NFL Streaming Games on Twitter


In the 2016 Season the National Football League announced they will be partnering with Twitter to launch the streaming capabilities of NFL games on twitter, more specifically Thursday Night Football Games. Those games exclusively belong to the NFL. Together Twitter and the NFL allowed fans to stream the ten TNF games on their mobile devices for free. Personally, I was a fan of this partnership because I didn’t have NFL Network on my cable package. Now I can stream the games and better yet, I can stream them anywhere I want. “Twitter is where live events unfold and is the right partner for the NFL as we take the latest step in serving fans around the world live NFL football”, said NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell.

The NFL is marketing itself extremely well considering they can stream the games internationally. The league is clearly targeting international soil with the games they push out to England and Mexico. By putting their product on the web, they have reach across oceans to give foreigners an immersive fan experience. Even if the NFL doesn’t continue to stream the games on Twitter, if they keep it in the Internet world they will find more and more success when raising the number of fans and viewers.

Going forward Twitter has lost its bid to keep stream TNF games on twitter, that streaming right has now gone to Amazon. An interesting turn of events considering Amazon isn’t a social network platform, but they are on the internet nonetheless. I feel as though this is mistake. The NFL is now isolating its viewers to only Amazon Prime members, meaning the streaming is no longer free. Granted I am sure the amount of Amazon members will increase, it will still cost the viewer money to view. However, as I stated above, it can’t be that detrimental if the NFL can keep their TNF games on the internet.


The New World of Sports Marketing via Social Media

Marketing is essential for any organization to get their brand and name out into the world. We have used multiple strategies to provide the best marketing tool that best represents our company. As the years go by experts find different ways to enhance and reach their audience. As technology progress and advances, the more we marketers are able to engage. As sports have evolved and our social networks have built; social media has become the next new spotlight for sports marketing. Social Media channels including Google Plus, Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Twitter, and YouTube are the highlights for sports media. The ability it gives marketers and social media managers to live-tweet with fan, do giveaways raffles, posting highlight reels and so many other unique strategies that sports team have created to keep up active engagement with their followers has changed the marketing world.


To effectively and successfully enhance your organization’s reach through the social media networks you want to prioritize the right social network for your particular audience. Depending on your franchise one social media network may have a greater activation than another. For instance, Twitter during a football game may be more active and instant engagement with your fans than it would be on Facebook. So you want to make sure you know where your audience is at. Next, you want to create a distinct story and voice. Do not just put feeds in your social network just to print a story. Make sure it has value and meaning. Then, you want to make sure you leverage your players. They are your stars, so make sure to display them and use them to your advantage. Finally, you want to collect and use feedback. You want to know what your audience what to see more of. Get feedback and make sure to apply them. These are all positive strategies to enhance your organization.


The Game was Over Before the Start


Once, again the New England Patriots are the best football team in the world. Tom Brady and Bill Belichick as a duo have one a total of five each which is the most by any player/coach combo. They came back from a nineteen-point deficit to beat the Atlanta Falcons in what seemed to be a tremendous fashion. As the “rich get richer” many people are starting to create their own theories and second guess the integrity of the National Football League and commissioner Roger Goodell. As once again the best story line seems to win out. The Patriots are constantly in the news creating story lines and controversy surrounding their tarnished franchise. These same story lines are the ones that bring attention to the league and create us to get excited at talk about the NFL only benefiting the league. The most recent story of cheating was in 2016 the New England Patriots were accused of improperly deflating footballs to gain a competitive advantage against opponents. Another example of cheating by the Super bowl champs was in 2007 they were found taping hand signals of their opponents which allowed them to already know what defense was going to be played before the snap. In both accusations, the commissioner of the NFL Roger Goodell botched both investigations only furthering the belief of an unjust league.

By: Evan Haras


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Live stream is the new black


Written by Gabrielle Ebron (@gabrielleebron)

Twitter is once again changing the way we view things. And no, it’s not an annoying update that changes the ‘star’ icon to favorite a tweet into a mushy heart that ‘likes’ it. Rather, it is something that will unite users who are already united on Thursdays – and possibly soon even Sundays and Mondays.

On Thursday Sept. 15, Twitter streamed its first ever Thursday Night Football game between the New York Jets and the Buffalo Bills live on the app. A recorded 2.3 million users tuned in to watch the game via Twitter on either the mobile app, website, or other various ways to access Twitter (game system web portals, Apple TV, etc.

Many fans love this option as it cancels out the requirement of being at home in front of a TV, being in a noisy bar around strangers, or even being near a TV at all. Tweeters simply needed a phone with cellular data/Wi-Fi capabilities or some form of internet access.


