The New World of Sports Marketing via Social Media

Marketing is essential for any organization to get their brand and name out into the world. We have used multiple strategies to provide the best marketing tool that best represents our company. As the years go by experts find different ways to enhance and reach their audience. As technology progress and advances, the more we marketers are able to engage. As sports have evolved and our social networks have built; social media has become the next new spotlight for sports marketing. Social Media channels including Google Plus, Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Twitter, and YouTube are the highlights for sports media. The ability it gives marketers and social media managers to live-tweet with fan, do giveaways raffles, posting highlight reels and so many other unique strategies that sports team have created to keep up active engagement with their followers has changed the marketing world.


To effectively and successfully enhance your organization’s reach through the social media networks you want to prioritize the right social network for your particular audience. Depending on your franchise one social media network may have a greater activation than another. For instance, Twitter during a football game may be more active and instant engagement with your fans than it would be on Facebook. So you want to make sure you know where your audience is at. Next, you want to create a distinct story and voice. Do not just put feeds in your social network just to print a story. Make sure it has value and meaning. Then, you want to make sure you leverage your players. They are your stars, so make sure to display them and use them to your advantage. Finally, you want to collect and use feedback. You want to know what your audience what to see more of. Get feedback and make sure to apply them. These are all positive strategies to enhance your organization.


Women in Sports Journalism: Underrepresented and Under Fire

By Meagan Sullivan

Women in sports journalism are an incredibly rare breed and the way they’re treated in the industry isn’t helping.

In August, Jessica Mendoza became the first woman to work on a Major League Baseball broadcast for ESPN. While Mendoza and women are increasingly finding their niche in the industry (though mainly on the sidelines where they can’t be seen), there’s still a stereotype that women don’t know what they’re talking about and can’t hold up to the men that have run the sports industry for years. These women constantly have to prove themselves to editors and other staff members, despite having the same level of experience.

Photo courtesy of @jessmendoza

Another issue women in sports journalism face is the sexist and derogatory comments constantly thrown their way via social media, as is the case for Julie DiCaro, an anchor on Chicago’s WSCR-AM 670. DiCaro shares several of the tweets she’s received from Blackhawks and Cubs fans after sharing her opinion which, you guessed it, didn’t exactly align with said fans. In light of the Patrick Kane rape scandal, DiCaro was forced to stay home from work because of threats online with “disturbing” personal information.

Screen Shot 2016-02-21 at 3.25.54 PM.png
Photo courtesy of @JulieDiCaro

Though male reporters receive these comments and threats as well, the number is increasingly skewed toward females. For men, these comments are usually about writing or sports rivalries. For women, it quickly turns into insults aimed to make women feel lesser because of their gender.

However, many of these women don’t apologize for their gender, nor should they. Comcast Sports Network Chicago correspondent Tracey Myers’ tweet during the Blackhawks visit to the White House this week is a perfect example of this.

Despite the backlash, women are beginning to be seen in a still male-dominated industry (this study showed the industry was 90% male in 2012) and succeeding at it.



Fantasy Owners Should Buy Low on Carlos Hyde


Photo By Cary Edmondson USA TODAY Sports

@_Brendan Coleman

With more than half of the fantasy football season complete your league’s trade deadline is probably right around the corner. In this post we will take a look at 49ers running back Carlos Hyde, an expensive trade target that offers a tremendous upside.

Why am I telling you to trade for a running back with a stress fracture in his foot, and might not return at all this season as reported by Ryan Sakamoto? Well that’s easy, it’s not everyday you can get one of the more talented RBs in the NFL for next to nothing. Hyde owners have been frustrated all season long with his inconsistent production in the putrid 49ers offense.  When you add the broken foot into the equation the asking price for the former Ohio State star has never been lower. There is the possibility that the 49ers could sit Hyde for the remainder of the season, but that’s a risk you should be willing to take. San Francisco would have put the RB on the injured reserved list 2 weeks ago if they didn’t believe he could return to full strength this season. Some reports speculate Hyde will return after the 49ers week 10 bye, his practice participation next week will let us know if he is on track to return to the field.

The 49ers have very favorable match-ups after week 12 and if Hyde is healthy he will have no problem taking advantage of them. Most fantasy leagues playoffs start week 14 and end week 16, during those weeks the 49ers play the Browns, Bengals, and Lions. Cleveland and Detroit are dream matchups to have during the fantasy playoffs, allow more than 20 points per game to opposing running backs. Hyde should have no problem posting monster numbers against his cupcake schedule coming down the stretch. In my opinion, the injury risks that come with Hyde are worth taking. El Guapo could very easily string together multiple 20 point outings to end the year, and that type of production could help crown you champion of your fantasy league.

