Obsessed or Addicted?


By: Macey Thompson

There are two types of behaviors of being addicted to social media.

One: The increasing need to be on social media.

Two: Getting a bad feeling towards yourself for not being able to browse on social media as much as you usually do.

I know you can get addicted to alcohol, drugs or having a fetish; but realizing that being addicted to social media is a health issue in our society today is mind blowing. At least two hours are spent on social media daily with teenagers. Honestly, I am surprised that the hourly time spent on social media is not greater than two hours. In our society today we are presented with thousands of ways to be addicted to social media.

I remember in middle school, all I had was Myspace….

Now, teenagers are addicted to, Twitter, Facebook, SnapChat, Instagram and Pinterest. The daily routine of teens today are, wake up, roll over and check their phone. Some teens believe that if they spend at least 30 minutes on social media in the morning it “wakes them up”. Which I believe is the most ridiculous thing I have ever heard of before. Most of the health issues associated with mental issues are, depression, anxiety and attempted suicide.

It could be that teens are addicted to social media, so they meet the help they need if they  already have mental health issues. Maybe they seek the way out of their depression is to be focused on their phone and seek out help from social media. Which makes sense.

I believe we cant handle the situation of being addicted to social media, I believe that we can simply help our society who have mental health issues, is to be positive on social media and influence others to find help if needed.





Shiver Me Tinder

By: Nathan Cooper | @nathancooperstu

Tinder is a location based mobile dating sensation that has been around for a couple of years now. The app was first released in 2012 and has continued to gain popularity as time has gone on. The app allows people to swipe and connect with other people that swipe them back.

Whenever something is going well it is only natural for people to want grow it, but what is in the future for tinder? According to a recent article from BBC news, tinder is looking to have artificial intelligence be able to set you up on a date. The creator says that you’d be able to talk to Siri and she would be able to set you up on a date and find people that you might be attracted to.


Image soucre: Serving Joy

I do not know think this a good step forward. I believe that this only further takes out the human aspect of relations and relationships. There is nothing organic about that process, but sadly I think it is something a lot of people might be into. I suppose only time will truly tell.


Lee, Dave. “Tinder wants AI to set you up on a date.” BBC News. BBC, 22 Feb. 2017. Web. 27 Feb. 2017.

Build Your Own Home Entertainment System and Retro Gaming Console for $60

The NES Classic Edition is a highly sought after product this holiday shopping season, and so many of these have been sold that they are out of stock everywhere. I called multiple stores looking for an NES Classic Edition, and none of them had any in stock for weeks after the launch. The NES was a part of my childhood, and had some of the best, most challenging 2D games. Of course nostalgia is part of retro gaming, but there is something about classic games that made them much more challenging. A lot of the time, I find that retro games are simply better than modern games that I paid $59.99 for, including money spent upgrading my PC. So many games today charge additionally for DLC (downloadable content) such as custom characters, levels, etc. I want to get away from all of that, and get back to old school games. The Raspberry Pi 3 can literally have thousands of games on a small portable device no larger than your smart phone! The Raspberry Pi 3 is a small computer designed to be inexpensive and fast, and it has so much potential to be more than a basic computer. The quad core processor and graphics chip give this small computer a unique ability to have an operating system that allows you basic web browsing, word processing, and can also play all sorts of classic videogames and high quality videos. Some of the game consoles that you can emulate include: Playstation, Sega Genesis, NES, Super Nintendo, Sega Saturn, and many more. In addition to retro gaming, it can provide you several options for entertainment, such as 1080p movies and live streaming television. If you are looking for an inexpensive gift for someone you know that likes videogames, technology, and movies. look no further than the RPi3. In this post, I will show you how to build one for yourself. It is a much better alternative than spending the same amount of money on an NES Classic Edition, which can only play 1/20 the amount of games that I currently have on my RPi3. Don’t waste your money on the NES Classic Edition. Build one of these, you will be much happier and feel a lot more accomplished knowing that you created it yourself!

  1. Buy the parts onlineI recommend Amazon, because it’s easier to ship everything from the same site. The Raspberry Pi 3 uses HDMI for video and audio, as well as a 3.5mm jack for headphones/surround sound.Raspberry Pi 3 Model B Motherboard – This hardware is constantly being upgraded, and it’s only $37.99, so if you ever want to improve the speed, you can but the next generation RPi4 for cheap.SanDisk Ultra 32GB microSDHC UHS-I Card with Adapter – I recommend sticking with 32GB, because the card has to be formatted differently for anything larger than 32GB. It complicates installs.