With a simple search of the #TNF hashtag or visiting the NFL’s official Twitter account, users were able to jump right in on the game. (Source: screenshot by author.)

This isn’t the first time Twitter has live streamed an event. It has streamed a few individual sporting events (not necessarily live, however) and this past summer live streamed the Democratic and Republican National Conventions. Tonight (Sept. 26) you can live stream the presidential debate between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton.

However, this is the first deal Twitter has signed with a specific organization or company to stream multiple events under that organization.

So how is this changing the game, you ask? Well, Twitter has already signed additional deals with the NBA, MLB, NHL. Will sports fanatics agree to working shifts on game nights if they know all they need is access to their phone? Will this affect their performance at work, in class, etc. if their eyes are glued to the screen?

Will this affect ratings of television broadcast companies (although they are the ones making the deals with Twitter)? Will we begin to see our favorite TV shows like How to Get Away with Murder, Dancing with the Stars and Being Mary Jane on Twitter on their premier nights? Will the occasional lagging that every internet platform faces keep viewers loyal to their television? Heck, can users even truly stand to look at their phone screens or laptops for hours at time? We will soon find out.


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March Madness: More than college basketball


photo via: @MarchMadness twitter

By: Breanna James

The month of March does not only mark the start of spring and festive holidays. The month also marks the spark of hope and new resolve for college basketball players seeking their chance to play in the NCAA final four and be crowned champion at the end of the month, and of course, the feelings are mutual for dedicated fans of these teams.

The combination of social media and sporting events is not a new idea, but every year a new idea hits social media platforms.

In the year 2013, Huffington Post made a list of searchable hash tags for twitter that any hyped fanatic should be following while watching the games.

In 2016, Twitter has added a new feature for fans to use when tweeting about the coveted NCAA tournament.

Fox Sports even wrote about these new feats, linking the tweet from March Madness with it as well.

When fans tweet one of eight hash tags a unique emoji catered to that feature of the tournament will appear in the tweet.

If a user tweets #MarchMadness, an untouched perfect bracket will appear for an emoji, if a user tweets #SweetSixteen, a cute sprinkled cupcake will appear and so forth.

And of course, with such an abundant attraction of fans and spectators, advertisers have found March to be the prime time to sport new advertisements for their respective brands without forgetting to feature famous sports announcers, college coaches, and even their own versions of brackets.

Mayhem, a character that literally portrays situations of mayhem in Allstate insurance commercials has its own Twitter account and actively tweets about the tournament, but also has its own hash tag, #MarchMayhem along with its own live Snap chat story section.

March Mayhem also has an advertisement campaign where sportscaster Dick Vitale and astronaut Buzz Aldrin compete against each other during the tournament to see who has the most perfect bracket. The competition is played out on Twitter and Periscope.





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Women in Sports Journalism: Underrepresented and Under Fire

By Meagan Sullivan

Women in sports journalism are an incredibly rare breed and the way they’re treated in the industry isn’t helping.

In August, Jessica Mendoza became the first woman to work on a Major League Baseball broadcast for ESPN. While Mendoza and women are increasingly finding their niche in the industry (though mainly on the sidelines where they can’t be seen), there’s still a stereotype that women don’t know what they’re talking about and can’t hold up to the men that have run the sports industry for years. These women constantly have to prove themselves to editors and other staff members, despite having the same level of experience.

Photo courtesy of @jessmendoza

Another issue women in sports journalism face is the sexist and derogatory comments constantly thrown their way via social media, as is the case for Julie DiCaro, an anchor on Chicago’s WSCR-AM 670. DiCaro shares several of the tweets she’s received from Blackhawks and Cubs fans after sharing her opinion which, you guessed it, didn’t exactly align with said fans. In light of the Patrick Kane rape scandal, DiCaro was forced to stay home from work because of threats online with “disturbing” personal information.

Screen Shot 2016-02-21 at 3.25.54 PM.png
Photo courtesy of @JulieDiCaro

Though male reporters receive these comments and threats as well, the number is increasingly skewed toward females. For men, these comments are usually about writing or sports rivalries. For women, it quickly turns into insults aimed to make women feel lesser because of their gender.

However, many of these women don’t apologize for their gender, nor should they. Comcast Sports Network Chicago correspondent Tracey Myers’ tweet during the Blackhawks visit to the White House this week is a perfect example of this.

Despite the backlash, women are beginning to be seen in a still male-dominated industry (this study showed the industry was 90% male in 2012) and succeeding at it.