867-530- Nightmare by Hailey Derby

Chris Kluwe's Tweet from his personal Twitter , releasing the number to Cowboy's sponsor AT&T.
Chris Kluwe’s Tweet from his personal Twitter , releasing the number to the Dallas Cowboys PR department for a second time.

Public Relations and social media is crucial in the sports and entertainment world. Any wrong move that a NFL player makes, is sure to create a long series of tweets, posts, blogs and backlash for those actions. The league is also for the most part pretty quick to resolve those wrong actions or issue consequences for despicable actions of players such as domestic violence. Prime example, the former NFL player who was shown dragging his girlfriend out of an elevator. Well when the league chooses to ignore a situation, and their PR agency does nothing in terms of crisis communication, you can be sure that people will have something to say about it, across all forms of social media.

The Dallas Cowboys have made the decision to keep defensive end, Greg Hardy and

Chris Kluwe's tweet from his personal Twitter releasing the number for Cowboy's sponsor AT&T.
Chris Kluwe’s tweet from his personal Twitter releasing the number for Cowboy’s sponsor AT&T.

many fans and NFL players are not very happy about that decision. This is due to the recent pictures surfaced this week of his ex-girlfriend Nicole Holder, the photos show Holder with bruises on her chin, neck, back, arms, hands, legs and feet. The photos were taken by police in Charlotte are a domestic incident that took place in 2014. There were over 40 photos released. The information of the case had been previously released and many were confused when the Cowboys had decided to sign Hardy back in March. However, the photos were just released Friday and the Cowboys have yet to comment or release the player from the team. The only consequence that Hardy faced according to was “Hardy was originally suspended for 10 games, but that was reduced to four after he appealed.”

Due to the lack of the response from the league, many took to Twitter and other various social media outlets to voice their outrage, including former NFL athlete and Vikings punter, Chris Kluwe. Kluwe went a step further than most in his tweet though. In his tweet, Kluwe gave out the number to the Dallas Cowboys Public Relations department. Kluwe even gave out the number to one of Jerry Jones’s corporate sponsor AT&T, and to the National Football League Players Association. All these numbers are not readily available to the public, and the release of the numbers is definitely a PR professional’s worst nightmare.

“Kluwe is no stranger to controversial issues in the NFL, claiming he was released by the Vikings in 2013 because he supported gay marriage,” according to

In my opinion remaining silent is the worst thing that the Cowboys PR department could do.

Chris Kluwe's tweet from his personal Twitter releasing the number of the Cowboy's PR department.
Chris Kluwe’s tweet from his personal Twitter releasing the number of the Cowboy’s PR department.


Pinterest and Pork Chops by Devunta Turner


When I initially heard about Pinterest I was a senior in high school and that was in the fall of 2011 and the spring of 2012. At first I didn’t pay much attention to it. I would hear a few girls talk about it and they would talk about pinning stuff to boards and fashion and things of that nature…so quite naturally I thought Pinterest was for girls and I thought it was extremely boring. I definitely did not have any intentions on ever getting one. My friend Tayler showed me her Pinterest and I just remember being utterly confused. It looked so boring and it looked like a waste of time. I actually told her that and then she told me that it really is only for girls. I left it alone.

So lets fast forward to my sophomore year of college. I am in the barbershop getting my haircut and my barber is having a conversation with some of the men that are waiting to get their haircut. I’m not really listening that closely but I am paying attention to bits and pieces of the conversation and they begin to talk about food….they had complete attention. My baber began to describe all of the food he had cooked and it sounded amazing. Really amazing. I was thinking to myself..”How on earth did he learn to cook all of these things?”. But before I could even think to ask the question out loud somebody else asked and he said he got a lot of his recipes off of Pinterest. When he said that  I was shocked. I was shocked because I thought pinterest was for women only and I just never thought my barber would ever have one and actually use it. But the fact that he had one made Pinterest seem kind of interesting. My barber actually brought pinterest up a few more times and actually suggested that I get one. At first I was wasn’t too sure, but one day in one of my journalism classes I became bored and I actually made one and I began to create boards and I started pinning things. The first board I made was food related of course. I think one of my first pins was a pork chop recipe that I really want to make, Ill get back to the pork chops later.

After I made my Pinterest, I felt dumb for thinking it was just for women. Pinterest is awesome and has a variety of things for both men and women. Deep down in my heart I knew I was not the only man on Pinterest, I actually felt like there were just as many man on Pinterest as there were women. In fact according to  SocialMediaToday 1/3 of all Pinterest signups are men. They even said that in places such as India, Japan and Korea that the ratio of male to female users of Pinterest is 50/50. TechCrunch claims that there are more men in the United States are using Pinterest than there are reading Sports Illustrated and GQ combined. Obviously Pinterest is very popular among men.