    CanaKit 5V 2.5A Raspberry Pi 3 Power Supply / Adapter / Charger – You probably want to use the power supply provided, instead of an android phone charger, because the voltage could be different.

    SB Components Clear Case for Raspberry Pi 3 Model B Quad Core/Pi 2 Model B/Pi Model B+ Case – I decided to go with an aluminum case for aesthetic reasons, and also because heatsinks are provided to ensure the computer is kept cool, even though overheating is really not a problem. The clear case is slightly cheaper, so I linked it.

    optional: 8BITDO FC30 Pro Wireless Bluetooth Controller Dual Classic Joystick For Android Gamepad PC


  2. Assemble the partsThe motherboard install is surprisingly easy. It fits perfectly onto the case, as indicated in the instruction manual. A screwdriver is provided, and very small screws. To hook up the RPi3 to your monitor or television, you will need an HDMI cable. The RPi3 can output audio via HDMI or aux cord, so there are multiple options, depending what you are doing with it.20161203_134148
  3. Install the OS
    You need to install Retro Pie for emulating arcade games and KODI for streaming TV and movies. If you want to install the Linux Ubuntu operating system Raspbian, which is similar to Mac OS or Windows, download the file from raspbian.org, and follow the instructions for installing via SD card. The entire process is relatively simple, that even the most inexperienced person can understand.
  4. Attach a controller
    You will need a controller if you want to play videogames, or if you want to control TV shows and movies.How to connect bluetooth to an 8Bitdo controller 
  5. Download ROMs Search on Google for ROMs for the consoles you want to play. I was able to find a ROM for every game I own on Playstation, so everything is perfectly 100% legal.

I hope this guide was helpful for you. If you need any additional help, everything you need is on YouTube! Also, check the subreddit: https://www.reddit.com/r/raspberry_pi/

False Advertising and Social Media

Written by: Cassandra Deakin

The advertising industry has changed drastically over the last few years and social media has been a huge factor in that. But something I’ve noticed recently is the insane amount of people claiming ‘false advertising.’ Sure, some of the claims have reasonable evidence and logical reasoning. Others, however, are ridiculous.

Take the most recent crusade against KFC, for example. A 64-year-old woman is crying false advertising because the KFC commercials depict buckets overflowing with chicken, whereas the $20 bucket she purchased was only “half a bucket.” KFC’s Georgia headquarters informed her that the chicken was displayed prominently so that the audience could really see the chicken. The woman declared that they should just “put it in a dish” if they want people to see it. The woman even went on to say that the KFC commercials should resemble the orphan boy in the Oliver Twist movie asking for more porridge.

Photo: New York Post

Don’t get me wrong, I understand being upset when you don’t receive what you think you should when you purchase something. But are a few pieces of chicken really worth a 20-million-dollar lawsuit? Advertisements are designed to sell things. Granted there are the rare ads such as the Budweiser puppy that are both moving and beautiful, but the end goal remains the same: to sell products/ideas. KFC wants to sell their chicken. Obviously, there are going to be discrepancies between the food you see in an advertisement and the food you receive. False advertising is defined as a manufacturer’s use of confusing, misleading, or blatantly untrue statements when promoting a product. I for one, don’t believe that KFC is guilty of false advertising. Every fast-food chain in America would be penalized for false advertising if this was truly the case. No fast-food looks as good as the ads depict it.

Fast-food industry aside, another company has recently come under fire for supposed false advertising. No Man’s Sky, an action-adventure survival video game released in August 2016, has set a record. No Man’s Sky has achieved the lowest rating possible on Steam. Only 12 percent of the reviews in the last 30 days have been positive, with only 32 percent overall being positive. This game was one of the most hyped games over the summer. Players, however, are angry because the game’s initial trailers and online storefront do not depict the actual game. According to Engadget, the game has gotten so much negative feedback and accusations that the British Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) have begun an investigation into the game’s advertisement. Unlike the KFC case, I can agree that this game’s advertising was extremely different from the final product. In addition, the trailer boasted some key features which were flat-out not included in the game. What I find interesting about this particular case compared to KFC’s is that neither Steam (online store platform selling the game), Hello Games (developers/engineer), or Sean Murray (the game’s creative head) have responded to the complaints. Every article I’ve read has said “no comment from Sean,” “no comments from Hello,” etc. Fans have taken to social media to voice their complaints and THAT is what I think has killed this game so harshly. The hashtag #NoMansLie started recently and someone even created a fake account with the creator’s name with the handle @NoMansLie. The game was elevated to hype-heights by social media and is now being crushed into the pits of game hell by social media. Its creators’ inactivity on social media is dragging it down even further.


