they added a video to empower Muslim women.

Credit: Nike Facebook

On Twitter, Nike has shorter clips and more images because they know that many users will not sit and watch videos on such a fast-moving platform. Nike also did an excellent job on Olympic coverage via social media for the last Olympic season. This engages its users because they are interested in athletics and the Olympics is the largest sporting event.

Credit: Nike Instagram

On Instagram, Nike can grab the attention of its followers by creating powerfully visual short clips and photography. They captivate their audience by placing their products strategically in scenarios and not making the scenes entirely about the product, rather the person that is using it and the performance situation they are in. While the company does well with what they do post on Instagram, they are not focusing their energy on the platform and sometimes go a couple weeks without posting content. This is a huge missed opportunity for the brand as they have an audience of 71.3 million they could be talking to multiple times per day. Overall, Nike’s online presence is strong because it is primarily high quality video content that is created by the company.

Feed your life with live feed

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By: Michaela Bull


Feed your life with live feed


Social media has adopted the phenomenon of live video and it is spreading like crazy. Live video or live feed has been an exploding idea that few major networks are not taking advantage of. The idea of live video is to deliver the most authentic content possible with no edits or time to fix mistakes. Live video is raw and natural and makes the viewer feel as close to the situation as possible without actually being there. This phenomenon was first introduced through YouTube’s foundation, offering videos that capture real and unfiltered moments. As social media has taken it on, the possibilities and accessibility have spread like fire.

It has been overwhelmingly known at this point that millennial’s are a big advocate of video. The transition in popularity and attraction from pictures to video has been underway for some time now. The appeal of videos comes from the quick and engaging content that does not require a lengthy attention span. Millennial’s play a large role in the demand and success of live video and are the reason brands and public figures are jumping to utilize it as much as possible.

The spread of live video has created new opportunities for brands to connect with their consumers. The highly engaging factor of live video provides real time updates to consumers to feel as connected as possible with every change that occurs. Live video builds the relationship between brand and consumer and offers a chance for dialogue to develop.

Since the spread of live video has appeared in nearly every social platform, the opportunity for new technology has been able to form and expand with it. Innovations like disappearing media, lends filtering, augmented reality, and VR have been just a few of the next big features to develop on these social platforms that have connected with live video in some way.




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By: Nathan Cooper

There has been some a new term floating around for awhile now: Instagrammable. Accord to Urban Dictionary, “instagrammable is a photo that is worth posting on Instagram”. (Urban dictionary, LJM1213). A lot of Instagram users have taken the app and turned it into an online portfolio of sorts. They showcase their photography skills and often times have an aesthetic that coincides with their profile. On the other hand there are others that use Instagram to post random content that often looks up looking like a hodge-podge aesthetically. A lot of people post content that would not be considered “instagrammable” by the average user and sometimes these people receive flack for doing so.

Some things that are usually considered “instagrammable” are trendy food or drink items such as the unicorn frappuccino from Starbucks. Food is a very popular topic to post about. A lot of times someone goes to a nice looking café and orders a coffee they might feel the need to snap a picture. The vibe of the environment might feel instagrammable so they put a nice little filter on their picture and come up with a  caption and boom it is uploaded. All of the sudden their followers are so captivated with the shop you’re at and feel the need to go there and get their own picture.


The phrase is even popular enough that google can come up with some auto search results for it such as, “instagrammable places near me” or “instagrammable restaurants”. There are a lot of people who go out of their way to seek out places to take pictures that they feel will look nice and get attention on their personal accounts. Although the phrase has declined some in popularity it still floats around and is probably here to stay for awhile.


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Productivity on Instagram

Every social media manager wants to be proactive, save time and money when managing their social media networks and content. Every social platform has their unique special perk. Using the most effective and productive strategies to build your network is essential.

Surprisingly Instagram is doing well. To keep high productivity there are certain components that are highly recommended to put in place. Starting off with one of the main key strategy which is using Hashtags. Especially relatable hashtags to help reach a larger audience outside of your circle of followers. The more hashtags the more brand exposure you will have. It is KEY to have RELATABLE hashtags and understand the meaning of each to make sure the correct message is being portrayed.