Now back to those pork chops. The pork chops are said to be the best pork chops you will ever taste and I can not wait to try them. I recently went to Wal-Mart and bought all of the ingredients for them. Now, I just need to find time to actually make them. I truly hope they are good as they say they will be. I think I might post them on my Facebook or Instagram if they turn out good. Feel free to follow me on pinterest @ DevuntaTurner

Waiver Wire Trick or Treat

Waiver Wire Trick or Treat


Today we will take a look at two of the most added players from the waiver wire during week 8, Nate Washington and Orleans Darkwa. Just like when trick-or-treating in our younger years, one of these players is a trick and the other a treat. So let’s pick out who is the full sized candy bar that made us feel like we won the Halloween lottery back in the day, and which player is the Almond Joy destined for the garbage can.

Orleans Darkwa NYG RB – Trick


Photo by: Andrew Mills of NJ Advance Media and

The New York Giants running back caught the eyes of many last week against the Cowboys, gaining 48 yards and a touchdown. Darkwa looked more explosive than the other members of the Giants running back committee, but still only received eight carries last week. The third year back out of Tulane certainly made the most of his opportunities, but let’s pump the breaks a little. According to Darkwa was the most added player off the waiver wired this week, let me tell you why I think it is an overreaction. Getting consistent production out of Darkwa is going to prove difficult, especially right now, he is currently 4th on the Giants RB depth chart behind Jennings, Williams, and Vareen who dominates the 3rd down snaps because of his pass catching ability. Ebenezer Samuel of the New York Daily News agrees that it will be difficult for Orleans to become the Giants lead back due to coach Tom Coughlin seeming more than happy to continue the RB by committee approach already in place. Let’s wait for Darkwa to climb a spot or two on the depth chart before we make an impulse buy of the TD dependent running back.

Nate Washington HOU WR– Treat


Photo by: Troy Taormina USA Today Sports

Coming off of a 9 catch performance against the Dolphins, Washington managed 127 yards and two touchdowns. Washington is the number 2 WR on the Texans depth chart behind DeAndre Hopkins and is in no risk of losing that spot after last week. Arian Foster ruptured his Achilles last week, Foster averaged more than 7 targets and 5 catches a game out of the backfield for the Texans. Foster has been the focal point of the Texans offense averaging over 100 total yards each of the last 3 weeks. That is a lot of production that just evaporated out of the Texans offense, look for Washington and Hopkins to grab some of those targets that previously went to Foster. Another reason the 11 year veteran out of Tiffin College should scooped of the wire is the change at Texans starting QB from Ryan Mallet to Brian Hoyer.  Mallet’s favorite target was Hopkins, that and the fact Houston is always losing has helped Hopkins generate the most points out of any wide receiver in fantasy this year. With Hoyer starting at QB last week Washington saw 16 targets, four more than Hopkins’ 12. I’m not saying Washington will out produce Hopkins on a week to week basis, but there are definitely signs pointing to an uptick in production with Hoyer under center. Chris Rolling of Bleacher Report agrees there is nothing spooky about adding Washington to your team, he has him as one of his top waiver wire adds for week 8 and believes the receiver can explode any given week.

Happy Halloween, thanks for reading!

Social Media In The Workplace

By Ryan Vance

Earlier this month an employee of the Texas Rangers posted a tweet calling for the firing of football coach, Charlie Strong, of the University of Texas football to be fired after their poor performance against Texas Christian University.

The problem is not with the tweet, but with the account the tweet was posted from. It was posted from the official Texas Rangers Twitter account. The tweet was posted by an employee who was not working at the time the tweet was posted and the employee of the Texas Rangers was fired.

I do not believe this employee should have been fired. It was an honest mistake. He screwed up. He meant to post it from his personal account as soon as he realized he sent the tweet from the wrong account he deleted it. Even though his mistake was only published less than a minute, it’s a permanent mistake. With the ability to screen shot tweets, anyone mistake can be made permanent.

I feel bad for this employee. But he’s not the only one to make a mistake by tweeting something from a professional sports teams account.

The social media manager of the Houston Rockets was fired for posting a tweet in the playoffs this past NBA season that said, “Shhhhh. Just close your eye. It will all be over soon.” Also included in the tweet was an emoji of a gun and a horse.

He too was fired. I don’t believe he should have been as well. As a Dallas Mavericks fan, I found the tweet hilarious. Be  edgy but not to edgy.


I do agree the emoji of the gun was a bit much. It was poor taste. But why in this industry can they not just suspend or punish someone, why immediately fire them?