Photo: @Fishyy_YT
Photo: @DigitalBogie


Social media has changed the way consumers interact with advertising. Now, not only can consumers complain about what they consider deceptive advertising to their close friends, but they can also scream it from the metaphorical rooftops of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and every other social media platform. People share the absurd false advertising claims that they read and the rest becomes history (or a 20-million-dollar lawsuit). At any rate, I firmly believe that consumers have a responsibility to be informed. The advertising industry makes assumptions that whatever consumers they’re targeting can handle a little bit of exaggeration. That’s what advertising is. However, consumers are considering themselves ‘informed’ simply based off untrue or sensationalistic articles from the internet. Finally, I think that content creators such as game developers need to make attempts to reach their fans through social media. Silence on social platforms is viewed extremely negatively, and fans feel like the companies don’t care if they don’t respond.



Changes in Society and Techology Cause Shift in Advertising Methods


(Past and Present — pictures from: http://www.vintageadbrowser.com/alcohol-ads-1940s and http://ceciliosanchez.com/creative-art-director/graphic-design-portfolios/graphic-design-site/)

Advertising has changed a great deal in the past century. Not only have advertising greats like Bernbach and Ogilvy contributed ideas and new methods that have changed the process itself, recent technology advances and changing trends within the population have had a great impact as well. It is said that culture drives advertising, and it is easy to observe how ads have mirrored society over time. One interesting aspect of this is the decrease in copy over the years.

If one were to look back at an ad from the fifties, the difference would be apparent. Ads from years past are copy-heavy, usually with a more detailed explanation of the product and where to buy it than what the headline entails. This is partly due to the fact that consumers didn’t have the resources or technology available to them that we have today. Now, if I see a product I like, I can just search it on the internet and learn all about it and where to buy it. In years past, the internet wasn’t the easily-accessed resource it is today. Even 10 years ago, with the internet available to modern consumers, ads still had more copy than they do today.

One big reason for the shift is time. In America more than many other countries, our culture seems to always be in a hurry. For many, time equals money, and there just aren’t enough hours in the day. In addition to the busyness of our own lives, the racket of the media is never-ending. Nowadays, an ad needs to cut through the noise and be seen and understood within a few seconds. People no longer have the time or the patience to read a big block of text, especially when many other, more interesting, forms of stimulation are coming at them from all directions. This is outlined more in an article linked here.

Another contributing factor is the emotional effect that pictures can have on people. I can read a 200 page book that will touch me emotionally and perhaps even bring me to tears, but a powerful picture can do the same thing in mere seconds. People often say that a picture is worth a thousand words, and in many ways, this is true. Ads that invoke an emotional response are said to resonate better with the public, and if this can be achieved in seconds with a well placed picture, shifting away from copy seems a lot more effective in today’s society. More detail on this approach can be found in this article from Forbes.

Like I mentioned earlier, culture drives advertising, and our culture is definitely changing as new technological advances are made.  I am interested to see how this shift will affect advertising and consumerism in the years to come.

IF, by IFTTT, is the new app to fully connect your world.

Photo by: IFTTT on the Google Play website 

By: Abigail Hebert

Having a smart phone is supposed to make your life easier but I can admit that sometimes it can be a little bit of a hassle. Trying to keep up with all of my social media accounts and remembering to do daily things can be a little overwhelming and time consuming. IF is the app that is designed to change just that. IF allows its users to connect social media accounts along with connecting basic functions on your phone through what they call “recipes”.

Once you download the app you create an account and then start discovering recipes. These are not your typical recipes for nanas apple pie. These recipes are used to create “if…than” commands in order to connect apps and various functions on your smart phone. Each recipe controls a specific command. For example there is a recipe that controls your profile pictures for face book and twitter. If you change your profile picture on one it will change it to the same picture on the other. There is also a recipe that will back up all of your Instagram photos to Dropbox if you like. If you think this app might be something you would want to use this is a detailed video on how to get started and its uses and such.

While many will probably use this app to connect social media accounts, there are many more uses for this app in your daily life. This app can even be used with other devices and appliances such as FitBit and Nest thermostat. You can program a recipe that connects your FitBit to your twitter so that when you reach your step goal for that day it automatically sends out a tweet. You can make a recipe that will turn down your thermostat when you wake up as long as it is connected to your Nest thermostat. If you happen to not have these appliances like me there are still very useful things you can do with it such setting your phone to vibrate when you get on campus, or even setting my wallpaper to the NASA picture of the day.

There are so many uses for this app it is hard to talk about every single one. So feel free to click here and start discovering recipes. You never know what you might find.

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