You want engagement with your audience. Keep communication with you them. You want to build a relationship with your followers and network. Read their comments and participate in a conversation. Keep comments positive and professional. You want to maintain a good presence of your page which people will be more inclined to trust your brand. Another note for high productivity on Instagram which I find VERY important is consistency. In Chris Preston’s interview with Influencive he said, “Be consistent with your posts and post multiple times per day. It might seem like a lot of work, but it will be worth it if you want to grow. The more you post, the more often you will be in your follower’s feeds. This will create more people liking and tagging their friends on your posts. The biggest thing is to think of growth like a marathon. Being consistent and continually giving quality content everyday will eventually compound over time.” As well all know, to be consistent with your content involves a lot of time. Time, you should invest to make sure your brand is being marketed properly. But remember that everything worth invest is worth gold in the end.


Finally, utilizing the awesome Instagram stories and live features they have kindly added. Stories and live can be a very valuable if done correctly. People love seeing the daily live activities going on with your page, brand, and how all is involved. These two features also give them an inside scoop. Great for social media marketing and exclusive sneak peaks! Again, at the end of the day you want as much engagement with your followers. Feedbacks and hearing their comments are important!

Put in the work and take the time to build your page. One step at a time and things will start rolling! Best of luck!

Will Mastodon Be the New Twitter?

By Josh Lawson | @JoshKLawson

Facebook, Twitter, and Snapchat are all publically traded companies are doing pretty well off considering most of Wall Street thought none of them would be as profitable as they turned out to be. It’s only natural that other people would want to capitalize on the same success.


Most of these sites have no way of policing the content that gets posted on its platform. Mastodon is a new social media platform, extremely similar to Twitter, with the simple premise of sharing your thoughts free of advertisements and hate speech. Users can say more, with a character limit of 500, all the content is public, the timeline is chronological, and privacy settings can be adjusted on a post-by-post basis.

Due to the absence of an algorithm, many people are creating accounts with Mastodon and “toot”ing their hearts out. Yes, a post created on the platform is called a “toot”. The entire platform is open-source, is funded via Patreon, and only asks for $800 a month to maintain the website. The creator isn’t interested in making money off the platform.

https-blueprint-api-production.s3.amazonaws.comuploadscardimage4371051bd5bf9f-7676-45b9-8f0e-818d82897df7As of recently, Mastodon only has 41,703 users. This is won’t be changing anytime soon, as the creator has closed the registration process due to overloaded servers after the influx of new accounts and sign ups. The platform is basically an ad-free, non-commercial, and decentralized version of Twitter, but it may not be a big of a competitor as people think.

There’s nothing really special about that platform other than it’s not Twitter. Many people are creating accounts to save their handle, and jump on the hype of new social media. There is no longer one single microblogging page for people to use.

But, just because it is new, and doesn’t have ads, doesn’t make it the next best thing. It got a lot of things wrong so far. Mastodon’s don’t even exist anymore. They were also known for being large, slow, and dead for a long time. The posts users make are called “toots” and that just won’t stick. User handles show up in their posts, but not their profile page. Users can’t find other users easily. The search function doesn’t work as you think it would, or work well at all.

All in all, just because something is new doesn’t make it better than what is already available.

Stay LinkedIn!

By: Nathan Cooper

LinkedIn was founded in 2002 and since then it has only boosted in popularity! It is a social networking site that has the intention of letting individuals build a professional online presence as well as networking with others for professional gain. LinkedIn has become a very common way for people seeking employment to find a job and for employers to hire. There is even a apply now button on some companies job listings page. This allows for a quick and simple way to apply without having to jump through all the hoops one might have to if they did a normal application.

LinkedIn also offers a variety of features such a groups and premium that allow people utilizing the sight to get more out of it. Groups are formed by people who share common interests and are a way to make connections. There are many different ways to use groups, but the most common one is for people in the same profession to network and possibly exchange information. The premium account is most useful for those currently applying for jobs. The premium account gives you access to information such as how much you meet the criteria for a particular position and where you stand among other current applicants. This feature allows for people to be a little more strategic when applying to different positions. Strategies are the name of the game when using any social media platform so this should be no different for LinkeIn. Make sure you know what your objectives and goals are and then you can form viable strategies and tactics for them.

Make sure you utilize this platform to its’ full potential and remember to stay LinkedIn!


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